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After hanging up the call from Nan Xiao, Shi Ning picked up her bag and went to wait for him near the campus entrance.

This seems to be the first time she’ll see him since they started college.

Nan Xiao graduated from the University of National Defense Science and Technology with a high score of 650 and was admitted to Tsinghua in the military academy.

The management of the top military school was much stricter than other schools, Shi Ning remembered the summer after the end of senior year, Nan Xiao started school earlier than all of them did, and after entering the school, there was less news about him.

Occasionally contact was available once a week, but most of the time there was none.

People who were inseparable in high school eventually parted ways, each with their own paths to take.

She came all the way from another world, which was bound to bring a series of butterfly effects.

But basically, everyone’s life direction was still largely the same.

Only Nan Xiao.

Shi Ning remembered that when she read the original book, he was obviously a scumbag all the way to the end.

He was admitted to a private university in China, and then he went abroad to study soon after.

And then returned to China to directly inherited the family business, becoming a tyrant and domineering president.

But as it turned out, when he took the college entrance examination, he chose to apply for the military school which was really surprising.

However, it makes sense.

Nan Xiao’s grandfather was the Commander in Chief of Yangcheng.

Even if he doesn’t take the business road, he would have a smooth military journey.

In the middle of the night, such a beautiful beauty stood near the entrance of the campus, attracting a lot of attention.

Shi Ning met two people who tried to hit on her and couldn’t help but regret why she left too early.

After Nan Xiao hung up the phone, it was clear that he had just gotten off the plane when he called.

The first two who tried to hit on her were easily dismissed by her, and since the other party did not want to pester her too much.

Until this person…

Shi Ning began to have a headache.

Standing in front of her were two boys, and both were students of this school, one of them was considered sober, while the other one was already drunk as hell.

The drunken man saw Shi Ning and pestered her to be his girlfriend.

“I’m the flower in the telecommunication department, so why did she put green on my head Does she really think she is a fairy Look! This beauty is better looking than her!”

The man should have just fallen out of love, spitting drunken words and cursing at his ex-girlfriend.

“Beauty ah, look at me, am I not good-looking to date This brother’s money is all yours.”

Shi Ning looked at the drunkard, and to be fair, he really was good-looking, delicate, and handsome.

It’s just that she has seen so many handsome men that she wasn’t fazed seeing this one.

“I’m sorry, I’m not interested in you.”

Shi Ning said this to him as she walk further, but the boy grabbed her hand.

“Li Zining! What’s wrong with me If you don’t tell me clearly, you can’t leave today!”

“You are mistaken, let go!”

Shi Ning frowned and shouted at him.

Another boy pulled the drunkard and apologized to Shi Ning.

“I’m sorry, beauty.

He was drunk and went crazy.

Don’t take it personally.”

“Then you should pull him away quickly.”

The drunk apparently took her as his ex-girlfriend and yanked her so hard that his companion couldn’t pull him away.

A tall figure came over and kicked the man who pulled Shi Ning’s wrist.

The man was kicked to the ground by the fierce tall figure.

The two, sober and drunkard didn’t react, so he strode up, grabbed the collar of the man on the ground, and punched him again.


Shi Ning hurriedly called a halt.

“He is just drunk, and he should not be a bad man.”

Listening to what he just said the boy seems quite miserable.

The fierce and tall figure who helped her stopped the drunkard, picked up the man again, and with narrowed gaze he warned.

“Let me see your face clearly.

I’ll break your leg if you try to hit on her later.”

“Go ahead, kill me if you have the guts! I don’t want to live anyway.” The man he beat shouted at him.

His companion immediately went up and dragged him away.

“I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

He’s going crazy because of some emotional damage.

I’ll take him away right away.

I’m sorry to disturb you and your girlfriend.”

Nan Xiao didn’t want to let them go so easily, but the sober succeeded in pleasing him with the word “girlfriend” coming out from his mouth.

“You go away.” He waved his hand at them lightly.

“What are you guys doing Were you fighting just now” The late security guard rushed out at this time.

Shi Ning smiled: “Big brother, misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding, we were just playing.”

The security guard looked around them, and his eyes fell on one of them.


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