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“Brother Gu, please help me.”


Song Ningxuan thought Gu Jingyu would be at least a little bit soft-hearted.




The answer was almost immediate.


Song Ningxuan: “……”


She looked at Gu Jingyu in shock.

It was hard to imagine how Gu Jingyu could be cold-blooded towards her.


And she didn’t think that Gu Jingyu could be even more cold-blooded.


“If you have something, go to the police.

If you are sick, go to the hospital.

I’m not a police officer or a doctor, so it’s useless to look for me.”


Gu Jingyu coldly chuckled.

“If you are lonely, I believe there is always a suitable one for you under the flyover.”


Gu Jingyu’s statements conveyed a single meaning: Don’t bother me.


Song Ningxuan took a deep breath, wiped her tears, pretended to be strong, and said, “Okay, I understand!”


No matter how confident she was, Song Ningxuan could clearly understand that Gu Jingyu didn’t care about her.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said such words to her face.


She looked deeply at Gu Jingyu.

“Brother Gu, I’ll remember what you said today.”


Gu Jingyu waved his hand and said, “I know.

Remember not to come to me in the future.

If you see me, just pretend you don’t know me.”


Song Ningxuan: “……”


Su Hangyu was in the room and saw this series of actions of her son.


“Son, the girl seems to be crying in anger at you.”


Gu Jingyu raised his eyebrows and said lazily, “I sincerely wish her and Ou Xiuyuan a good life together, and don’t bother me! It’s troublesome as hell.”


Stop messing around with him.


Su Hangyu: “……”


Although she did not like the girl, her son was slightly too blunt.


He believed that the male and female leads would meet soon.




As expected by Gu Jingyu, it didn’t take long for Ou Xiuyuan to find his way abroad.


After a heartfelt confession and an admission of fault, Song Ningxuan reunited with Ou Xiuyuan.


Ou Xiuyuan told her how hard it was for him, and Song Ningxuan actually became his mistress so obediently.


The two lived a sweet life abroad, like ordinary boyfriends and girlfriends.


And at home, Su Qing looked at the intimate photos of her fiancé with someone else.

She smiled coldly.


“I didn’t expect that at such a critical time, that fool only cared about childish love.

How did he get to sit in the president’s position”


Wen Huan waved his hand.

He also felt strange as well.


Though Ou Xiuyuan was not very capable before, he was still responsible for his work.

Recently, it was as if he was possessed by an evil spirit.


But what did it matter The more outrageous he did, then the more he got.


Song Ningxuan was really the most satisfactory investment he made.

It was just a small push and actually had such unexpected results.


“Wen Huan!” Su Qing smiled particularly seductively and looked at Wen Huan.


Wen Huan was also wowed by this young lady.

If you compare Su Qing and Song Ningxuan, Su Qing was several streets away from Song Ningxuan in terms of looks, education, and family history.


So, he did not understand that with such incredible beauty, Ou Xiuyuan was looking at a bland and tasteless Song Ningxuan.


“Miss Su, you don’t even know your charm.”


If he did not know how ambitious a woman Su Qing was, Wen Huan would not have been able to control his heart.


Su Qing smiled and gently leaned down to imprint a thin lip print on Wen Huan’s face.


“This is a reward for you!”


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