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It was an exhilarating pleasure shooting out like fireworks.

Taekyung grabbed her trembling waist and hugged her, intensively caressing her clitoris so that the squeaking sound of her juices could be heard.

“Hngh, hm! Ah, ahngh, team, leader!”

So-young could no longer do anything about the moan that came out of her mouth.

Her back shook arbitrarily and her hips fluctuated.

The urge flinched loudly and vomited a lot of sorrow.

The touch of rubbing the penis has accelerated.

Soyoung couldn’t do anything more with the moan that came out of her mouth.

Her lower back shook arbitrarily and her hips pounded.

 Her hole twitched, spitting out a lot of her love juices.

His hands sped up, rubbing her erect clitoris.

“Uhngh, ugh! Ha, ahngh!”

The pleasure exceeded the threshold from the stimulation poured out liquids repeatedly.

The pleasure exploding from her clitoris shook Soyoung from head to toe.


It was the climax that she had from a stranger for the first time.

As So-yeong, who stiffened up, uttered a sound, Tae-kyung was swept away by the waves of orgasm and embraced her convulsive body with strong force.

“Ngh… Ugh… Haa… Ah….”

So-young trembled in Taekyung’s arms as if collapsing.

She couldn’t get herself together because of her heart beating hard and the sensitive burning sensation.

So-young didn’t fully realize that until Tae-kyung took out the condom.

Taekyung tore the condom plastic, and rolled it loosely around his middle finger.

Then he glanced down at Soyoung as if asking for permission.

“What in the world…”

Soyoung, who was sobbing in Taekyung’s arms, barely opened her mouth.

“Why is that….

in your pocket”

“I’ve always carried it around with me since I became like this with you.

Didn’t you know”

It was an answer that felt shameless beyond pride.

Taekyung smiled as if he had read So-young’s mind.

“Something unexpected can happen, like now.”

Taekyung slipped his condom-wrapped finger between Soyoung’s legs.

Surprised, Soyoung grabbed his arm.

As if to relax, he gently smoothed the closed hole with his lips attached to her forehead.

The man’s thick middle finger slowly rubbed the clit.

Soyoung glanced and dug deeper into Taekyung’s arms.

His fingers gently caressing her flesh gently dug into the hole and began to move as if piercing the entrance.

“Ahngh, ugh….”

Because the peak was swept away, the sensitive body still heated up again.

So-young unknowingly flinched her back and rubbed her back against Taekyung’s chest.



Taekyung’s fingers repeatedly inserted shallowly and gently stimulated the vaginal wall, the more tantalizing he felt.

When So-young pushed her hip back without realizing it, her thick fingers poked in as if it were a signal.

As her climax was swept away, her still sensitive body heated up again.

Unknowingly, So-young moved her waist and rubbed the back of her head against Tae-kyung’s chest.

 Squeak, squeak. As Taekyung’s fingers repeatedly inserted shallowly and gently stimulated the vaginal wall, the sensual feeling increased.

As Soyoung unknowingly pushed her ass back, his thick fingers, as if it were a signal, dug into her.


The vaginal wall swallowed the finger easily, but as the insertion deepened, it soon tightened with tension.

Soyoung bit her lips in sharp pain through the languid pleasure.

Taekyung, who sensed the narrowed vaginal wall, breathed out a low and long breath.

“I guess you don’t usually touch your  insides.”

“Ngh, ugh…”

There was no sense of rationality to respond to Taekyung’s words.

Soyoung swallowed her moan while biting her lips to endure the boundary between pain and pleasure.

Fortunately for her, Taekyung read her painful expression.

He then began to pierce his middle finger to a moderately shallow depth.

Then, instead of her pain, an irritable and strange stimulus bloomed.

“Hngh, ugh, uhngh….

ahngh… ”

So-young tilted her head and moaned helplessly.

The fingers gently poking inside provided an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

The feeling of insertion she felt for the first time was so good that she felt dizzy.

As if reacting to the first insertion in her life, her liquid of love flowed down.

Every time Taekyung’s middle finger moved, the squishy friction made obscene noises.

Taekyung licked Soyoung’s ear and cheek, pushing his finger a little deeper.

“Hngh, um, ngh.”

So-young, who was completely immersed in obscene behavior, opened her legs without realizing it.

Then Taekyung added an index finger to his middle finger into the hole.

Instead of being rigid, the wall of pleasure easily swallowed his fingers.

So-young’s lower abdomen contracted as his elongated finger dug into the roots.

In that state, the finger that was digging through the vaginal wall slipped out and once again pushed to the end.


A sense of pleasure akin to a current penetrated So-young.

She screamed sharply and rubbed the yinbu against Taekyung’s palm as if she was asking him to poke deeper.

The man who covered her from behind became breathless.

His fingers began to poke inside as if they were replacing his genitals.

A feeling of pleasure like an electric current pierced So-young.

She let out a sharp scream and rubbed her pussy against Taekyung’s palm.

It’s like she’s begging him to dig deeper.

 The man who wrapped her from behind was breathing heavily.

His fingers began to pierce the insides of her genitals.

“Hngh, ahngh, ah! Heuk, mhm!”

The sound of the splashing water rang her ears lewdly.

So-young trembled with a moan.

Her head was blank with a different pleasure than when she was stimulated by his penis.


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