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I Like You A Little (2)

Lu Zhi cheated Does Lu Zhi need to cheat He was too lazy to cheat.

It would be nice if he could write casually.

She turned her head.

Lu Zhi seemed to feel something.

He raised his eyes, and their eyes happened to meet.

His hands stopped, and he looked at her quietly, his black eyes shining brightly.

Ning Zhen hurriedly turned her head, not daring to look back at him again.

Lin Zichuan's expression was also very strange.

"Ah Zhi, you were caught cheating"

Lu Zhi pursed his lips.

He wasn't used to not smoking for two days and always felt a little uncomfortable.

In the words of Chen Dongshu, the mouth was lonely.

He groped for a piece of gum to chew.

Taking the time to respond to Lin Zichuan nonchalantly, "En."

Chen Dongshu wanted to say something, but seeing Brother Zhi's appearance, he shut his mouth wisely.

Just now, he saw on the score sheet...

In the last place, Lu Zhi...

has zero points.

It can be said that it was something to boast about and had made a big splash.

Having taken over both Lin Zichuan's and his last position.

Song Baoyun asked everyone to quiet down.

Her face hadn't looked good ever since Lu Zhi and the others came in.

Now that there was zero point in their class.

Class 7 would be "famous" in the whole school for a long time.

Song Baoyun walked back to the podium.

"Now students put away your books.

During recess after the second lesson, our class will have to change seats.

As per the old rule, seats are selected according to your grades, and the first place chooses first.

Other students stand and wait in the aisle or outside in the hallway."

She no longer wanted to do the summary of this exam anymore! She announced the change of seats directly.

The first place in the class, Gao An, and the second place Wei Yijie also ranked very low in their grade.

This year's Class 7 was the most worrying class she had ever taught.

Song Baoyun was afraid that she would reveal her anxiety as soon as she opened her mouth.

On the contrary, Ning Zhen...

That child...

Song Baoyun looked at her report card this morning.

Ning Zhen only had scores in three subjects: Chinese, Maths, and English.

The full score for each subject was 150, and the total score was 450.

Ning Zhen scored 407.

126 in Chinese, 143 in Mathematics, and 138 in English.

This time the questions were very difficult.

Song Baoyun felt that it was unlikely Ning Zhen had cheated.

After all, before she transferred, she had seen her report card in First High School.

Very good grades, first in the class.

She should have been the first if there hadn't been any cheating this time.

Xu Qian had already told her about Ning Zhen's situation in the morning, and she felt that the child might have indeed been wronged.

"Ning Zhen and Lu Zhi come to my office.

The rest of you study by yourselves.

The English teacher will come to teach you later."

Ning Zhen got up and walked outside the classroom.

Lu Zhi had long legs.

He caught up with her in a few steps and walked side by side with her.

She turned to look at him.

Song Baoyun, who was in front, had already entered the office.

The sound of reading could be heard from the classroom not far away, and cicadas were chirping.

There was hardly anyone outside at this time of class.

Lu Zhi had both hands stuck in his pockets while chewing gum.

A lazy look.

"Lu Zhi," Ning Zhen whispered.

"En." He stopped and looked at her.

"Did you...

did you do it on purpose" She had been holding back those words for a long time.

Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows.

His eyes were full of smiles, and his last tone slightly trailed upward, "What did I do on purpose, eh"

Ning Zhen bit her lip and held back her words at his playful eyes.

Did you deliberately admit to cheating In this way, for a long time, the campus anecdote will change from "new student cheating as soon as she arrives" to "school boss gets a zero in exams."

"Why aren't you saying anything"

Ning Zhen avoided his gaze and said softly, "Teacher Song is still waiting for us."

Lu Zhi chuckled, "Hey, cutie, what are you afraid of"

"I'm not afraid of anything. 

"The tips of your ears are all red."

"Lu Zhi!" Ning Zhen said angrily, "Can you be serious."

"Okay." He suddenly restrained his smile and looked at her intently.

"Let's talk about something serious."

The wind blew gently, and the green leaves swayed.

Ning Zhen looked up at him.

He frowned, as if thinking about what to say, and finally said seriously, "Ning Zhen, I think I like you a little bit." 

Her breathing paused for a moment.

Ning Zhen was stunned, and her face slowly turned red.

She was at a loss, so she avoided Lu Zhi's aggressive and solemn gaze.

"Don't make such a joke."

"I'm serious.

Here." He pointed at his heart.

"It beats very fast when I see you.

Do you want to feel it"


Lu Zhi, you...you..." She didn't know what to say.

Lu Zhi bent his lips.

"Well, what are you afraid of"

"No, I'm not afraid."

"You aren't afraid but your legs are shaking"

"..." She couldn't control herself!

He chuckled lightly.

"Ning Zhen, cutie, can you be my girlfriend"

No, no, no, no, no!

Ning Zhen took a deep breath.

"Lu Zhi, how old are you Don't think about these things all day long.

You should study hard."

"I study hard and you will be my girlfriend"


The sound of high heels hitting the ground sounded, and Ning Zhen stopped speaking.

She looked up at Lu Zhi.

The smile on his lips did not diminish, and he mouthed at her: The class teacher is here.


Translator's Notes

The reason I picked this novel up was because of its 4.2 rating on Novelupdates.

Recently the ratings changed.

Don't know why.

I had never read it before, but I thought I would enjoy it.

I did enjoy the first few chapters I've translated.

But when I read ahead using MTL, I didn't really enjoy it.

It's not a bad book.

It just didn't suit my preferences.

It's hard for me to translate a book I don't enjoy, so it's very likely I'll drop this novel.

I haven't decided yet but I'll let you guys know before I drop it.

It's kinda sad since this is my first translation.

Maybe I should have read the MTL first, but I was being picky.


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