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 So Beautiful (1)

Song Baoyun came out frowning and looked at Ning Zhen and Lu Zhi.

"What are you two doing standing there"


Ning Zhen felt guilty.

She wasn't very good at lying, so she secretly looked at Lu Zhi.


The teenager looked at Song Baoyun lazily.

He said lightly, "Teacher Song, I told her I have a stomachache just now.

So, I have to go to the toilet."


Song Baoyun gave him a disgusted look.

"Go and come back later.

Ning Zhen will come with me first."


Ning Zhen walked towards the office, her face still red.


Lu Zhi was familiar with lying.

She was very uncomfortable and always felt that Song Baoyun's eyes revealed a little inquiry and suspicion.


There was only one teacher in the office, Song Baoyun.


Song Baoyun was sitting at her desk, and Ning Zhen was standing beside her.


"Ning Zhen, Xu Qian gave me the general situation this morning.

Teacher Song also thinks that you are an honest child and cannot cheat."


Song Baoyun had taken care of her in her previous life, and Ning Zhen knew what Song Baoyun said was sincere.


"Thank you, Teacher Song."


"I looked at the three subjects in which you had grades, and you did quite well.

I heard from Xu Qian that you are also very good at comprehensive science.

Although I don't know what happened on Friday, I hope you will not be affected by this incident.

Adjust your mentality, and try to do better next time in the exam."


"I know, Teacher Song."


"Hmm." Song Baoyun nodded and looked at Ning Zhen.

"You've been here for half a month.

You should take off your mask.

It won't have a good effect if other students notice it.

You should have recovered from the cold right"


The teachers' office was silent for a moment.


In fact, Song Baoyun was more worried about the kind of injury Ning Zhen had on her face.


Before transferring to another school, Xu Qian told Song Baoyun that Ning Zhen was scratched by a car in a bid to save a crying child on the road.

It was not serious, and she was discharged after three days in the hospital.


But she was wearing a mask all the time.

Song Baoyun guessed, could it be that Ning Zhen's face was hurt


The imaginations of class teachers were usually very vivid.

Song Baoyun even thought that if Ning Zhen's face was really hurt, she couldn't wear a mask all the time because she would be prone to mental illness if she had low self-esteem for a long time.

Alas, it wasn't easy for this child.


Ning Zhen lowered her eyes.


She reached behind her ears and took off her mask.

She sighed silently in her heart.

This time she completely returned to square one.


With or without a mask and green fruit, Lu Zhi was the same Lu Zhi.

As long as she was Ning Zhen, fate is like two alternating threads connecting them tightly.


Song Baoyun looked at Ning Zhen, a very beautiful girl with fair skin and big clean eyes.


It was the kind of beauty that was very pure.

Her face was flawless.


A smile appeared on Song Baoyun's face.

"Well, this is much better.

Remember to get along well with your classmates when you go back.

You can come to me if you have any problems, teacher will help..."


Her voice suddenly stopped, and she turned to the door.

"Lu Zhi, what are you doing standing there"


The warm summer breeze brushed the hem of the boy's clothes, and the Chinese parasol trees rustled.


Ning Zhen's heart thumped.

She froze, not daring to look over.


His slender fingers clenched the keychain, and the strands of black hair on his forehead moved slightly.

He looked away from her profile.


His tone was as light as the wind, "I didn't want to disturb you."


Song Baoyun: "..." When did the Class 7 tyrant become so polite After a trip to the toilet, his temperament changed drastically.


"Come in, don't stand at the door."


He walked slowly, but it felt like every step was treading on her heart.

Ning Zhen's palm was already sweaty.


"Teacher Song." He stood next to her, a tall teenager.

She was only up to his shoulder height.

Ning Zhen heard him say calmly, "I was wrong."


Song Baoyun was stunned for a while.

"Where were you wrong"


"Wherever you say; if you say whatever is wrong, then it is wrong."




 "So, can we go back now"


Song Baoyun was so pissed off by this little bastard, and he still talked back, saying whatever she said was wrong, was wrong!



"Lu Zhi, you should have a good attitude! I've said it many times, it's not terrible to make mistakes, the most terrible thing is that you don't even know your own mistakes and never correct them! Look at the attitude of Ning Zhen, and learn from her.



Ning Zhen, Ning Zhen's legs were going weak.


Lu Zhi's breath was so close to her, and his arm was almost next to hers.


The cigarette smell on the boy had faded away, leaving a light mint scent.


Ning Zhen's head was dizzy.

She could only see the head teacher's mouth opening and closing, scolding Lu Zhi.


Lu Zhi bent his lips.

"Well, the teacher is right, she has a good attitude and is quite well behaved."


Song Baoyun couldn't tell what was weird, but it seemed that there was nothing wrong.


His tone was slow and seemed to be mixed with a faint smile, "I will learn from classmate Ning Zhen."


Song Baoyun sighed, "Okay, you can go back to study.

This kind of thing must not happen again.

Lu Zhi, Ning Zhen, both of you write a review and give it to me within this week.

This is the procedure of the Academic Affairs Office.

Lu Zhi, you are not allowed to threaten others to write it for you." 


The two walked out of the office.

Ning Zhen didn't have a chance to scurry toward the classroom.


Her wrist was suddenly held down.

Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows slightly and blocked the person at the corner of the wall.


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