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There was no one under more torment than Xiang Yang.

Just as You Ning and Shu Yu were looking at each other and smiling, a certain cat couldn’t stand it any longer and howled, breaking the already fragile pink bubbles around them.

Only then did Xia Congxin have a chance to intervene between the two, she let out a low “wow,” pretended not to recognize You Ning, and whispered to Xiang Yang next to her, “What a beautiful black cat… I want to get a cat too! ”

Xiang Yang was already irritated, so he just said, “Oh, just get one when you go back tomorrow, you can choose any breed, and I will get it for you.”

From the information he had gathered, You Ning and Shu Yu had picked up the black cat together.

Wasn’t two men picking up a small animal and raising it together the same as adopting a child Especially since You Ning was so fond of the cat that he brought it with him on the tour.

If the cat knew what was going on in Xiang Yang’s head, Xiang Yang would probably be dead.

You Ning pretended to have just noticed them and turned around in surprise: “Xia Xia Xiang Yang and Lin Yuan What are you doing here”

Someone from the student council asked, “Little Lu, do you know them”

You Ning nodded and introduced them to the crowd.

Needless to say, Xiang Yang and Lin Yuan were famous school dregs who had managed to enter A university because their families had donated several school buildings.

The girls did not have a good impression of Xiang Yang, but Xia Congxin was a different story.

She was rich, but she was not arrogant and was very talkative.

The boys had just prayed to the gods for marriage; how could they miss such a good opportunity

So, Xiang Yang relied on his little cousin to successfully travel with You Ning.

Xia Congxin heard that their trip was on a budget, and she found it very interesting, so she asked to join them as well.

The seniors did not find her annoying or unappealing because of this, instead, they found her interesting and had a better impression of her, and they immediately agreed without saying a word.

Just like that, Xia Congxin held onto You Ning’s arm the whole time and hung out with him for the whole afternoon, successfully preventing You Ning and Shu Yu from becoming affectionate.

The girls who wanted to see the gong and shou together and were waiting for the sugar to come out looked at Xia Congxin like a white lotus girl in a BL novel and wanted someone to fork her out.

Xia Congxin could be said to be very competent in her role as a light bulb.

On the contrary, Xiang Yang and Lin Yuan were no different from invisible people.

Xiang Yang & Lin Yuan: “.…” She’s so good, cousin should get a ten.

Later, the group had to rush to the top of the mountain before it got dark.

There was a very spacious area at the top of the mountain for stargazing, enjoying the sea of clouds, and watching the sunset and sunrise.

There was also a hotel close to the summit, built on the edge of a cliff, which promised to give visitors a different experience.

The hotel was large, beautifully built, and had a fair price list.

When the seniors passed by, they were inevitably drawn to the hotel, but they just sighed a little bit before moving on to the top of the mountain.

Xiang Yang looked at the hotel and casually asked You Ning, “An An, Congxin, aren’t you guys hungry and tired Why don’t you just rest here Seniors, I’d like to invite you to stay here for the night; the hotel will provide dinner, and I heard it tastes good.”

He spoke without sarcasm and with sincerity, and the group was a little hesitant; the two senior girls even let out a small whimper.

Most of them were from ordinary families, and although they could afford to spend that kind of money, they couldn’t afford to come and stay in a place like this for a night.

Now they had a rich student inviting them, and frankly speaking, this opportunity did not come around very often.

Before You Ning could open his mouth to ask Shu Yu, Xia Congxin hurriedly put on an exhausted look and said: “Brother, how did you know I was hungry Let’s go, An Lan.

Sisters, I read the guide before coming, and it said that there is a spa in this hotel; I will take you after eating.”

“!!!” Several seniors’ goodwill towards this young lady immediately soared.

It was quite tempting, and they were not far from saying yes.

Xiang Yang was so happy that he couldn’t help but smile at Shu Yu provocatively.

You Ning secretly laughed at this big fool who didn’t know how to hide his emotions, so he cooperated and asked Shu Yu somewhat expectantly: “Senior, can we also go I’m actually a little hungry too ……”

Shu Yu didn’t even listen to what You Ning was saying.

Although Xiang Yang’s action was childish, it did irritate him, and he refused outright: “No!”

“……” You Ning half opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but finally gave up and instead changed his words, “Alright then, I’ll listen to senior.”

Several seniors looked at each other and finally could only say, ” Forget it, we’d better go up there.”

“Thank you guys for your kindness, bye.”

Shu Yu didn’t handle things smoothly, it was clear that his classmates wanted to stay in a hotel, but he refused outright, causing them to have to follow suit.

Not to mention being angry, they were definitely unhappy.

Moreover, Yu Ning had said he was hungry, but he refused so coldly, as if he wasn’t the one who was doting and gentle during the day.

It made the rest wonder how they got along in private.

Xian Yang was dumbfounded as he watched You Ning and his group continue to walk to the top of the mountain.

Xia Congxin was suddenly physically and mentally exhausted.

“Cousin, why do you act like you’re in kindergarten Isn’t this great In the end, An An might sleep in a tent with him!”

The day’s MVP questioned the hand that ended up causing all her efforts to go down the drain.

Since they had already mentioned how good this hotel was and put on fatigued expressions, they couldn’t shamelessly follow them up, as it would be no different from directly revealing the purpose of their trip.

Xiang Yang couldn’t help mourning: “Didn’t you say it was already a shame for you to do this”

Xia Congxin suddenly frowned: “From my observation today, I feel like Shu Yu doesn’t seem to be as good as An An said…”

Xiang Yang looked at her as she explained.

“Leave alone the distance, An An already said he was hungry, but Shu Yu didn’t mention buying food or anything else later; he just refused.”

“Understandably, he doesn’t want to eat food provided by his love rival or stay in the hotel he booked, but what about what An An wanted, ah If he was particularly distressed about using his love rival’s money, he could also pay for it himself to make his lover happy, right”

“Although the hotel is a little expensive, two cheap meals and one standard room are affordable.

It’s not like An An would be happy to watch his boyfriend eat dirt for a month by asking for something luxurious!”

“So I think that he doesn’t genuinely like An An.”

Lin Yuan was shocked: “He just said one sentence, and you actually managed to get so much from it!”

Lin Yuan: shuddering.JPG

Women are scary! It’s better to stop looking for a girlfriend for now, right

But the more important question was ……

“But he has already gone with Shu Yu ……” Xiang Yang walked towards the hotel mournfully, his body looking like it had shadow lines like those in an anime.

“Sigh!” Xia Congxin really couldn’t stand him.

“I’ll continue to be a light bulb, i’ll try to harass him later at night.”

Xiang Yang looked back at her, his eyes full of hope.

Xia Congxin: “……” I suspect that this whole day has been a trap!

Speaking of the student council, because of Shu Yu’s disappointing decision, they bought some snacks on the top of the mountain for dinner.

The snacks in the tourist area were expensive, the portions were small, and the taste was mediocre, they were definitely no match for the food in the hotel.

Later on the way up, Shu Yu also made the same analysis as Xia Congxin and used the opportunity when they went to the bathroom to hastily explain that he was jealous because Xiang Yang also liked You Ning, and since Xiang Yang was his love rival, he couldn’t hold back his temper.

He then finished by apologizing to them.

Although they replied with “So that’s how it is” and “Ah, it’s okay,” most of them couldn’t help but think: ‘Oh, you only care about your discomfort that you decide to make all of us uncomfortable You are so full of it.

That’s how plastic friends act.’

Shu Yu didn’t have time to care about his classmates at the moment because You Ning said that he wanted to share a tent with him.

The tents were not soundproof, but they were a great place to do things.

An Lan was giving him hints.

You Ning watched Shu Yu’s expression carefully and said with a sad expression, “Senior….doesn’t want to be with me”

“No, I’m afraid I can’t control …… it” Shu Yu suddenly came closer and whispered a naughty joke in his ear, “Still want to see Wait for me to set up the tent.”

You Ning didn’t feel any flutters from Shu Yu’s actions, but he still pretended to be blushing and flustered.

With a red face, he picked up the cat at his feet and walked away.

As soon as he reached a place where no one was around, Lu Anlan in the ring spoke up sharply, “Why did you ……”

You Ning let go of the cat and gave a “shhh.” “Don’t say anything, just watch quietly, I promise to give you an unexpected result.”

The cat at his feet raised its head, looked at him calmly, and said to the other soul inside the cat, “You watch him; if that human dares to do anything to him, eat him.”

The other soul gave the customary “meow” before saying, “And what are you going to do, honorable archangel”

The man did not say anything but replied in his mind: “Catch an adulterer.”


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