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As So-young trembled with a grin, Chief Joo, sitting next to her, turned his head and whispered in a small voice.


So-young looked up in surprise.

Manager Joo, who confirmed her complexion, kicked her tongue.

“You look a bit anxious next to me.

Looking at your face, you really don’t look good anywhere.

You’re sweating.”

“No, nothing.

I’m okay.

I just… I couldn’t sleep.… Because of menstrual pain…… Haha.”

So-young chewed her tongue because of the pleasure of making her feel dizzy again.

Manager Joo showed affectionate consideration with a worried face, saying, ‘If you have a hard time, go home early and rest today.’ So-young managed to make a smiling face and barely cut off the conversation.

I’m going crazy.

So-young knew that she was close to the present.

If Chief Joo’s hearing had been a little sensitive, or if she had been a little more agile, she would have noticed that her feverish condition was unusual.

So-young knew her condition.

If the chief’s hearing had been a little more sensitive, or if he had been a little more alert, she would have noticed that her feverish condition was dire.

It is frighteningly dizzying to think that the vibrating sound of the vaginal wall leaks out, but the fear that makes her heart flutter was soon replaced with greater excitement.

The sense of crisis and the desire to leave the body to the pleasure of awakening narrowly pushed So-young to an endless limit.

Eventually, at the end of the meeting, So-young was shaking with her white face dyed red.

She couldn’t think of anything as if her brain had become a site for pleasure.

Only the pleasure of ringing between the legs was terribly vivid.

I don’t want to get excited about this kind of thing.….

So-young shed tears even when she was in a trance.

She felt pathetic for herself, excited by obscene things, and hated Taekyung, who always drove people to the limit.

At the same time, she was sad that she couldn’t come at the terrible pleasure.

Taekyung really knew Soyoung so well.

“Then let’s wrap up today with this.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

She didn’t even know how time went.

So-young, who had been wandering for a long time with mixed pleasure, suddenly opened her eyes to the sound of people getting up from their seats.

The gaps between the legs are now so wet that she’s worried about stains on the skirt rather than the underwear.

Soyoung let out her low moan and fell down on her desk.

“Manager Han Soyoung, let me see you for a second.”

Taekyung opened his mouth after people left the meeting room.

She rose from her seat, blushing.

Although she tried not to stumble as much as possible, Taekyung seemed to have fully understood the situation just by checking her red face.

A faint smile passed by his lips.

“Your expression is racy.”

“…Hngh, that’s…”

“Your face is dying because of itchy pussy, but you must have liked the gift.”

Tae-kyung, who had just had the face of the team leader, became different in an instant.

Soyoung was crying as she barely supported her body that was about to collapse.

Taekyung, who got up from his seat, headed for the door.

The window of the conference room had blinds down, so it was not able to be seen from the outside.

After confirming that the door was locked, he approached So-young.

The moment his big hand lifted her skirt and touched the wet folds, she twitched.


The wide-open palm pressed down.

Taekyung curled his lips as if he was satisfied with the dull vibration beyond the wet flesh.

So-young gasped thinly and looked up at him with eyes mixed with resentment and pleasure.

“Did you come”

“No, I didn’t…”

Soyoung groaned as if sobbing and shook her head.

Then Taekyung tilted his head as if it was strange.

“That’s weird.

You usually come with just one finger.”

“I don’t know…”

“Did you endure it Or is this not enough”

“Ngh, no, it’s not like that…”

When Taekyung moved his hand, a sharp nasal sound burst from Soyoung’s mouth.

No matter how locked the door was, it was a conference room blocked by a thin outer wall.

Surprised, Taekyung laughed as she covered her mouth.

“It’s completely wet.

Can you work in the afternoon”

“All because of the team leader….

Don’t say things like that.”

So-young could not deny Taekyung’s words.

It was because, as he said, her bottom was almost flowing down at the level of a waterfall.

Taekyung, who was looking carefully at her face as if sobbing, smiled sweetly and whispered.


So-young wanted to refute the saying he was the same.

However, no protest from the mouth opened when Taekyung rubbed against the plump clit.


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