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 The Great Demon King (2)

Only after he turned around did Ning Zhen remember that her school uniform was wide and the thermometer could be tucked directly through the cuffs of her uniform.


She was feverishly confused, and Lu Zhi didn't remember at the same time.


Ning Zhen put the thermometer in place and looked at her watch.


The back of Lu Zhi's head was facing her, and he urged, "Are you done You're so slow."


Ning Zhen just ignored him, a person who was used to being domineering.

She wanted to see when he would turn around.


Outside the hospital, the trees were bright and green.

Looking out from here, two birds were hopping on the branches.


The birds chirped, and from time to time, they pecked their feathers with their beaks.


Today was cloudy, and the weather in the south was the same for a while.

The breeze that came through the gap of half of the window was very pleasant.


Her bangs on her forehead moved slightly, and her big eyes were a little sleepy.

Lu Zhi's back was turned to her.

A minute passed, but he still didn't turn around.


"Ning Zhen, are you alright"


"Hmm Give me a word."


"I'll count to 10 and turn around." He counted so fast that those who didn't know would think he had counted to 3.


He turned his head suddenly.


Ning Zhen sat obediently in her seat, her eyes looking at the big tree with lush leaves outside the window.

There was a hidden smile in her eyes.


Lu Zhi gently pinched her cheeks: "Little rascal." She wrinkled her face.

It was difficult to avoid him while holding the thermometer.

He laughed.


"Ning Zhen, tell me, how come I like you so much, eh I let you torment me as you like."


If it were someone else, they would have long since been tormented to death several times over.


"I think I'm the best-tempered and the most handsome person in the world.

Can you get a better taste"


Ning Zhen couldn't hold back and laughed out loud.


"Lu Zhi, you are so narcissistic."


It was the first time he had seen her laugh so happily.

The corners of her lips raised, her eyes curved into crescent moons, shining brightly, and his figure was reflected in her eyes.


His heart simply went soft and mushy.


"Don't laugh like that, Ning Zhen."


He leaned closer to her.

Ning Zhen's smile was slightly restrained, but her eyes were still moist and shiny; altogther [she was] very good-looking.


He seemed to be sighing, "I can't stand it."


"What can't you stand"


"It's nothing.

Is that enough time Did you time yourself"


Ning Zhen nodded and looked at her watch, "One minute left."


Ning Zhen took the thermometer to the doctor.

The doctor was a middle-aged man in his forties, and his tone was very gentle, "Little girl, it's 39.4 degrees.

It's quite serious.

It's good that you came to the hospital.

This can't be delayed."


Ning Zhen sat on the bench, a little uncomfortable, and nodded her head.


"Are you still students Then I'll ask the nurse to hang a drip for you.

Do you think it's okay It won't take long, and you can return to class this afternoon."


Ning Zhen twiddled her thumbs, "Hmm, thank you, doctor."


"There's an empty ward in the inpatient department.

Go there and take a nap.

It'll take four hours to finish receiving 3 bags of drip and it's hard to stay up with a fever.

I'll give you some more medicine.

Take it three times a day.

Remember to come back if your temperature is still not normal tomorrow." The doctor wrote down the list and asked them to take it to the nurse.


The ward was a double room, and next to her was a little girl with her eyes darting around.

Her mother was peeling an apple for her.


When she saw Ning Zhen and Lu Zhi come in, she set her sight on them, her round eyes full of curiosity.


Ning Zhen smiled at her, and the little girl returned a shy smile.

Whispering to her mother, she said, "Mom, elder sister just smiled at me."


She thought this elder sister was good-looking.

The brother behind her was too.

But the older brother didn't look at her and looked a bit fierce.


The nurse stuck a needle into Ning Zhen, who rolled up her sleeves.

The cyan veins were shallow and almost invisible on her white and tender arm.


The nurse instructed, "Squeeze your fist tightly and then loosen it.

Your veins are too thin and hard to find."


Ning Zhen did as she was told several times.


Seeing that it didn't work, the nurse took her hand and slapped the back of her hand.

"You these students, it looks like you don't have to do anything at home."


She slapped Ning Zhen's hand painfully, but Ning Zhen held back and didn't complain.


Lu Zhi's eyes were cold.

"What are you doing! Do you know how to inject a needle If you don't know how, just get someone else."


The nurse stopped moving.

The boy had been smiling, but when he stopped, it was a bit scary.


She pursed her lips.

Ning Zhen's veins were exposed this time, and she pierced them neatly.


Ning Zhen sighed in relief, her lips pale.


The nurse laughed, "Why so fierce Don't talk nonsense if you don't understand.

Do you know how to look for blood vessels Are you her brother Really fierce, ah, tsk."


The corners of Lu Zhi's lips twitched, and his face darkened.

Just when he was about to speak, Ning Zhen called Lu Zhi.


She also thanked the nurse.


The nurse hung up the IV and went out.


"Lu Zhi, go back to class.

I'm fine, and I can go back by myself later."


"No, go to sleep.

I'll be here to guard you."


If Chen Dongshu was there, he would have laughed, yo yo yo, how come the noble Brother Zhi is so clingy


Ning Zhen said seriously, "It will take four hours." It'll be uncomfortable to seat for four hours.


He touched his phone.

"It's okay, you sleep.

I'll play next to you.

Anyway, I can't understand it if I go back.

While playing games, time will pass very fast.

Okay, okay, go to sleep."


Ning Zhen was indeed sleepy.

Her body temperature was so high that she was a bit confused by the fever.

Her eyelids fought to stay up as she blinked.

Lu Zhi looked down at his phone.

The game's light went on and off, shining on his cold face.


Ning Zhen stopped arguing with him, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.


She fell asleep quickly, and hr breathing slowly stabilized, a bit ragged due to the cold.


Lu Zhi glanced at her and closed the game interface..

breathing slowly stabilized, a bit ragged due to the cold.


Lu Zhi glanced at her and closed the game interface.


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