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The Nerve of That Mortal (2)

She tilted her head up and saw that Ye Duanhong was recording the scores.

Seeing that it was too late, she could only speak up, “Elder Ye, don’t you think she’s resorting to trickery She’s just coping with your quiz.

If you let her fly forward ten meters now or on a bad windy day, there’s no way she can stand steadily.

How can this be considered learning the Air Control Technique”

The tip of Ye Duanhong’s pen, recording on the cardboard, paused.

He raised his head, glanced at Qiu Mingxue, and then moved his gaze to Ji Qingzhuo.

Ji Qingzhuo also heard Qiu Mingxue’s words.

She admitted that she was just coping up with Ye Duanhong’s test, and she had a goal in front of her.

With her poor brain capacity, she could only accomplish it in the simplest way, because she would not be able to execute complex methods.

She tightened her robe with both hands and remained silent.

After a long time, Ye Duanhong replied in a deep voice, “But she is the fastest.”

“I can go to the cliff and carry a pig back, can she” Qiu Mingxue asked rhetorically.

Ji Qingzhuo thought it was impossible for her to do such a task, because she could never hold a pig even on flat ground.

“No arguments.

That’s the end of it,” Ye Duanhong interrupted Qiu Mingxue.

He has no intention to answer this student.

At the end of the day, be it Qiu Mingxue, Ji Qingzhuo… or other young disciples, all that his eyes could see was the difference between strength and weakness.

Ye Duanhong announced the final scores, and only Ji Qingzhuo received an A grade.

Because compared to her performance, the other disciples were too clumsy.

Qiu Mingxue originally didn’t consider Ji Qingzhuo a competitor at all.

At best, she would taunt her a couple of times when she happened to encounter her, but after this class, she just ruthlessly stuffed her magic book into her bag.

“What gives her the right!” Qiu Mingxue shouted at Ying Xiu.

“Anyone can see that it’s me who has the best Air Control Technique.”

Ying Xiu remained silent as she carried the bag over for her.

She didn’t say a word, but only she knew what was on her mind.

Ji Qingzhuo was the first to run out of Ye Duanhong’s teaching venue.

She has always been proactive about leaving the class, so she did not hear Qiu Mingxue’s complaint about her with Ying Xiu.

It was the system that spoke up at this time: “Host, how did you do that”

“Like Qiu Mingxue said, I followed the criteria of the test.” Ji Qingzhou whispered to the system and explained, “I can only do so.

In fact, I can not fly at all.”

The wind was blowing on the cliff, and in part, she relied on the power on the natural mountain wind

Ji Qingzhuo stood in a daze at the door of Ye Duanhong’s immortal abode.

She folded her sleeves, looking troubled.

She found this small test alone so difficult.

But if she wants to get to the top three in the examination, she must get good results in every course.

She walked forward slowly, her footsteps weak, because the magic power she had consumed at the test still hasn’t recovered.

She relied on Shen Rongyu to absorb spirit qi, and now that she used up her magic power, she could only go to him to absorb spirit qi and recover.

Nothing could be done about it.

She was on the path of immortal cultivation, and it was already a miracle that she took a step forward.

Ji Qingzhou rested for a while.

She was planning to take her Flywheel out and return to White Water Island, but then she heard a clear female voice behind her.

“Among our group of disciples, Shen Rongyu and Meng Yaolan took the top two in the examination, and then I was the next one.

I don’t want anyone to disrupt the status quo.

After all, I have to report my cultivation achievements to my father,” Qiu Mingxue said to Ying Xiu.

Ying Xiu tugged at the strap of the bag, clenched her hands a little tighter, and only whispered: “Right.”

“The nerve of that mortal!” Qiu Mingxue still couldn’t accept it.

Ji Qingzhou looked back.

Qiu Mingxue was stomping ahead with her head held high, while Ying Xiu followed behind her.

She took out her Flywheel and stood up.

Qiu Mingxue looked at her leaving figure and said in a loud voice at her, “A disciple who got A grade in the Air Control Technique class has to rely on this magic treasure to return to her immortal abode”

“But her magic treasure was refined by Elder Yu himself,” Ying Xiu reminded her.

Of course, Ji Qingzhuo didn’t know what Qiu Mingxue was yapping about.

She went back to eat and studied tomorrow’s class while Maomao was lying on his side to rest after eating carrots.

His mental state was still unfit, and it might really need a high grade Immortal Spirit Pill to be useful.

Ji Qingzhou scratched her head.

Tomorrow’s Beast Control class was quite easy.

She should be able to handle it.

Just when she started to study ‘Precautions for Rearing Young Profound Frost Beasts’, a knock on the courtyard door sounded.

Generally, there was only one person who would drop by Ji Qingzhuo’s place at this hour late at night, when the moon was hanging by the eaves.

The system excitedly spoke to Ji Qingzhuo, with a hint of schadenfreude in its tone, “Host, Shen Rongyu is here for your Dual Cultivation!”


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