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290 Status

“Brother Qi, why didnt you inform me about Fathers surgery today”

Mu Shengs face darkened slightly, and an aura burst out of his body, pressing down on Qi Xiong.

Qi Xiong bowed slightly and said apologetically, “Im sorry, Second Master.

Old Master doesnt want to alarm anyone.

Im just following orders.”

“Mu Sheng, forget it.

Its not like you dont know Dads personality.

He just doesnt want us to worry.

Brother Qi has been quite tired these past few days.

Dont make things difficult for him.” Qu Hong knew that Mu Sheng was overly anxious, so she quickly tried to smooth things over.

After staying with Old Master Mu for so many years, he was no longer just a subordinate.

He was more like a member of the Mu family, so everyone in the Mu family treated Qi Xiong with respect.

“Brother Qi, dont mind him.

Mu Sheng is just worried about his fathers health and is a little anxious.”

Qu Hong was a very smart woman.

She knew what to say and quickly tried to smooth things over.

Being reminded by her, Mu Sheng immediately restrained his aura.

There was an apologetic look on his face.

“Im sorry, Brother Qi.

I was out of my mind just now.

I didnt mean to blame you.”

Qi Xiong became even more respectful.

“Second Master, I understand you.”

He also wanted to tell them about the surgery, but Old Master Mu was afraid that Qin Xi would run into them.

Because Qin Xi was not ready to meet the Mu family yet, he could only keep it a secret for the time being.

However, from the looks of it, it would probably be very difficult for Qin Xi to avoid them now.

“Brother Qi, how long has it been since Old Master went in How confident is the doctor”

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Qi Xiong replied seriously, “Dont worry, First Madam.

The doctor said that theres a 90% chance that this surgery will succeed.

Moreover, the divine doctor is inside too.

With her help, I believe the surgery will be foolproof.”

“Thats good!” Mu Sheng and Qu Hong heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Mu Ge suddenly asked Qi Xiong, “Uncle Qi, I heard that the divine doctor is very special.

I want to ask, whats so special about her”

The corners of Qi Xiongs mouth twitched as he replied, “This divine doctor is actually a young girl!”

In the end, he added, “Shes even younger than Miss Yali.”

Mu Yali opened her mouth slightly with a shocked expression.

“Really How can she treat Grandpa at such a young age” However, she immediately reacted and was a little angry.

“Uncle Qi, isnt it a little too rash to ask a young girl to treat my grandfather”

“Yali, shut up!” Mu Sheng frowned and reprimanded coldly, “If you dont know, dont talk.”

Mu Yali pouted and retorted, “Im not wrong in saying that.

A girl younger than me barely knows anything.

If she accidentally harmed Grandpa, itd be too late to regret.

Besides, Dad, havent you already asked the president of the Medical Association to help Why do we still choose to believe in a young girl”

Mu Shengs eyes narrowed.

Just as he was about to lecture her again, he heard Qi Xiongs cold voice.

“Miss Yali, dont worry.

That divine doctor has real talent.

Even Master Gao from the association was helpless about Old Masters illness, but Old Master was easily cured by that divine doctor.

Speaking of which, her medical skills are even better than Master Gaos.”

Qu Hong was also extremely surprised as she asked, “Master Gao Are you referring to that national doctor, the vice president of the association, Master Gao Huiren”

Qi Xiong nodded.

“Thats right.

I believe Old Masters surgery will go very smoothly.”

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