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Handsome or Not Handsome (1)

Monday flag raising ceremony


After the principal finished his speech under the national flag, the dean of discipline began to routinely read the list of students who had violated the school rules.


The names of several bigwigs in Class 7 were all on it.


"Juniors from Class 7 Lu Zhi, Lin Zichuan, Chen Dongshu, and Xiao Feng...

fought with He Ming and other juniors from Class 3.

They will receive a formal notice of criticism, as well as a demerit..."


It was no surprise.

The names of these people always come up every few weeks without end.


"Yu Shanshan from Class 1, junior year, and Dong Xuewei from Class 2, junior year had an argument and fought in the class.

They will be punished with a formal notice of criticism...

I hope the students will take this as a warning and abide by the school rules and regulations." 

Before his words were finished, the students began to whisper.


"Yu Shanshan and Dong Xuewei, oh my god, they fought"


"Right, right, that Dong Xuewei also gave a speech as a student representative last week."


"I heard it was for Lu Zhi."


"Ah, I know...

...the school tyrant.

He is super handsome."


Xia Xiaoshi stood behind Ning Zhen.

She tugged on Ning Zhen's school uniform.

"Zhen Zhen, how exciting is this"


 Ning Zhen whispered back to her, "Xiao Shi, the principal is looking over here."


Xia Xiaoshi immediately stood up straight, and sure enough, the principal said, "Quiet! Any group of students found chattering will have part of their conduct points deducted."


Like ripples caused by a pebble thrown into the water, the room quickly settled down.


Lu Zhi and the others stood in the back row.

A tall boy, not wearing a school uniform, with his hands in his pockets, as if he was not the one being criticized.


Chen Dongshu snorted with laughter, "Brother Zhi is such a homme fatale."


Lu Zhi glanced at him with a smile in his eyes.

His eyes were deep.

Chen Dongshu wisely shut his mouth.


Sometimes he felt that Lu Zhi was really cold and ruthless.

Sigh! How to say it To put it bluntly, Lu Zhi was selfish and cold-blooded.

No matter how much energy the girl pursuing him invests, he is always indifferent.


Even if he was hugged and kissed, he remained unmoved.


He doesn't show affection and treats everyone casually, not talking about his feelings toward his ex-girlfriends.

Even his brothers watching him felt like his ex-girlfriends were like monkeys in front of him.


A one-sided crush.



Really want to see what it looks like when Brother Zhi likes someone to death.


It was sure to be remarkable.

The more Chen Dongshu thought of it, the more satisfying he found it.

Then, he laughed out loud.


Chen Dongshu felt bored and looked around.

There are all familiar faces—no gorgeous girls.


Ning Zhen stood in the middle of the crowd.

Her school uniform was wide, but her back was straight.

She was a thin girl with fair skin.

Her exposed arms were gleaming white.


Chen Dongshu patted Lin Zichuan behind him on the shoulder.

"Chuanzi, what do you think that new classmate looks like"


After several days, no one had seen her face.

He was suddenly very curious.


Lin Zichuan crossed his arms.

"It's none of your business, that kind of girl doesn't belong to the same world as us.

Don't make others cry."


Lu Zhi suddenly turned around and asked Lin Zichuan, "Why"


He frowned, seeming genuinely puzzled.


Lin Zichuan was a bit confused.

"Ah Why what Ah Zhi, can you speak clearly"


"Why aren't we in the same world"


"She's a good student.

She looks like the sort you can't afford to play with." After speaking, he laughed twice.

This group of people, fighting, smoking, and drinking, what have they not done


Lu Zhi's face was not very good.


Lin Zichuan and Chen Dongshu winked at each other.

What's wrong with Brother Zhi What sentence provoked him Lately, he has been somewhat weird.


There was one last basketball game on Monday, Class 2 vs.

Class 7


Tong Jia dragged Ning Zhen to watch, but Ning Zhen didn't want to go.

She was struggling to regain her high school knowledge, and the monthly exam was coming up on Thursday.



3 Middle School was really different from No.

1 High School.

At this time, No.

1 High School was usually immersed in studying hard, but No.

3 High School had a relaxed atmosphere.

In Class 7, only Wei Yijie and a few girls are still studying after class.


"Zhen Zhen, just accompany me.

Please, please~."


"Okay." Ning Zhen was amused by her and closed the pen cap.

At worst, she would study for a while longer at night.


Tong Jia had purchased a pile of snacks earlier.

She took a seat and pulled Ning Zhen to sit down.

Screams rose on the field.

Someone had scored.


The girls in the front and back rows stood up with plastic palms in their hands.

"Aaaaahhhhhh! Lu Zhi jiayou¹!"


Ning Zhen's eardrums hurt from their screams.

She looked over in a daze.

She is a little short-sighted, about 100°.

Looking at people from a distance was a bit blurry.


Lu Zhi was wearing a black jersey with a '1' written in bold on his chest and "Lu Zhi" written in two small characters behind him.

She couldn't see clearly, but she knew it was him.


Even though the whole stadium was crazy for him, he still didn't look up at the audience.

Instead, he was a little absent-minded.

The band-aid on his forehead was gone, leaving a shallow cut.

Like the male protagonist of a Japanese manga, he had a decadent air and wicked handsomeness.


Sweat dripped down his browbones and cheeks.

His eyes were dark and calm.

The other team gestured for a timeout.

At halftime, the two teams went off to discuss tactics.


"Zhen Zhen, do you want potato chips"

Ning Zhen shook her head.


"Then, this is for you." Tong Jia rummaged through the plastic bag and took a box of Wangzai Milk from it.


Ning Zhen reached out and took it.

She knew that Tong Jia didn't like drinking milk.

Tong Jia preferred soda.


Ning Zhen had just taken a sip from the straw when Xia Xiaoshi ran up the steps with her arms hugging her stomach.

When she saw Ning Zhen, her eyes lit up.

"Zhen Zhen!"


"Ah" Ning Zhen looked over.




I've decided that I'll be updating 3 times a week.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (GMT 1)

But since today is Tuesday (GMT 1), I'll be following my usual schedule for this week.

And there'll be an extra chapter on Saturday (GMT 1).



Jiayou (加油): Literally means "to add oil." But it's a Chinese expression used for encouragement or to cheer someone on.

Similar to "Persist!" or "I’m rooting for you!"


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