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Repay It Right Now(1)

The air was stifling.

Ning Zhen built a bridge with her hands in front of her forehead, blocking the sunlight as she walked out of the school gate.

The classrooms were occupied for the exams, so she could only choose to go home.

Suddenly a shadow fell over her head, and the sun was cut off.

Ning Zhen raised her head.

A black umbrella covered her head, blocking the sun.

Lu Zhi was holding the umbrella, completely covering her while he was under the sun.

He tilted his head and smiled at her.

"Ning Zhen, am I handsome You can't even blink when you look at me"

"Lu Zhi," she called softly.

Lu Zhi's heart softened.


"Why didn't you take the exam""

The exam is over.

I already handed all my papers in.

'So easy'," He spat out broken English. 

Ning Zhen smiled.

Under the umbrella, she was smiling softly.

Her almond eyes were slightly curved and sparkling.

Even though he hadn't seen what she looked like, he just thought she was so damn beautiful.

The kind of beauty that made him want to commit a crime every minute.

"Lu Zhi, come here." Ning Zhen thought for a while, then turned the umbrella to cover the two of them.

Lu Zhi obediently followed after her and moved forward.

Walking under the same umbrella, his heart swayed as the air was filled with the faint scent of jasmine on her body.

He secretly sniffed, and every cell in his body was trembling with excitement.

Ning Zhen led him to the shade of a tree and watched Lu Zhi put away his umbrella.

"Go back and take the exam." She knew that he couldn't come out so quickly.

Even if he handed in the papers early, guessing would take a while.

Lu Zhi's examination room was on the first floor, so he must have seen her when she came down from the third floor.

Lu Zhi stuck his hand into his jeans.

His smile was somewhat unrestrained.

"Are you being silly I have already been handed in the papers." So it was impossible to go back.

Ning Zhen knew there was nothing she could do, so she whispered, "Then I'm going home."

"Ning Zhen, what should I do when you go home"

Ning Zhen thought this question was very strange.

Her eyes widened slightly.

"You also go home." Otherwise, are you going to stand here stupidly

"You're going home like this" Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows.

"There's a large patch of ink on your clothes and your expression is dazed.

The chances of turning heads are 100%, little cutie."

He opened the umbrella again and covered her head.

"Let's go and change your clothes."

Ning Zhen was actually quite worried.

Ning Haiyuan often did design drawings at home and might not necessarily go to the company to work.

She was afraid that her father would happen to be there if she went back.

She would definitely be questioned when he saw her like this.

The ink, cheating, and invalidation of her scores.

She was in such a bad mood that she didn't want to talk about any of them.

Even if she was going to mention it, she didn't want it to be now.

Lu Zhi asked her to follow.

She hesitated for a moment, then took a step forward.

Lu Zhi took her to a cold drink shop.

The drinks shop was equipped with air conditioners.

Compared with the heat outside, they were two worlds apart.

The clerk, a young girl, looked at them with a smile.

"Do you want something to drink"

Lu Zhi asked her, "What do you want"

Ning Zhen waved her hand: "No need, let's go out." She inadvertently glanced at the price list before remembering this overpriced drinks shop.

Lu Zhi also brought her here once in her previous life, but it was too long ago.

She cluelessly entered only to remember.

A cup of milk tea for more than 80...

She always had the feeling that she had entered a fraudulent shop.

Three years later, the price had risen.

She had never seen such a terrible thing.

"A cup of milk." Lu Zhi tapped the counter, "I want the jasmine flavor."

"Okay, please wait a moment." The unique thing about this cold drink shop was that everything could be mixed.

Lu Zhi was not used to drinking milk tea.

In his opinion, milk was milk, and tea was tea.

He paid the bill and saw Ning Zhen's unease.

Her dark eyes repeatedly blinked imploringly.

The only thing lacking was 'Let's go, let's go.

We should go.' written on her face.


Unable to control his hands, he rubbed her head.

"Go sit there and wait for me to come back." He didn't dare to look at the little girl's reaction.

He pushed the door open and quickly walked out of the cold drink shop.

Ning Zhen held a glass of milk in her hand and sat on the small sofa waiting for Lu Zhi.

The black umbrella was leaning on the side, and the sun shone outside.

Why did it suddenly become like this...

She was a little discouraged.

Many things had indeed changed, but even if her voice changed and her face was covered, his interest in her still did not diminish by half, to the extent that it even had a likelihood of intensifying.

She cupped her cheeks in distress.

How did this happen

In a previous life, Lu Zhi said, "What should I do I just fell in love with you at first sight."

With just a glance, you don't have to do anything, you don't have to say anything, and I will fall.

Do it over thousands of times, and it will not change.

Lu Zhi returned with a bag.

He came back running.

Sweat dripped from his forehead, and his breath was unsteady.

He only took eight minutes on this trip out.

She sat obediently on the sofa and waited for him.

Her expression was endearingly silly.

Lu Zhi chuckled lowly.

She didn't leave.

He thought he would have to chase her on her way home.

"Change your clothes.

There is a room upstairs."

Ning Zhen took the bag in his hand.

It was hard to believe that he ran just to help her buy clothes.

"What are you doing Do you want me to help you change" Lu Zhi had a smile in his eyes before he leaned closer to her.

Ning Zhen blushed and ran upstairs with the bag in her arms.

Obviously, she took it seriously.

Ning Zhen closed the door of the private room and opened the bag in her hand.


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