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Song Jinxi likes the Female Lead whose core has changed.

She thinks the other party is very cute and also likes to hear the other party praise her in a different way.

But liking doesn’t solve all the problems.

Lin Xiaoxiao is the Female Lead of this world, so there are some problems that she must understand.

It’s a pity that they are only familiar on the surface now, not to mention that she is actually hiding many things from Lin Xiaoxiao, and the same is true of Lin Xiaoxiao, who is a transmigrator too.

For the time being, she couldn’t find a more secure and less deliberate method to ask Lin Xiaoxiao what her next plan is.

Fortunately, Heaven seems to still favor her.

While she was still thinking about the problem, Lin Xiaoxiao handed over the menu to the waiter and took the initiative to speak.

“Sister-in-law, there is something I want to ask your opinion about.”

Song Jinxi looked at her: “Just say it.”

“It’s just…” Lin Xiaoxiao thought for a while, then said hesitantly: “If I had done something that is easy to be misunderstood by others, and made that person think I like him, then we inevitably need to contact each other frequently for various reasons…”

The seventeen-year-old girl looked at Song Jinxi with a serious and embarrassed expression.

“I’ve never been in a relationship, so I don’t have any experience in this area.

It’s a bit difficult for me to handle right now.” She said.

Song Jinxi held the cup and drank the tea silently.

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Lin Xiaoxiao put one of her hands on her cheek and touched her own earlobe.

“Actually, it is the one I told you about a few days ago, one of my cousins.

Of course, the kind of cousin who is only in name.

There is no blood relationship or legal relationship between us.” Lin Xiaoxiao said.

Song Jinxi nodded, “And then”

“Then…” Lin Xiaoxiao frowned and thought for a while, struggling to organize the words before she finally said: “Maybe because my brothers were not in X city before, I felt a little lack of love because I was alone by myself.

That brother has always cared about me, and we have a good relationship too.

Therefore, I have a little possessiveness towards him, and even misunderstood my own feelings, thinking that it is the feeling of love, and even forcibly kissed him for some reasons…”

As she talked, she looked a little like she couldn’t go on anymore.

She scratched her hair in a painful look, looked back at the ceiling, and then leaned back on the chair, looking quite depressed.

“In the end, I figured it out now, but he didn’t seem to have figured it out yet.

He often came to harass me, and it was very uncomfortable for me.” She said.

Song Jinxi opened her mouth: “Are you sure you don’t like him at all now Why did your feelings suddenly change so quickly”

Lin Xiaoxiao’s movements stopped, and her expression became unnatural for a moment.

After a while, she spoke again.

“I just suddenly didn’t like him anymore.

Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up” After she finished speaking, she looked at Song Jinxi: “Actually, I think I didn’t like him either before, and I just had a good impression of him that I shouldn’t have.”

Song Jinxi remained silent and listened to her talk.

“What’s more, even if I want to like a person, I won’t like a person like him.” Lin Xiaoxiao said, “If he really likes me and I also like him just as I told you before, and we are also not related by blood because he is just my cousin in name, my mom should not stop me from being with him…”

The waiter came over and laid out the tablecloth for them.

Lin Xiaoxiao paused for a while.

Song Jinxi turned her head and inadvertently saw a car parked in the parking lot not far away with the driver’s window open.

The man in the driver’s seat looks somewhat familiar.

He looks like——


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