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Ch30 - Dark Horse Knight.

Editor: Meouwch

Back in the cabin on the mountain, Ning You hung Li Mu’s big safflower on the wall. 

The cabin is filled with modern furniture.

At first glance, the big safflower looks incongruous, like a child’s award placed in a middle of a frigidly decorated room.

Li Mu couldn’t help but find it funny.

He finally understood why he mistook Ning You’s age, because this “little princess” is sometimes really not an “adult”.



He was always curious and wanted to try everything.

If he returns to the city, to his own familiar environment, who knows if he would still be full of such vitality.

Without thinking about this complicated problem for the time being, Li Mu carried the 28-inch suitcase into the living room and asked Ning You, “Do you want me to help you tidy up” 

“No, I’ll do it myself.”


Ning You retracted his gaze from the big safflower with satisfaction, half knelt beside the suitcase, and pulled out a lot of things from it.

He put two sets of couple pajamas on the small bed and said to Li Mu: “The black one is yours and the white one is mine.”

Li Mu picked up the black pajamas and compared them on his body, the size was just right.


Ning You pulled out the couple slippers, couple coffee cups, couple phone cases… and walked around the cabin, putting these things in the appropriate places.

When Ning You walked past Li Mu for the umpteenth time, Li Mu couldn’t bear it anymore and dragged him into his arms, biting his ears and asking, “How long are you going to make me wait”

Ning You was tidying up enthusiastically, and he was a little confused when he was interrupted.

He raised his chin, looked at Li Mu and asked, “What are you waiting for”


“I have finished my work for today,” Li Mu hinted. 

“Then you can prepare dinner first.” Ning You said, “I have to hang my clothes in——”

The latter half of the sentence was drowned in Li Mu’s deep kiss, and the tip of his domineering tongue pried open Ning You’s teeth, as if accusing him of insensitive behavior.

Perhaps it was because they had to go to a meeting at the foot of the mountain earlier.

Li Mu did not forget to restrain himself from kissing Ning You in the kitchen, but this time it was different.

He pressed Ning You firmly on the carpet and did not allow him to resist at all.

“Oh, hold on a second.” Ning You struggled to get his breath back, and looked at Li Mu’s stubble and asked, “How many days have you not showered” 

Li Mu didn’t answer, and made to kiss again.

This time, Ning You turned his head directly and refused to let Li Mu kiss him, protesting: “You have been in the hospital for two days.”

Ning You can tolerate Li Mu not taking a bath for up to three days, but this does not include hospitalization.

What kind of person comes home from the hospital and starts doing it without cleaning up

“Do I have to take a shower” Li Mu asked with a frown. 

“Of course.” Ning You raised his chin with a firm gaze, never backing down at this point.

“Alright.” Li Mu exhaled in compromise, sat cross-legged to the side, motioned to the gauze on his left arm with his eyes, and asked Ning You, “How do I wash this”


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

This is indeed a problem.

Rlcu Tbe vlvc’a tfrlajaf, jcv rjlv, “Ofa wf tfiq sbe kjrt la.” 

Yglulcjiis, Rlcu Tbe oifk ogbw Alc Jlas ab Ljcjr, cba ab “vlf abufatfg lc atf cjwf bo ibnf”, yea ab ajxf mjgf bo atf qjalfca.

Rlcu Tbe wbnfv j mtjlg ogbw atf xlamtfc ab atf rtbkfg gbbw jcv mtjcufv lcab atf mbeqif oilq-oibqr tf ygbeuta.

Pulling up his sleeves and trouser legs, Li Mu on the other side happened to take off his clothes.

Ning You just glanced at Li Mu and couldn’t help blushing.

He said with averted eyes: “Come here and sit down, raise your left arm.”

Li Mu obediently did as he was told, but he did not expect that as soon as he sat down, Ning You took a towel and covered his lap, covering him up tightly. 

“Don’t let your wound get wet and don’t let your left hand down.”

Ning You said that as he rinsed Li Mu’s body with a shower.

Obviously, the water temperature was not low, but for some reason, Li Mu’s skin seemed to be hotter than the water temperature.

Hands slid across the bronzed chest and upper abdomen, and the undulations of the skin made an intimate picture appear in Ning You’s mind at an inopportune time.

He bit the tip of his tongue and warned himself not to get carried away.

He was now taking care of the patient, but the man sitting in the chair was oozing with sex appeal, making the work of Nurse Ning extremely difficult. 

“Ning You.” Li Mu suddenly called out.

“Hmm” Ning You looked back up from the towel covering his thighs, “What’s wrong”

“Aren’t you going to help me apply the soap” Li Mu asked.

“Ah, okay.” 

Ning You turned off the shower and picked up the verbena soap on the shelf.

It was a piece of soap that had been used into an ellipsoid.

As soon as Ning You took it, the soap slipped out of his hand and fell in the corner of the shower room.

The air suddenly became quiet, and the atmosphere became a little weird.

Ning You hurriedly explained to Li Mu, “Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t mean that!”

“Mean what” Li Mu asked in amusement 

“Anyway, I didn’t mean that.” Ning You blushed and squatted down, picked up the soap and rinsed it off before smearing Li Mu’s upper body with foam.

At this moment, Li Mu suddenly held Ning You’s hand and asked him, “You haven’t washed it yet, have you”


The soap in Ning You’s hand almost slipped down again.

He hurriedly stuffed the soap into Li Mu’s hand and said, “Wash it yourself.”

“Are you sure” Li Mu asked. 

What’s so uncertain about this

Before Ning You answered, he saw Li Mu stretch out his hand, put the soap back on the shelf, and then washed it recklessly.

“Don’t wash it like that!” Ning You grasped frantically.

“Then you wash it for me.” Li Mu said and grabbed Ning You’s wrist, “I don’t know how to wash it.” 

“Li Mu!” Ning You pulled back his hand in annoyance and twisted open the cold water and flushed Li Mu’s face, “Stop messing around!”

It’s not that Ning You doesn’t want to, it’s just that the environment in the shower room is so humid, what should he do if he accidentally wet the wound

It was the first time Li Mu had seen Ning You become so angry, and he had a rare moment of meekness.

He waited for Ning You to clean up the foam on his body without saying a word.

His expression seemed to be obedient, but the moment the shower was turned off, he directly embraced Ning You’s waist, stood up, and carried Ning You on his shoulders. 

“Wipe the water off your body ah!” Ning You was holding a bath towel in his hand.

He wanted to wipe Li Mu’s body, but being carried in that position didn’t really allow it.

How come he didn’t realize before that this stinky younger brother wouldn’t let others have some peace of mind

Back in the house, Li Mu threw Ning You on the bed, took a bath towel and wiped the drops of water on his body recklessly.

When he pressed down, Ning You suddenly sprang up and pushed him aside, then went to the suitcase and pulled out a box of raincoats. 

“We need to be hygienic.” Ning You returned to the bedside, tore open the small bag, and asked Li Mu, “Do you want me to help you”

“Up to you.” Li Mu said.

Ning You fiddled around a bit, and barely managed to put on the raincoat, but Li Mu felt uncomfortable.

“Didn’t you choose the type” Li Mu asked with a frown. 

“What type” Ning You was at a loss.

“Are you trying to strangle me with the medium size” Li Mu completely lost his patience, tore off the raincoat and threw it aside, turned over and pressed Ning You down, “Now it’s your turn to stay put.”


After it was over, Ning You lay on Li Mu’s chest and chatted with him lazily: “My riding skills seem to have improved.”

“Well, it is indeed good.” Li Mu praised. 

Ning You said, “I rode a horse with your brother when I went back this time.”

Ning You didn’t think anything was wrong after saying it.

He even added: “Your brother still wants to teach me, but I have learned it a long time ago.”

Li Mu’s expression immediately changed and asked Ning You with cold eyes, “What did you say”

“Hmm” Ning You finally came back to his senses and hurriedly explained, “No, it’s just normal horseback riding, going to the racecourse……” 

“Why did you go horseback riding with my brother” Li Mu asked.

“Do you have any dealings with my brother”

“No.” Ning You said, “We met in private that one time, and we were talking about you when we were riding.”

“Does my brother know that I taught you how to ride a horse” Li Mu asked again.

“Don’t keep mentioning him.” Ning You frowned and said, “I don’t know him well.” 

“You’re not familiar with him but you’re still riding with him” Li Mu obviously hasn’t calmed down yet, “Do you go to anyone who asks you out”

“No!” Ning You said, “He is at least my fiancé, can I not go if he asks me out”

This sentence added fuel to the fire.

Ning You had a hard time getting Li Mu to let him go, and he inexplicably dug himself another hole. 

“You seem to enjoy having another fiance” Li Mu raised an eyebrow, “Are you planning to put both brothers in our family in the bag”

“How can I have both!” Ning You said.

Li Mu said no more, and pressed Ning You underneath him again.

After calming down, Li Mu hugged Ning You, and hadn’t put away the joke just now. 

“There’s nothing going on with your brother and me.” Ning You was tossed around till he became pliant, still explaining, “It is all your own imagination.”

“Leave my brother.” Li Mu said, “Stay with me.”


Ning You still had a marriage contract on his back, and it was not something he could solve in one sentence.

But in the moment of warmth, naturally, he doesn’t have to worry about so many regulations and restrictions.

“What’s the benefit of being with you” Ning You lazily and deliberately said, “Obviously your brother isn’t bad either.” 

“Well–” Li Mu pondered and said, “I can be your knight.”

“What knight” Ning You asked, looking at Li Mu’s chin.

“For example, if you fart in public, I’ll stand up and say it was me.”

The moment of warmth disappeared without a trace, Ning You couldn’t bear it and thumped Li Mu’s chest violently: “You are so annoying! Fairies don’t fart, okay!” 

When Li Mu heard Ning You call himself a fairy, he laughed so hard he almost couldn’t catch his breath, and pulled Ning You back into his arms and said, “You said it, one of those three words.”

“You!” Ning You flew into a rage out of humiliation and wanted to get out of bed to pack his luggage, but Li Mu grabbed him by the waist in time.

“I was wrong, I was wrong.” Li Mu said without any earnesty, “Fairy wife.”

“Who’s your wife!” Ning You was furious, “I want to go back and marry your brother! Ride a horse with him every day!” 

“Don’t.” Li Mu hurried to calm the puffed up white swan in his arms, “It’s my fault, I won’t tease you anymore.”

Ning You took a breath, still angry, but at any rate he dispelled the idea of going back.

“I’m serious, Ning You.” Li Mu put away his improper expression and looked at the person in his arms, “Don’t go back, just stay here with me.”


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