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While Tae-kyung was immersed in thoughts with a serious face, Tae-hee fully watched his unusual appearance.

It was time for the two to spend their own time.

Taekyung’s cell phone, which had been placed on the table, vibrated.

His expression, who checked the screen without much thought, changed strangely.

Han So-young: Team leader, I’m sorry for the message late at night.


If he wanted to ignore it, he could have ignored it.

Especially when Tae-hee, who was in front of him, was only looking for a chance to tease him, and there wouldn’t be any urgent business at this time.

If it was urgent, So-young would have contacted Deputy General Manager Shin first, not Taekyung.

Although he thought so with his head, Tae-kyung stared at So-young’s message.

Unlike usual, the way of ignoring the message was also bothering me.

Eventually, he ignored Tae-hee’s stinging gaze and immediately replied to So-young.

Cha Taekyung: What’s going on

Han Soyoung: Are you busy

Something was out of the ordinary.

It was because So-young wanted to embarrass people by showing excessive honesty, but she did not have a personality that only resonated.

Is there something that’s hard to say Taekyung replied to her with a slightly serious look.

Something was strange.

Soyoung showed excessive honesty which can embarrass people but she wasn’t that kind of character.

Has she encountered something that is difficult to put into words Taekyung sent her a reply with a slightly serious expression on his face.

Cha Taekyung: I’m not busy, is something wrong Should I call you

Han Soyoung: Nope.

Taekyung’s doubts deepened at Soyoung’s urgent answer.

Then there was silence for a while.

Taekyung, who exhausted his patience, was about to press the call button.

Han Soyoung: It will be hard to meet the team leader right now, right

What was that saying, Taekyung’s heart skipped a beat at the moment.

He unconsciously stood upright and grabbed his cell phone with both hands.

Tae-hee grumbled at Tae-kyung, staring at the screen with a firm look.

“How long are you going to do that in front of me Is it an important call”

Tae-kyung focused only on sending a reply as if he couldn’t even hear Tae-hee.

Cha Taekyung: What if we can see each other

Soyoung didn’t answer for a long time.

Taekyung stared at the darkened screen.

For some time, the cell phone vibrated thinly and announced the reception of the message.

Han So-young: I want to do something that I will regret.

He felt like the fire was spreading right in front of him.

Everything was explained by just one line.

Taekyung, who intuitively realized what Soyoung wanted to say, did not hesitate.

Cha Taekyung: I’m going to your house.

Taekyung, who got up from his seat as it was, belatedly recalled Tae-hee’s existence and stopped walking.

Tae-hee was staring at him with an interesting gaze holding her chin.

Taekyung, who swallowed a curse inside, said in an unwilling voice.

“I’m sorry, but something urgent came up, so I have to go.

Let’s go.

I’ll take you home.”

“It’s a girl, right”

Tae-hee asked in a tone that she knew everything, but Tae-kyung denied it.

“It’s work.”

“Okay, let’s pretend it’s that.

Taekyung, you look urgent.

Do you have time to bring me home”

“…I’ll call you a car.”

“Oh, haha.

It’s fine.

I can go on my own.

But I’m a little disappointed.

I can’t believe women come first over families I haven’t seen in years.

Where did the young man I knew go”

“I don’t know….

I’m going.

See you at my parents'”

Even if they talked more, he felt like he would only stop her.

In fact, he couldn’t afford to continue chatting leisurely.

Taekyung left Tae-hee’s laughter behind and left the lounge bar.

* * *

It’s crazy, crazy…

If I do it like this, how am K going to fix it later

So-young had left her house early.

There was still time left before Taekyung arrived, but she couldn’t stay still because she couldn’t calm down at all.

So-young was worried that Taekyung might be with a woman while she contacted him.

But it didn’t seem so when she read that he was coming to see her right away.

She knew that he was being childish, but she could not deny his reassurance.

For some reason, she felt more nervous than usual.

Even though she had returned home with Taekyung many times, she didn’t know it was because it was her first time meeting him for a separate matter like this.

So-young checked her reflection on the glass at the entrance of the officetel.

Her hair that was not properly dried was still wet, and the oversized jumper and jeans looked comfortable.

Although it bothered her that she couldn’t say she was pretty even in empty words, she didn’t want to seem conscious of Taekyung again now.


Where was the team leader

Soyoung squatted down and sighed.

Perhaps due to excessive secretion of adrenaline, the cheek touching the knee was hotter than usual.

For some time, the noise of the car wheel sliding on the asphalt broke the silence.

Bright headlights lit up dark alleys.

A familiar quasi-large foreign car stopped smoothly in front of the officetel.


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