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Cheng Duan had already cultivated to the ascension stage, and Li Fenglan was no match for him now.

So before getting back his Dao Heart, he had better kill this clone first and get back his heart blood.

After his spirit veins and cultivation base recover a bit, then he would go to find Cheng Duan’s real body.

Speaking of which, in terms of cultivation alone, Li Fenglan was also no match for Cheng Duan’s clone.

But that didn’t mean he had no other options – for example, to form formations.

Few people knew that Li Fuyue, a swordsman in his previous life, also did a lot of research on formations.

He planned to set up a formation in Miguang Mountain, which he was most familiar with and which was also one of the most remote areas of Tianmian Palace.

At that time, as long as Cheng Duan’s clone can be attracted, it would be easy to get back his heart’s blood.

Worried about soul search, the memories of Cheng Duan’s real body and clone are not connected.

And it was at the time of the Sect Conference, there were so many powerful people in Tianmian Palace, each of them had strong spiritual consciousness, so their avatars would not dare to send messages back casually.

This was just perfect for Li Fenglan to make a move.

——As long as he can kill the man in front of him and prevent him from going back to Mingxin Sect, then his identity will not be revealed.

It’s just… how can he attract Cheng Duan

While looking at the person on the stage, Li Fenglan thought about this question carefully, and at the same time, his fingers subconsciously tangled the long hair that was loose behind his back.

The man didn’t realize what he was doing, but Meng Linzhou, who was standing beside him, couldn’t help but have a flash of shock appear in his eyes.

… He was too familiar with Li Fenglan’s movements.

Thousands of years ago, there was also a person who liked to gently twist his long hair when he was thinking about problems.

Perhaps thinking of that person, Meng Linzhou suddenly said, “Do you know what you can get if you win this competition” 

The Sect Conference lasted for many days, and the competition on the white jade lotus platform was just one of the activities.

All cultivators below Nascent Soul can participate in this event.

After a few days of competition, a winner will be determined among cultivators of each cultivation level.

In the end, the sect with the most winners will get a reward.

This year’s Sect Conference was held in Tianmian Palace, and the rewards were of course provided by Tianmian Palace.

“What” He asked curiously.

Li Fenglan really didn’t know.

The plot of “Tianmian Daosheng” was not so detailed, and he had been staying in Miguang Mountain before, so he didn’t know what was happening outside.

“Green Leaf Bracelet.”

After saying these three words, Meng Linzhou fell silent.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Li Fenglan actually felt that this rebel disciple was a little bit lonely.

But he had no time to pay attention to Meng Linzhou’s strange emotions.

It was actually the green leaf bracelet

There is a small world inside this bracelet, but the area was not big.

It was full of standard buildings, which seemed a bit unattractive to Li Fenglan.

But despite this, it was also an immortal artifact.

After his death and his dao dissipated, Tianmian Palace took Li Fuyue’s relics back to the Treasure Pavilion, and the Green Leaf Bracelet was one of them.

Unexpectedly, Tianmian Palace took it out again today, and it became the prize of the Sect Conference.

… Is this intentional or unintentional

Li Fenglan had no interest in delving into this issue for the time being.

After hearing those three words just now, he understood the purpose of Cheng Duan’s avatar’s trip.

Stealing the dao hearts of others was not without a price.

Although there were various top-level spiritual treasures suppressing them these years, Cheng Duan’s true energy still frequently reverses, and he was almost at his limit.

The green leaf bracelet was once worn by Li Fuyue, and his aura still remained on it, so it was perfect for suppressing the dao heart.

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan sneered with a little disdain.

The green leaf bracelet was not important to him, and it was not of much use to anyone except Cheng Duan.

This was originally just a competition for cultivators below Nascent Soul, and the major sects would not care.

Not to mention, they would not be like the Mingxin Sect to send out a powerful person to control the stage.

Therefore, Li Fenglan guessed that Cheng Duan’s presence here, apart from boosting morale, was probably also to secretly do some tricks to increase his sect’s disciples winning.

At this moment, Li Fenglan suddenly heard a scream.

He saw a flash of sword light, and a man in green clothes suddenly stepped back, and finally fell heavily from the white jade lotus platform.

The most extreme of the Sect Conference was about like this, and even such a situation was very rare.

The Mingxin Sect cultivator who was still standing on the lotus platform smiled, and said arrogantly: “So this is the strength of your Tianmian Palace It’s nothing more than that.” 

The man in green clothes was seriously injured, and there was chaos under the lotus platform.

But those disciples of Mingxin Sect cheered together.

“It turns out that the people in Tianmian Palace can’t fight.”

“I think the title of ‘First Sect’ should be replaced by our Mingxin Sect.”

The man on the black wooden boat finally spoke, holding a wine glass and smiling: “The green leaf bracelet has been collecting dust for many years, I think there should be a master worthy of it…”

The Mingxin Sect disciples in the audience cheered even louder, but everyone else fell silent.

People from all the sects present knew that the last owner of the green leaf bracelet was Li Fuyue.

It’s just that no matter what they say about Li Fuyue behind his back, they dare not say such a thing on the site of Tianmian Palace.

Li Fuyue almost became the head of Tianmian Palace, these words were really too much, it truly didn’t give Tianmian Palace any face.

Even though he stayed in Miguang Mountain all the time, Li Fenglan also heard what happened after him back then, Tianmian Palace deliberately kept a low profile.

Mingxin Sect took advantage of this time to expand rapidly.

These disciples who have just entered the sect were all overly confident to a scary degree.

Many of the young disciples no longer regarded other sects in their eyes.

In the cultivation world, strength is the most important thing, and the confidence of Mingxin Sect disciples came from Cheng Duan.

Cheng Duan’s confidence… comes from the Dao Heart he stole from Li Fuyue.

“Is Mingxin Sect going to win” Li Fenglan heard some disciples around asking a senior sister cautiously.

“Probably,” said the taller female cultivator, pursing her lips.

“This match in the foundation establishment stage is the last round.”

Has it reached the last round

Li Fenglan suddenly cast his gaze on the white jade lotus platform.

He didn’t care if the green leaf bracelet would be taken away by Mingxin Sect.

What Li Fenglan had to do today was to lure that clone to Miguang Mountain.

If Cheng Duan wanted to go to Miguang Mountain, he must first make him notice himself.

In the competition on the white jade lotus platform, hall kicking* was allowed.

* going to martial hall to provoke and demand fair fight

Just when the person in charge of adjudicating the competition was about to announce the victory of the Mingxin Sect disciple, a man suddenly stepped into the teleportation formation, and appeared on the lotus platform in a blink of an eye, causing a burst of exclamation from the audience.

Li Fenglan’s movements were so fast that even Meng Linzhou who was standing beside him couldn’t help being stunned for a moment.

——Why did he suddenly appear on stage

Going to the arena for a competition after a disagreement, he really deserved to be sent to Menxin Cliff for self-reflection!

…Meng Linzhou liked this kind of rebellion!

Li Fenglan on the stage didn’t see that the rebel disciple, who had shown a lack of interest just now, suddenly became stimulated.

Speaking carefully, although Li Fenglan’s spiritual roots were completely abolished and his cultivation could not be improved, at least the original owner successfully built his foundation.

Li Fenglan had incomparable swordsmanship and experience.

Going against other foundation establishment stage disciples, this was simply striking a class below!

Since this was a competition in the foundation establishment stage, of course Li Fenglan would not miss it.

The people of Mingxin Sect were stunned for a moment, and they all said in disdain: “With such a spiritual root, he still dares to come up to challenge”

“Hahaha, there is no one in Tianmian Palace!” 

The disciple, on the other hand, gritted his teeth and stood there with a face of forbearance.

Obviously, most people also thought that way in their hearts, but it’s hard to say it in front of the sect’s face.

As for Li Fenglan’s opponent, he smiled disdainfully.

The man in front of him looked sick, and he struggled to lift his sword, yet he still wanted to fight him like this

“Have you thought about it If you die on stage, it’s none of my business!” the man challenged.

Li Fenglan glanced at him indifferently, stood on the spot and took a steady breath, seeing a gust of wind could blow him down.

The Tianmian Palace people under the stage have already closed their eyes, unwilling to watch the scene for a while.

However, just when everyone thought that Li Fenglan would definitely lose, he suddenly took out a spirit sword from the Qiankun bag that he carried with him, and the next moment, without waiting for the disciple of Mingxin Sect to react, he directly stabbed towards the opponent’s chest.

Li Fenglan’s speed was too fast, and his swordsmanship was so exquisite that the opponent had no time to react.

At this moment, whether his spiritual power was strong or not didn’t seem to be important.

Before the other cultivators could react, Meng Linzhou, who was pretending to be an ordinary disciple, shouted loudly: “Good swordsmanship!”

…Why didn’t Li Fenglan realize that this rebel disciple still liked to make noise

It seemed that after he disguised his identity, he completely disregarded everything.

From this point of view, Meng Linzhou and Li Fuyue really deserved to be a master and disciple pair.

Meng Linzhou’s voice came out, and the cultivators of Tianmian Palace who saw Li Fenglan’s disciple plate on his waist also became excited.

They could see that Li Fenglan’s health was extremely poor, and there was almost no spiritual energy stored in his spiritual veins but his swordsmanship was extremely brilliant, and none of his moves were superfluous.

The man in white danced gracefully in the air like a butterfly, and with just three swords, he dismantled all the tricks of the Mingxin Sect disciple.

The opponent fell to the ground, staring at the sword pointing at the tip of his nose, his eyes widened and trembling, he couldn’t say a word.

From beginning to end, Li Fenglan didn’t use much spiritual power at all.

Cheng Duan’s avatar on the black wooden boat stood up abruptly, “This…it’s impossible.”

Just like in the previous competitions, he wanted to secretly help the disciples of Mingxin Sect.

But before he could make a move, Li Fenglan’s sword tip actually hit the opponent’s throat.

“You lost.” Li Fenglan said lightly, holding back the fishy sweetness in his throat.

Under the hood, Li Fenglan’s face was as pale as paper, but none of the people beside the white jade lotus platform stage could see that he was not in good condition.

The Mingxin Sect disciples in the audience all stood there without saying a word.

Cheng Duan gritted his teeth.

In fact, according to the winning percentage, the green leaf bracelet was already destined to be in his pocket.

But the disastrous defeat of the disciples of his sect still made the man in red feel extremely ashamed.

Just when he was about to secretly teach Li Fenglan a lesson, the chest of Cheng Duan’s avatar suddenly felt throbbing pain, the true energy in his body showed signs of retrograde again.

“This…he, is he” The man in red subconsciously stroked his hand to his chest, and took two steps back.

Seeing that Mingxin sect had stopped talking, the cultivator in charge of judging finally stepped forward and announced Li Fenglan’s victory.

From the corner of his eye, Li Fenglan saw the people on the black wooden boat stood there in a daze.

He knew that he had attracted the man’s attention.

——Although there was only a drop of Li Fuyue’s heart blood in this avatar, when he used his spiritual power, it definitely felt it.

Cheng Duan would never have imagined that Li Fuyue, who had his soul shattered, would be able to be reborn.

Ninety percent of him probably thought that the man in white in front of him was a descendant of Li Fuyue’s mortal family, having the same blood flowing through his body.

And if he could exchange blood with “Li Fuyue’s family”, then the Dao heart in Cheng Duan’s body would settle down again.

The man in red already had a plan in his heart.

The moves just now seemed easy, but in fact, the spiritual power in Li Fenglan’s body had been exhausted.

Just as he was trying to support his body with the sword and wanted to recover before going down the lotus platform, a black shadow suddenly appeared beside Li Fenglan.

The wide black robe blocked all sights of Li Fenglan accompanied by a burst of familiar light fragrance.

The man put his arms around his shoulders, and then gently took him away from the lotus platform.

“Are you okay” Li Fenglan heard the rebel disciple’s voice suddenly become extremely gentle.

“Ahem…I’m okay, I’m just a bit exhausted.”

Meng Linzhou finally let go of Li Fenglan.

But Li Fenglan looked up and saw that he had already been taken by the other party to another mountain away from the white jade lotus platform.

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

After a while of silence, Meng Linzhou helped him to sit on a stone bench beside him, then suddenly looked at Li Fenglan and asked, “Why did you go on stage”

This question, it was hard to respond… Li Fenglan couldn’t say he was trying to attract Cheng Duan’s attention.

There was no other option.

Facing the rebel disciple who may not be fooled at this time, Li Fenglan finally choked out a sentence: “You may not believe it…”


“You may not understand…”


Li Fenglan took a deep breath and said, “I have always admired…uh, Senior Li Fuyue.”

Even though no one would see him under the cover, Li Fenglan was still a little embarrassed to say this.

Meng Linzhou, the rebel disciple, never accepted himself since he was a child.

When Li Fuyue was the number one person in the cultivation world and was highly respected, he always felt disdainful about it.

Therefore, Li Fenglan felt that after hearing what he said, Meng Linzhou would no longer have a close friendship with him.

But what he never expected was that as soon as Li Fenglan said these words, Meng Linzhou’s eyes would suddenly light up.

He said: “Coincidentally, me too!”

Li Fenglan:

You too

Li Fenglan thought that he had misjudged this rebel disciple: more than 1,200 years had passed, and Meng Linzhou’s rebellious period was still not over.

Now that Li Fuyue was beaten by everyone in the cultivation world, Meng Linzhou had started to go against everyone again.

How useless.

Li Fenglan’s spiritual energy was exhausted, and it was Meng Linzhou who finally sent him back to Miguang Mountain.

“Why do you live in such a crappy place”

Meng Linzhou said with disgust as soon as he arrived at Miguang Mountain.

The few small buildings hidden in the middle of the mountain couldn’t be found without carefully looking for them.

“It’s good, it’s relatively quiet.”

Except that Lin Chaochen might fall from the sky – Li Fenglan silently added in his heart.

Meng Linzhou looked around again, and then asked as if suddenly thinking of something: “Are you alone”

“En,” Li Fenglan nodded, “My master is in retreat, and there is another Shi Shu who is not often at the Sect.”

Meng Linzhou was not interested in his teacher’s sect at all, he had probably seen Miguang Mountain once.

He was going to chat with Li Fenglan about the other party’s performance on the white jade lotus platform just now.

But to Li Fenglan’s rejoicing, this time before Meng Linzhou had time to speak, the disciple plate hanging on his waist suddenly let out a soft sound.

——Finally something happened in the Law Hall!

Li Fenglan was secretly happy.

“How meddlesome.” Seeing this, Meng Linzhou complained directly without any burden.

From Li Fenglan’s point of view, the rebel disciple basically had “annoyed to death” written on his face.

He glanced at Li Fenglan and said, “I have something to do, I’ll come find you in a few days.”

“Okay, go quickly, sect matters are more important.” Li Fenglan spoke while also ushering Meng Linzhou back to the road they had come from, only missing the words “sending off the guest” on his face.

Although he could see Li Fenglan’s impatience, Meng Linzhou, who had something to do, still left reluctantly.

Seeing him walking away with the sword, Li Fenglan finally breathed a sigh of relief, and slowly walked back to his residence.

The competition on the white jade lotus platform just now was Li Fenglan’s first time lifting a sword after his rebirth.

Although this sword was just an ordinary spirit sword that can be seen everywhere in the cultivation world, after returning to the residence, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but wipe it carefully.

To be honest, he did miss those years of holding swords in the past.

But he was indeed tired of the turmoil in the cultivation world… If he hadn’t had to draw Cheng Duan’s attention today, Li Fenglan thought that he would never touch the sword again in this lifetime.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but sigh softly, and then put the long sword back into the Qiankun bag.

——The original owner can be said to be impoverished, he only had a Qiankun bag, which was given by his master before his retreat.

But having said that, although Li Fenglan himself was extremely poor, after looking at the Qiankun Bag, he found that his master was definitely a rich man.

There were many things in the Qiankun bag that he had never seen even in his last life.

This time Li Fenglan planned to use the spirit treasures in the bag to set up the formation.

The Sect Conference has been held for several days, and the day when Cheng Duan leaves is getting closer.

Li Fenglan guessed that the other party would investigate himself thoroughly today, and would come to Miguang Mountain at the earliest at night time.

All he had to do was to arrange the formation and wait here for Cheng Duan to throw himself into the trap.

It’s just that… before Li Fenglan started to set up the formation, Miguang Mountain, which had hardly been visited by anyone in the past five years, unexpectedly welcomed a visitor.

“Fenglan, I heard that you went to the white jade lotus platform today”

Following the voice, he saw a man in a dark purple brocade robe leaning against the door, smiling at him from the side.

The man’s purple clothes were extremely gorgeous, and even the long tassels of the purple gold crown on his head were decorated with spirit stones.

It stands to reason that such a dress will definitely overshadow the master’s limelight.

However, not only was the visitor not overwhelmed by this fine attire, but his demeanor was even more flamboyant.

Rather than saying that he was a cultivator, it was better to say that he was like a dandy in the world, some kind of nobleman.

The fact was almost the same – in the eyes of Li Fenglan and even everyone who knows him, the man in front of him really didn’t want to be a cultivator.

If Li Fenglan remembered correctly, when the novel was about to end, the person in front of him practiced what he preached and was sentenced out of Tianmian Palace…

“Shi Shu, why are you here” Li Fenglan stood up and greeted him.

The original owner had only one Shi Shu, his name is Mo Shenyu.

During the five years after Li Fenglan’s rebirth, the man spent at least four and a half years playing around in the mortal world.

No matter whether he was placed in Tianmian Palace or the entire cultivation world, Mo Shenyu was considered an outlier.

In the past two days when the Sect Conference was held, Mo Shenyu temporarily returned to Tianmian Palace.

He had always disliked the boring Miguang Mountain, and he usually went to other places, only occasionally coming over to have a look or two.

“It’s nothing serious.

I heard that you took a stand on the white jade lotus platform, so I came here to take a look.” Mo Shenyu shrugged and said.

Li Fenglan smiled: “Then you have seen it.

Shi Shu finally came back to the sect, don’t you have to find friends in other places to catch up”

Logically speaking, Li Fenglan should have a few words with his Shi Shu, but seeing this person in front of him, he only thought about how to send off the guest.

Apart from Li Fenglan’s hasty formation, there was another more important reason behind this.

In fact, the original Li Fenglan had nothing to do with the word “useless”.

There were very few cultivators of the Heavenly Spirit Root in this world, Li Fuyue was one, and Li Fenglan was another one.

Or, the former Li Fenglan.

It stands to reason that he who possesses the Heavenly Spiritual Root shouldn’t be so unknown.

But not long after the original owner entered the sect, an accident occurred.

At that time, he had just established his foundation, and was leaving the Tianmian Palace with other disciples of the sect to eliminate demons and defend the dao.

Unexpectedly, there was an accident on the way back.

The original owner, who didn’t have much actual combat experience, was seriously injured by a ferocious beast.

Not only did he lose half his life on the spot, but even his appearance was mostly ruined.

Although the master of the original owner saved his life back, it was difficult to mend the ruined spiritual roots.

It was rare to see a disciple with Heavenly Spiritual Roots, but it was not so rare in Tianmian Palace, the largest sect in the cultivation world.

When the original owner was accepted into the sect, many people knew that there was another genius disciple beside them.

But after a long time without any news of him, people gradually forgot about it, and even forgot about his existence.

In the cultivation world, such things as permanent injuries were very common.

In addition, there were not many plots related to the original owner in “Tianmian Daosheng”.

The author only briefly mentioned “Li Fenglan’s accidental death” through the mouth of other supporting characters at the end.

As for what this “accident” was, the author did not introduce it, after all, Li Fenglan was not an important person.

The only useful information was that when he “died unexpectedly”, he was with his Shi Shu.

That Shi Shu was the purple-clothed man Mo Shenyu standing in front of Li Fenglan’s eyes.

So in order to save his life, the only thing Li Fenglan did after his rebirth was to stay away from the original owner’s Shi Shu, Mo Shenyu, and try his best to avoid that unexpected accident.

Although it was a blessing not a disaster, it is a disaster that cannot be avoided.

But at least some hints were given in the novel and Li Fenglan still needed to pay attention to it.

Even if it had a high probability of being useless.

Thinking of the rebirth, Li Fenglan standing here couldn’t help but frown again.

The man’s hand slowly stroked his left shoulder.

Although he didn’t feel it, he still knew that there was a strange immortal bone here.

This immortal bone always reminded Li Fenglan that his rebirth was not an accident, but someone did it on purpose.

But to this day, Li Fenglan still didn’t know who the person who picked out the immortal bone and helped him to be reborn is.

He didn’t even know why the other party revived him…

This was also what Li Fenglan cared about most after his rebirth.

He never liked to owe others anything.

The cause and effect of rebirth after picking out an immortal bone was too great, and he will not be able to rest assured if he does not return it.

After all, Li Fenglan firmly believed that there will never be pies in the sky, and if there are any, they will not fall on his own head.

Sooner or later, he will find this person who resurrected himself.

Just as he was thinking, the man who was standing by the door with a relaxed face just now approached Li Fenglan like a ghost.

In the next moment, the hand holding the silver folding fan appeared in front of Li Fenglan’s heart.

Li Fenglan subconsciously leaned back, barely avoiding the folding fan.

“Cough cough cough…Shi Shu, what do you mean by this”

“Nothing much.” Mo Shenyu put back the folding fan in his hand as if suddenly changing his face, and at the same time approached Li Fenglan as if nothing had happened.

The man suddenly approached, and whispered in Li Fenglan’s ear: “I’m just surprised, my Shi Zhi* has such skill, why didn’t I know before”

*sect nephew


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