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Ning Lan walked into the room

And sat down for almost 8 hours checking some documents that she didn realize that her phone rang for a long time and she had a lot of missed Calls and messages

The sound of flipping of papers could be heard, She was trying to know what company to collaborate with after opening her company, Shell have to use a lot of money, but money isn her problem, She got a lot of money and her life-saving is worth billions

The sound of knocking could be heard, Ning Lan stood up, left the secret room, Closed it, and put the lamp back where it was, She made sure the room looked normal and then left to open the door

Standing before her was a handsome cold expressionless face

"Xingyu? What

e you doing here?" Ning Lan asked curiously

"Was just passing by and I was wondering if you had your lunch"

Xingyu won say that he was worried, He called her a few times, and even Yan Lou sent a couple of messages and she didn answer

Considering that she was stripped of her power he thought she was in trouble

Because some people might likely try to make up troubles for her

"Ohh well wheres the food? You

e not holding anything delicious right now and you

e asking me if I had my lunch "

Xingyu shook his head, Wow can this woman stop being so damn straightforward

Although he said that, He didn mind

"Taking you out to eat," Xingyu said before walking to his car

Ning Lan clicked her tongue and said while following him to the car" Tskkk I thought you were trying to make it easy for me, Well since am not paying I won complain, And I don mind making your wallet bleed "

"Ohh Also I don want anything expensive, Let go to McDonald"

That statement evidently left Xingyu speechless, Didn she say that she wanted to make his wallet bleed and now she said they should eat at Mcdonald

Does she think he was that poor


After driving for some minutes they finally arrived at a Mcdonald

Xingyus brows were knitted tightly and he had an expressionless face because of too much of people

It was very obvious that he doesn like people and he is quite introverted

His knitted brows didn escape Ning Lans hawked eyes

She chuckled at his reaction

She knew he didn like people and also prefer to stay lowkey

But she also doesn like those fancy foods

Xingyun glanced at Ning Lan, His gaze cold and deep


e you laughing at?"

"You, Obviously" Ning Lan rolled her eyes showing that his question was dumb before happily walking in and sitting on a table

Xingyu with a cold and indifferent expression walked in with his hand in his pocket

Ning Lan was seated in a chair, A waiter was already there to take her order

She quickly waved at Xingyu to walk over

After a few minutes, their food was served

Xingyu watched Ning Lan eat the food as if she hadn eaten in a month he smiled,

She looks cute

Ning Lan felt a hot gaze on her and raised her head only to see Xingyus hot gaze on her

"Uhmm...Arent, you going to eat" Ning Lan said

Xingyu looked at her for some minutes and then said "I have a banquet to attend tomorrow, will you be my plus one?"

Ning Lan stared at Xingyu for some minutes before moving her lips to answer him "Will there be food?"


"Will Yan Lou be there"

"He will be there...Now"

"Aiii okayyy" Ning Lan said happily before focusing back on her food

Xingyus gaze was still on her


After a long time

He moved his mouth to say

"Am also going to take you to meet my best brother"

Ning Lan nodded

After the lunch ended, Xingyu drove Ning Lan back to her house before telling her that he will send her a dress and will pick her up by 8:00 in the morning

(Best brother: Also know as best friend)

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