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Losing The Disguise

After the group finished eating, they went to the KTV next door to sing.


Because it was Ji Fei's birthday, everyone called for her to start.

Ji Fei glanced at Lu Zhi, who was sitting on the sofa playing with his mobile phone.


Ji Fei stood up to choose a song.

After some hesitation, she chose "A Little Happiness ¹."


Holding the microphone, she began to sing -


"...Why didn't I realize that meeting you


Was the best thing that ever happened to me in this life


Perhaps at that time, I was just busy laughing and crying


Busy chasing the shooting stars in the sky


It was only natural that I forgot


Who was silently protecting me through the wind and rain..."


Chen Dongshu snorted, "Tsk tsk.

Don't you think this song has a deep meaning, ehn" He looked at Lu Zhi and winked, but Lu Zhi's expression did not change.

The dancing lights was a shifting motley of colors flashing in all directions.

He had a handsome profile, and black strands of hair fell on his forehead.


Chen Dongshu found himself embarrassed and couldn't help but comment to Lu Zhi, "Ji Fei's voice is quite nice.

Soft and coy.

Listening to it makes people's bones go limp.

If you don't believe me, look at Chuanzi.

Did you listen to this till you become a stupid fool"


He chuckled, and Lin Zichuan, who was next to him, turned to look at him: "Fuck you, Chen Dongshu.

Are you going to die if you don't talk **!"



Lu Zhi followed with a laugh.

In fact, Lu Zhi didn't think Ji Fei's voice was that good.


Soft and coy...

He couldn't help but think of another person as well-behaved as a primary school student.

It's a pity that she always had a cold, and her voice was hoarse.

If her cold gets better, her voice...


His Adam's apple moved, and he took a few sips of the beer on the table.


At this time, Ji Fei had finished singing, and everyone applauded.

Ji Fei blushed and glanced at Lu Zhi secretly.

He had a can of beer in his hand, but she didn't know what he was thinking.


Some people sang a few songs one after another.


Chen Dongshu also went to sing.

He sang the song bawling.

His voice was so loud that it was estimated that several boxes could hear him.


His eyes were closed in concentration, and his expression was affectionate.

Unfortunately, he was quite intoxicated.

When the singing started, he waved his arms and moved towards the crowd.

"Friends, sing with me!"


Lin Zichuan laughed until his shoulders trembled.

"Hahahaha idiot."



Tong Jia ate a grape from the table, smiling until her cheeks ached.

She pulled the girl next to her and said, "Hahaha! Why is Chen Dongshu so funny


Chen Dongshu finished singing.

"Where's your applause! Where's your enthusiasm!"


He stretched out a hand and ran around, giving everyone a high five.

The atmosphere was brought to the peak by him, and most of the Class 2 students cooperated with him while laughing.


Someone in the crowd said, "I've never heard Lu Zhi sing before.

Do us the honor of hearing you sing, eh


Ji Fei looked over with anticipation in her eyes.


Lu Zhi leaned on the sofa with his legs crossed.

He lifted his eyelids when he heard what was said.

"Not singing."


The atmosphere cooled down, and Ji Fei's expression didn't look good.


Lu Zhi refusing to sing so bluntly made her lose face.


Lin Zichuan tried to smooth things over.

"We are more or less done with singing.

Come and play games."


"What game should we play"


"Truth or dare Just spin the beer bottle.

Whoever the bottle points to drinks a glass of wine and picks a type of punishment, ok



"So cruel..."


Most of the people present were girls, so Ji Fei whispered, "Just don't cross the line."


When she said this, many girls were relieved.

Some people also had excitement on their faces.


Chen Dongshu smiled lewdly.

"Don't be afraid, little sister.

At most, I'll let you kiss."


There was a lot of laughter and cursing.


At the beginning of the game, the most unlucky one was Tong Jia.

The bottle pointed at her three times.

She was dumbfounded.

"Am I so unlucky"


She chose a dare and two truths.


"So that it won't be difficult for you, how about you choose any of the boys present for a hug"


They were playing around so recklessly that hugging was indeed considered as letting her off.


Tong Jia's eyes swept over the boys present.

They either had a girlfriend or was a big shot she didn't dare provoke.


Chen Dongshu threw a wink.

"Come on, big brother will save you."


Tong Jia hugged him generously, but no one teased them.

She also muddled through the two truths.


The hurdle was the three glasses of wine.

Tong Jia was not good at drinking and got dizzy after drinking beer.

Tong Jia didn't wish to disappoint, so she drank three glasses with a bitter face.

She lamented in her heart that she was done for.


While everyone continued to play, she quietly sent a text message to Ning Zhen.

"Zhen Zhen, if I don't call you at ten o'clock, come to SW KTV to save me.

We are in room A305.

My parents are on a business trip.

Please please~ mwah." 


The game continued.


This time it was Lin Zichuan's turn.

Chen Dongshu was so happy.

"Chuanzi, choose quickly."


Lin Zichuan glanced at Ji Fei.



He couldn't choose the truth.


"Chuanzi, 666.

Why don't you go outside and run around naked"


Lin Zichuan's gaze turned into cold knives.

Itching to shoot Chen Dongshu, this scumbag.


"Don't cross the line," Ji Fei said with a smile.


"Ok, the celebrant has spoken, so I'll let you go.

Chuanzi call Bald Li and say you have a crush on him."


This time, no one objected, which was irritating and defrauding.


Lin Zichuan cursed under his breath, picked up his phone, and called the chemistry teacher.

"...Well, I'm Lin Zichuan.

Teacher Li, I like you."


"Pfft, hahahaha.

Fucking awesome! Fucking awesome!! Get ready to face Blad Li's cruel beatings on Monday."


"Student Zichuan~ Teacher likes you too.

Come gimme a kiss~"*


"Chuan, I treat you as a student, but you want to sleep with me Come on.

I'll give it to you.

I'll give you everything you want~."


The boys play loudly again and again.

Another round passed.


Don't know if Lu Zhi had good luck, but it was never his turn.


He had a major addiction.

He had a cigarette in his mouth, and his expression was apathetic


The tip of the bottle slowly pointed at him.


The crowd went quiet for a moment.

Their eyes were secretly excited, and they looked at Lu Zhi.

Although they had never played Truth and Dare with him, they knew Lu Zhi could afford it because...

that's how his ex-girlfriend, Yu Shanshan, got together with him.


At that time, Lu Zhi chose a dare, and Yu Shanshan's charming eyes were like silk.

"Then, do you dare to be my boyfriend"


Everyone's hearts were clenched because of Yu Shanshan's audaciousness.


Lu Zhi's dark eyes showed no emotion, and his lips curled up.

He didn't care.



Now, history was repeating itself.

Ji Fei's cheeks were blushing.

She felt like her heart was about to jump out of her throat.


Lu Zhi put out the smoke.

His voice was a little hoarse.



 This was the first time he chose truth.


Ji Fei was completely disappointed, but she cheered up.

"Do you have someone you like"


They all listened intently.

There was a smile on Lu Zhi's lips, and it seemed gentle under the flashing orange light.


"Yes," he said.


The crowd exploded.

Chen Dongshu jumped to his side.

"Brother Zhi, Brother Zhi, look at me.

Which young lady do you like"


Lu Zhi waved him away, "Scram from my side."


Everyone looked at him eagerly, and their curiosity was overflowing.

After Lu Zhi finished speaking, he didn't utter a word.

His face clearly said, "You only have one chance to ask Laozi a question."


The wine bottle was spun gain, and Chen Dongshu's face was full of displeasure.

"Brother Zhi, you are not my brother anymore.

You're hiding a treasure.

Will it kill you to say a name"




"..." Fuck!


Tong Jia was uncomfortable, and her face was flushed.

She rubbed her temples and informed them dazedly, "Excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom."


It was 9:48 pm.


Tong Jia's phone on the coffee table vibrated.


Lu Zhi inadvertently caught a glimpse of it.

He got up and picked up the pink phone.

Everyone was still having fun.

Ji Fei noticed his movement and frowned.


He put the phone in his pocket.



"I'm going out to get some air."


Lin Zichuan asked, "Should I come with you"


"No need," He replied and went out.


The summer air was hot and dry at night, and the evening wind was somewhat gentle.


Lu Zhi took out the pink mobile phone and dialed the number.


A few beeps—


He held his breath and waited silently.


Ning Zhen was blow-drying her hair when the phone on the table rang.


She turned off the hair dryer.

The screen flashed, "Tong Jia" incoming phone call.


She answered the phone, "Hello."


Lu Zhi hooked his lips.

There was a smile in his eyes.


"Jiajia How are you Should I come pick you up now"


He pressed his tongue against his teeth.

His entire body experienced a spell of weakness.

Suddenly he remembered the words Chen Dongshu said before - soft and coy.


He didn't speak.

Sensing something wrong, Ning Zhen frowned.

"Hey, are you Tong Jia"


"No." He laughed, "Who do you think I am, eh"




Ning Zhen clenched her phone tightly.

There was only one thought in her mind - It was over.

Her voice wasn't altered.

She exposed herself.

Ahhhh! But she kept calm since people's real voices were never the same when talking on the phone.

Maybe he-he-he...didn't catch it.


Ning Zhen lowered her voice, "Where's Tong Jia, how is she"



You really don't know who I am or are you playing dumb" he said discontentedly.


The person over the phone didn't speak, breathing softly.


"Ning Zhen," he said.

His eyes seemed to contain thousands of stars.

"Remember clearly, my name is Lu Zhi."









Ning Zhen, what will you do now that your disguise has been uncovered



So, she made her voice hoarse because, in her last life, her voice was the first thing that attracted his attention.

Remember when she introduced herself in Chapter 1 Lu Zhi was sleeping and didn't pay attention because her voice wasn't ~soft and coy~.

As opposed to her last life when he raised his head to look at her.


Then, Lu Zhi is a voice con (・o・)



TBH, I had a hard time deciding on the title.

The original text (掉馬甲啦) directly meant to lose the sockpuppet/ vest.

It didn't seem appropriate since she didn't have a hidden identity.

She just disguised a little.

So I ended up going with that.



Starting next week, the chapters will be split.

In return, I'll increase the number of days I post.

My job has become demanding, and I can no longer translate about 2000 words in a sitting.

I'll decide on the new update schedule next week and inform you guys.

Have a good day!


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