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Chapter 1552: The Wen Yan Couple (87)Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Dad.” Nangong Lengyu looked at him.

“Im sorry.

Ill pull myself together.”

She couldnt go on like this.

She couldnt let people who cared about her suffer because of her.

Tears welled in Nangong Luns eyes as he looked at her seriously.

“Yuer, you live for yourself, not others.

You still have a long way to go.

You cant stop because of this accident.”

It was good that his daughter had thought it through.

He knew that his daughter would not fall so easily.

He was relieved that she was getting better.


He had made the right decision.

She was going to live her life, not become a mother at this age and live for the child of a man she hated.

That child could only blame her for choosing the wrong father and the wrong family to be born into.

Wen Ruoshui looked at Nangong Lun and felt that something was wrong.

From the beginning until now, Uncle Nangong had been too calm and cold.

From beginning to end, he hadnt mentioned Little Star at all.

Nor had he felt any pain at her departure.

She knew that Uncle Nangong had asked her to abort Little Star because Little Star was Huo Cis child.

Huo Ci had hurt Yuer too deeply.

He hated Huo Ci, so he disliked Little Star as well.

Nangong Lengyu had thought it through.

It was one thing to accept the truth, but the blow of losing the baby was too painful for her.

It was not something that she could recover from in a short period of time.

Wen Ruoshuis research lab was researching a secret project.

She was the leader and the core researcher.

Without her, the project could not proceed.

She did not stay here for long.

After spending a week with Nangong Lengyu, she comforted her and saw that her mental state was getting better by the day before she left.

Nangong Lun looked at her gratefully.

“Thank you, Shui Shui.

Yuer wouldnt have recovered so quickly if you hadnt come over.”

Wen Ruoshui had always wanted to ask a question.

Looking straight at the man in front of her, she finally asked, “Uncle Nangong, did Little Star really die when she was born”

When Yuer was giving birth, Uncle Nangong and the old butler were the only ones around.

She wondered if he would give Little Star away because of his hatred for Huo Ci…

She knew she shouldnt think that, but it didnt feel right.

Little Star had always been healthy in Yuers womb.

How could she have been born and gone

“Shui Shui.” Nangong Luns eyes were red in the face of her questioning.

His voice was hoarse and painful.

“She is Yuers daughter and my granddaughter.”

“Im sorry.” Wen Ruoshui also felt that she was overthinking.

She had been rude.

“Uncle Nangong, Yuers condition is still a little unstable.

If anything happens, call me immediately.

Ill fly back immediately.”

Even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs.

How could Uncle Nangong hurt Little Star He loved Yuer so much, so how could he bear to see his daughter in such pain

“Okay.” Nangong Lun lowered his eyes and wiped his tears.

He reminded her, “Be careful on the way.

Call me when you get home to tell me youre safe.”

Wen Ruoshui left.

Nangong Lun watched her leave before turning to Uncle Li.

“Is everything done”

Uncle Li sighed deeply in his heart and nodded.

“Its done.

Dont worry, sir.

I wont treat that child badly.”

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