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“Run, run!”

“Help, help!”

The noise in her ears was getting closer and louder.

Mo Chu suddenly opened her eyes.

Her pure black eyes reflected the misty blue sky.

She was stunned for a second and looked to the side.

There was a crowd of people swarming toward her, most of them were dressed in shabby clothes, and their eyes were filled with fear and shock…

Seeing this situation, Mo Chu finally reacted.

At that time, she seemed to have been pushed into the spatial rift by Qiao Shan.

Then, was this place still the Federation

“Silly girl, what are you still standing there for Hurry up and run!” Just as Mo Chu was in a daze, a middle-aged man who was covered in filth and whose facial features could not be distinguished suddenly pulled her, his rustic accent carried a thick sense of warmth.

Then, Mo Chu, who did not understand what was going on, followed the crowd and ran forward with all her might.

Terrified cries and terrified sobs were heard from the crowd from time to time.

However, no one dared to slow down.

They all took out the momentum of a 100-meter sprint and ran forward with all their might.

However, a sprint was a competition of winning or losing.

Now, it was a competition of life!

“Ah –” Even so, there were still a few painful and despairing wails coming from behind.

However, they were urging everyone to rush forward at an even faster speed.

Mo Chus hearing was more sensitive than all of them.

Other than this mournful wail, she could also faintly hear the sound of chewing and crushing… Mo Chu turned her head back to take a look curiously.

Then, she could not help but be stunned, and her eyes suddenly widened!

‘what the hell! What… What is this

A large group of zombies with twisted facial features and broken intestines were clinging on to the people who were running.

Then, they opened their mouths and fiercely bit down, splashing out countless pieces of flesh and blood.

The people who were bitten were crying and wailing.

However, they would soon become one of the zombies!

“Zombie!” Seeing this, Mo Chu was still confused.

However, she still could not hide the surprise on her face.

“Damn, what kind of hell place have I been brought to by the spatial rift!”

“Stop yelling.

Theres nothing to be surprised about.” The middle-aged man beside Mo Chu glanced at her strangely.

They had run for such a long distance, and he could not keep up with her anymore, “You… If you want to do that, you… you might as well save your strength and run!”

However, he was also confused! You said that this little girl looks delicate and weak, but why is she running faster than me Her breathing was uneven, but she didnt even break a sweat!

However, that thought only flashed across his mind.

After all, the most important task now was to escape!


However… Mo Chu turned around and quickly calmed down, but her eyes could not help but darken.

The group of zombies behind them was getting larger and larger.

They didnt know fatigue, and were chasing after them mechanically, as if human flesh and blood were the most delicious food.

Their faces were filled with infatuation… If this continued, they would only be exhausted.

In the end, they would still become zombies food!

Mo Chu bit her lips.

Her eyes suddenly fell on a small house in front of him.

The door was open… Her eyes lit up.

When he passed by, Mo Chu paused and hesitated for a second.

In the end, she pulled the middle-aged man beside her and the two of them quickly ran into the house.

Slam —

There was a loud sound! The moment Mo Chu entered the house, she immediately turned around and closed the door.

She even pushed a lot of things to firmly block the door!

Mo Chus series of smooth movements caused the middle-aged man beside him to be dumbfounded.

It was a long while before he managed to calm down.

He patted his head forcefully and said angrily, “Yeah! We cant run anymore.

We can find a place to hide! Look at how stupid I am!”

Mo Chu glanced at him and did not say anything.

It was fine for the two of them to hide, but if there were too many of them, they would attract the attention of the zombies.

At that time, they would be like turtles caught in a jar.

It would be very dangerous!

Mo Chu had just entered a different world, so her vigilance was almost at the highest level! As soon as she closed the door, she immediately turned around and carefully looked at the house.

It looked like a small farmhouse, but it was no longer as lively and clean as before.

Instead, it was a little more lonely and bloody.

A kitchen knife was scattered on the ground.

Mo Chu picked it up and held it tightly in her hand.

“What… What are you doing” Seeing Mo Chus action, the middle-aged man could nto help but take a step back, his eyes filled with vigilance.

Mo Chu did not explain.

She walked around the small farmhouse cautiously and finally reached the gate behind the farmhouse.

“Roar!” A zombie suddenly pounced on Mo Chu, its eyes were fixed on her snow-white and fragrant neck!

“Be careful!” With the middle-aged mans terrified reminder, a muffled sound was heard at the same time.

The zombies head was cut off by Mo Chu, and it was rolling on the ground…

Mo Chus actions were as swift as cutting a watermelon… The middle-aged man could not help but cower in fear.

Mo Chu, on the other hand, was still frowning while looking at her clothes.

Perhaps because of the tear in space, her clean clothes had been torn into strips.

Now, there was a large amount of dirty blood stuck on them, which made her look particularly miserable!

“Erm, I… Ill go look for food first .”The middle-aged man scratched his head.

He could tell that this young lady was quite skilled.

He was no longer worried.

After saying that, he turned around and started fiddling around in the house.


These words instantly woke Mo Chu up.

She hurriedly lowered her head to take a look.

The terminal on her wrist was still there.

However, when she opened it to take a look, other than the simplest storage function that could still be used, she could not use anything else.

It was probably because there was no Starnet here!

Fortunately, Mo Chu took a light breath.

She still had quite a number of Spirit Food in her terminal, so it would not be a problem for her to last for a month or two.

However, even so, she still had to make preparations early and store as much food as possible.

She could not just sit around and eat nothing!

Within a short few minutes, Mo Chu had listed out her plans for this period of time:


Quickly search for the spatial rift and strive to return to the Federation as soon as possible.


Make clear of the current situation and plan ahead.


Store more food.

“Aiyo! Look, Ive found something!” The middle-aged man ran out of the kitchen with a face full of pleasant surprise, he carefully held two dried sweet potatoes in his hands.

“Look, its sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes!”

God knows how long it had been since he had tasted such a delicacy.

Just looking at it made him want to bite into it!

“Umm…” The middle-aged man licked his lips and finally handed one of the sweet potatoes to Mo Chu.

“Here, little girl, this is for you!”

Mo Chu did not refuse.

She took the sweet potato and glanced at the kitchen.

“Ill go find a fire to roast it.”

“No need.” The middle-aged man waved his hand and showed an honest smile.

“Im familiar with this.

Ill go get it!”

“Okay.” Mo Chu nodded and handed the sweet potato to him.

“Thank you for the trouble.”

“No need, no need.” The man shook his head and held the sweet potato in his hand like it was a precious treasure.

He ran to the kitchen eagerly.

Not long after, the faint fragrance of the sweet potato floated up.

Mo Chu had already heard the man in the kitchen unconsciously gulp several times.

When she walked closer, she saw that his two big eyes were staring at the opening of the fire without blinking, as if he was staring at his only hope.

Mo Chu walked over and also looked at the fire.

From time to time, she would chat with the man.

Soon, all the information that Mo Chu wanted to know was out.

This was still the Earth Federation, but the history of the Federation had been pushed forward by a few hundred years!

Now, it was the vicious battle between zombies and humans known as theGreat Era of Chaos! It was said that during this period of time, the number of humans had dropped from six billion to less than one billion.

However, it was also during this period of time that all kinds of special abilities were created.

This formed the overall situation of the Federation.

“Hurry up and eat!” Just as Mo Chu was thinking about it, she suddenly felt a warmth in her palm.

She lowered her head and saw a piece of roasted sweet potato placed on her palm.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man beside her had long been impatient to tear open the skin of the sweet potato.

He was intoxicated by the fragrance of the sweet potato.

After that, he could no longer hold himself back and began to chew in large mouthfuls.

Even if he choked, he was not willing to spit it out, instead, he patted his chest hard and swallowed it forcefully!

Not long after, a fist-sized sweet potato was completely eaten.

Even some of the sweet potato flesh stuck to the sweet potato skin was completely licked by him.

Right here, he could not help but lick his lips.

Mo Chu also buried her head, eating the potato.

Perhaps it was because it had been left for too long, this sweet potato always had a strange taste.

Mo Chu did not mind it and swallowed it in big mouthfuls.

“Isnt it delicious” The middle-aged man smiled at Mo Chu, his eyes shining with more light than before.

Nowadays, it was not difficult to find something to eat, but the key was that you had to be alive to bring it out! Especially in those large supermarkets and shops, there was plenty of food inside, but the zombies outside were even denser.

Once they entered, they would not be able to come out!

They had no choice but to focus their attention on the edible food outside.

However, there were too many people and too little food.

In the past three days, he had eaten nothing but biscuit crumbs, he had not tasted this hot food for many days!

“By the way, where were you planning to go” After chewing the sweet potato in her hand, Mo Chu wiped her mouth and turned her head to look at the middle-aged man beside her.

“To Alberto City Base.” Hearing that, the middle-aged man immediately perked up.

“I heard that Alberto City has established a safe base.

As long as we go in, we wont have to worry about zombies anymore!”

“Alberto City Base…” Mo Chu nodded and murmured.

“Yes, yes!” The middle-aged man nodded and said, “Little girl, why dont you come with me The world isnt safe.

If we go to the base, at least well be safe!”

“I…” Before Mo Chu could finish his words, he heard a soft rumble from the wall beside him.

Mo Chu suddenly stood up, her sharp gaze sweeping outside as she strode out.

The middle-aged man, on the other hand, was stunned by Mo Chus movements.

Then, he hurriedly followed behind Mo Chu.

“Little girl, Im telling the truth.

Its very dangerous outside…”

Its indeed very dangerous!

Mo Chus eyes darkened slightly as she looked at the dirty-looking men who had just climbed over from the corner of the wall.

The wall of the farmhouse was not short.

At least, zombies with stiff limbs would not be able to climb in.

However, it was still a little too short to prevent people from coming in.

“Monkey, take a sniff.

Didnt I just say that I smelled something” A man with yellow hair sniffed and grinned, revealing a mouth full of yellow teeth.

It was disgusting to look at.

“Alright! You have a sharp nose!” Another mans eyes lit up, he raised his eyebrows and shouted at the middle-aged man.

“Hurry up and hand over all your food, or dont blame us for being rude!”

However, when his gaze landed on Mo Chu beside him, he suddenly paused!

F*ck! A woman, a beautiful woman!

The mans gaze turned turbid all of a sudden.

Although the world was in chaos now and it was not like there were no women, it was the first time they had seen a beautiful woman like Mo Chu! Just like that, before they could fill their stomachs, lewd thoughts surfaced first.

Each and every one of them stared at Mo Chu as if they wanted to peel her off completely!

“You… What are you guys trying to do!” The middle-aged man roared loudly.

He suddenly stood forward and shielded Mo Chu behind him.

Taking advantage of the time when he turned his head, he gave her a few glances.

Little Girl, hurry up and run! These men were obviously not good people.

He knew the thoughts in their minds very clearly!

In the eyes of the middle-aged man, although Mo Chu had some skills, there were five or six young men in front of them.

How could the two of them be a match for these guys Moreover, once they were caught, the fate of this little girl… It was not hard to imagine!

“What are you doing” Hearing this, the men in front of them laughed wretchedly and strode towards Mo Chu and the man.

Their tone was very lewd.

“What can we do Arent we just having fun”

“Yes! Were just having fun!”

“Aiyo, look at that fair skin.

My eyes are dazzled!”

“Hehe, maybe its even more fair and tender inside!”

Profanities were thrown at Mo Chu one after another.

The few young men stared at Mo Chu unscrupulously, completely treating her as a plaything under their crotch! They were not worried at all.

In this day and age, how many women had the ability to protect themselves, let alone this delicate little girl in front of them


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