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However, they soon experienced the profound meaning of the wordaccident for themselves!

The yellow-haired man was smiling wretchedly.

He stretched out his hand carelessly and was about to extend it towards Mo Chus fair and tender face.

However, before he could feel the smoothness and tenderness he had expected, he was greeted with a wave of intense pain!

“Ahh — Pain — Pain!” Tears and snot came out all of a sudden.

The mans face was contorted as he held onto his right hand that was already hanging down.

He was screaming at the top of his lungs.

“Damn it! You little b*tch!” The change happened too quickly, the other men only saw a blur before Monkeys hand was crippled by the woman in front of them.

They could not help but become furious.

“Brothers, kill her!” they roared, the wooden sticks and machetes in the hands of the few men swinging at Mo Chu at the same time.

This scene scared the middle-aged man beside her.

He gritted his teeth and was about to step forward to help, but when he looked closely, his footsteps stopped on the spot.

Umm… the middle-aged man licked his lips.

It seemed like there was no need for him to make a move at all!

Wherever his line of sight reached, this seemingly weak little girl was still able to deal with a few young and strong men with ease.

Her figure was as agile as a fluttering butterfly.

She was unbelievably agile.

She was not weak either.

Every time she made a move, she would definitely hit the target.

It was sharp and accurate!

In less than ten minutes, the men who had been showing off just a moment ago had all fallen to the ground.

Each and every one of them looked like wounded soldiers as they carefully held their injured arms and legs.

Their gazes as they stared at Mo Chu were somewhat evil! Holy sh*t! This little girl isnt human!

Mo Chu glanced at them, her gaze calm and unperturbed.

Her previous training in the Federation wasnt in vain.

At the very least, dealing with these small fries was a piece of cake.

“Keep an eye on them first.” Mo Chu slightly nodded towards the middle-aged man.

Before he could react, she nimbly ran over the wall to the next room and started fiddling around.

Very quickly, she discovered quite a number of spoils of war — three boxes of instant noodles, two bags of biscuits, and five bottles of mineral water.

“This… so much food!” Looking at the things in Mo Chus hands, the middle-aged mans eyes instantly lit up.

If he were to tightly hold onto them, this food would last for more than half a month.

How could he not be pleasantly surprised.

“You, where did you get this”

Mo Chu pouted at the few men lying on the ground.

Although these people also looked sallow and emaciated, their situation was obviously different from the middle-aged mans.

Therefore, Mo Chu deduced that they might have hidden some food.

As a result, after a while, she managed to get quite a lot of it out.

At this moment, the few young men lying on the ground were filled with endless regret.

They wished they could slap themselves a few times! You Brat, dont you have eyes Now that youve provoked such a great lady, not only are you injured, but she also snatched our food.

What a loss, what a terrible loss!

“Arent you prepared to leave yet” Mo Chu swept a cold glance over them.

The few men who had collapsed on the ground quickly stood up and supported each other as they left.

They were afraid that if they caused Mo Chu to be unhappy again, they would be beaten up again!

“Here, these are for you.” Mo Chu gave a portion of the free food to the middle-aged man.

Immediately, he gave her a grateful look.

There were faint tears in his aged eyes, “Thank you, thank you! But…”

The man hesitated for a long while, finally, he said in a low voice, “Little Girl, dont think that Im being too nosy.

The current world is too difficult.

With your beautiful appearance… Im afraid that youll attract a lot of trouble!”

He had encountered many similar incidents along the way.

Many pretty little girls were fine one day and disappeared the next day out of nowhere.

However, even if they knew about this, no one would be foolish enough to ask.

In this day and age, it was already good enough to be able to protect themselves.

How could they care about others! If it was not for the fact that this little girl was a good person, he would not have said this.

Hearing this, Mo Chu was stunned.

Half a second later, she nodded her head cautiously.

“Thank you, I understand.”

“Okay.” The man nodded his head honestly.

He then lowered his head to look at the food in his hands.

He swallowed his saliva and revealed a blissful expression.

On the other side, Qiao Shans move had truly disrupted the entire Federations rhythm.

The first to be affected was the Ning family.

“You, what did you say just now” When Elder Ning received the news, he stood up abruptly and glared at the person who had come.

His voice was like a loud bell.

“Explain it clearly to me.

Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu, and the others…” Elder Ning swallowed hard, he continued, “What happened to the two of them”

“… at that time, Qiao Shan acted too quickly and no one noticed.

Seeing that there was no time to save them, Marshal Ning also jumped down.” Hearing that, Elder Ning could not help but shake and his face turned slightly pale.

A spatial rift!

How did they end up in a spatial rift

Everyone knew that it was a spatial rift that was spinning rapidly.

If they were not careful, they might be turned into minced meat.

There would not even be a trace left behind.

Even if they were lucky enough to not die, they might even be randomly transported to any time and space…

“Dont worry, these two children will definitely be fine!” Ning Zhenhai was right beside him.

When he saw the situation, he quickly helped the old man up.

However, even though he said this, he could not hide the worry on his face, after all, it had been so many years, and there had never been a case where he could fall into a spatial crack and return safely.

“Yes, yes!” When he heard Ning Zhenhais words, the old man seemed to have found his backbone and nodded repeatedly, “Mo Chu, that little girl, is a well-known Lucky Star.

She will definitely have good fortune in her misfortune.

She will be fine.

Yes.” After muttering to himself for a few times, Elder Ning suddenly fell silent for a moment.


suddenly raised his eyebrows and his tone was frighteningly cold, “Where are the Qiao Family”

“They couldnt leave.

They should have been brought to the Federation Prison and temporarily imprisoned.” Not to mention anything else, just the fact that the Qiao Family wanted to rely on Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was enough to make them suffer, not to mention what they had done previously.

“They deserve it!” Elder Nings gaze turned cold as he said in a deep voice, “Send someone to carefully investigate what they have done all these years.

Dont leave anything behind.”

If they dared to attack the Ning Family, they had to have the courage to bear their revenge!

“Yes.” The person who came nodded cautiously.

However, there was no need for Elder Ning and the others to do anything about this matter because the netizens of the Federation were already unusually angry!

When they first received the news, most of the netizens did not believe it.

Some even ridiculed it in the comments section.

“They all said that my Little Chu has been pushed into a spatial rift.

They are saying that nobody knows if shes alive or dead.

Haha, do you think that I would believe such ridiculous news”

“Thats right! If you make such a joke again, Ill be furious! Can you just casually say such a thing”

“Youre trying to use my Lucky Star to stir up the hype again.

Hmph! Scram! Fake news!”

However, very quickly, this news spread like a spark across the entire Starnet.

Moreover, all sorts of information and tone were said to be true.

Even the netizens who had a joking attitude at the start could not help but look at it seriously, could it be that this matter was real

The various major comment pages and social media sites were in an uproar.

It was as if a large amount of cold water had been poured into a pot of oil.

With a sizzle, all of them exploded!

“Sob sob… Although I dont want to believe it myself, the matter is real.

Ive already obtained first-hand information, and its accurate!”

“Not only did something happen to Mo Chu, but even Marshal Ning also seems to have disappeared!”

“It was done by the Qiao Family, this bunch of b*tches!”

This matter could not be hidden at all.

However, there were too many people and too many mouths to feed.

Not long after, the news on the Starnet had already turned into heated discussion.

People were dying to know if they were still alive or not.

The heated discussion on the internet naturally caused quite a bit of panic.

After all, regardless of whether it was Mo Chu or Ning Yiyuan, both of them had quite a lot of appeal.

However, the situation now was that one plus one was far greater than two.

Under such circumstances, the Qiao Family had completely become the typical public enemy of the people!

As such, the netizens of the Federation had taken the initiative to act like Sherlock Holmes, not sparing a single detail as they clearly exposed the Qiao Familys dark secrets! There were even people who had specifically listed the Qiao Familys dirty laundry on the Starnet!

Looking at it in detail, one could not help but be speechless!

The quality of the pills that were created was questionable, they were used to suppress and frame the enemy, they were used to raise the market price, and they were used to reap huge profits…

These were all small things, what surprised the netizens even more was that they were suspected of kidnapping Mo Chu, poisoning the Galactic Combat participants nutrient solution, and even purposely pushing Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan into the spatial rift.

This list was too many to mention!

The netizens were so angry that their hearts, lungs, and kidneys were about to explode!

F*ck! How could there be such people in the Federation These people are simply scumbags.

Hurry up and kill them!

Therefore, unsurprisingly, the publics opinion on this matter was unanimous.

No one pleaded on their behalf.

Instead, most of them requested a heavier punishment.

The higher-ups of the Federation did not feel troubled by such a result.

After all, they were also troubled by the Qiao Familys move.

The Interstellar War had just ended.

With Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan, and the others, they were able to show off their power.

Those who used to dislike them had to rush over to curry favor with them, and the situation in the galaxy was even better.

However, at this crucial moment, they were killed by the Qiao Family How could they not be anxious

Furthermore, in their many years of life, they had never seen someone who was such a burden.

The poisonous nutrient solution on the Galactic Combat was one incident, and now, there was another incident.

The Qiao Family did not even look at the importance of Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chus identities.

They dared to make such a move.

They really did not know whether to call them stupid or bold!

Not to mention their unique skillsets.

Just their strength alone was not something that people dared to underestimate.

Ning Yiyuan was very good at fighting against foreign enemies.

If not, he would not have obtained the position ofMarshal at such a young age.

Mo Chus Spirit Food was even crazily popular throughout the entire galaxy.

In the end, with apoof, both of them were gone.

This was a huge blow to the Federation!

Tell me, how could the higher-ups not hate the members of the Qiao Family

Due to all these reasons, the members of the Qiao Family had an extremely difficult time in the Federation Prison.

Those who were able to be locked up in the Federation Prison were mostly felons.

The amount of blood on their hands was already unknown.

Once the members of the Qiao Family entered, what good would they get

Elder Qiao was still treated rather well.

He was separated into a single cell.

However, his neighbors were all heinous criminals.

It was not easy for them to get a fresh batch of goods, even if it was just a shriveled old man, they were also having fun!

Occasionally, when these felons were in a bad mood, they would grab him through the gap of the door and give him a fierce beating.

When they were bored, they would throw the food that was sent over far away…

In just two to three days, Elder Qiao had become so thin that he was beyond human!

Qiao Shan was even worse off!

If women were considered a rare commodity in the Federation, then they were a unique existence in the Federation Prison!

The gazes that were staring at her were so intense that they were about to swallow her whole! In addition, Qiao Shan was already paralyzed and had no way of defending herself.

She could only be bullied by others.

The wounds on her body were layered on top of each other, and it was a shocking sight to behold.

Her bright eyes had long since lost their light, leaving only a dark color.

Even so, it was still not enough to satisfy these mens senses.

They continued to beat and hurt her, it was not until she let out a hoarse cry that she stopped and let out guffaws one after another.

Therefore, in this gloomy and dark prison cell, screams and wails were heard all day and all night.

There were men and women, and when they were mixed together, it made ones scalp go numb, goosebumps rose all over their bodies…

However, the guards here were also used to this kind of scene, so they did not think anything of it.

As long as the people did not die in the end, everything would be fine.

As for the rest, they could not care less!


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