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Chapter 1523: Suppressing An Era! (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Charge!!” an Ancestral God roared.

The ancestor who had been punched away was a clansman of his.

The fellow had been defeated with a single punch!

“Ancestor Fei, restrain him!” shouted an ancestor from another clan.

Ancestral Gods had ample battle experience, and they could tell that Su Ping wasnt easy to deal with.

Furthermore, no one would be his match if they were to duel.

All contempt was shed as they planned to cooperate in killing Su Ping.

Cooperation and attacking together were different.

Their high-level cultivation would produce flawless teamwork!

“Ill try, but I can stop him for only one second at most!” said Ancestor Fei in a hurry.


She felt shocked and anxious upon seeing the human kicking and punching, sending Ancestral Gods flying. This Human Ancestor is brutal!

Even if the Chaos Perception Dragon were there, it would have been beaten to death under their joint attack!

“One second…”

Ancestor Feis answer gave the other Ancestral Gods a chill.

Her forte was restraining; even they found it tricky to deal with her.

Even so, she could only restrain Su Ping for one second.

Of course, one second was like ten minutes for them and they could do many things, but it was still too short!

“Guys, we must kill him with one strike!!” said an ancestor in a low voice.

The other ancestors were alarmed, yet they secretly prepared themselves.

Ancestor Fei soon found an opportunity.

Su Ping wasnt paying special attention to her, maybe because he didnt think she was important.

Such an attitude towards her gave her a mixture of delight and anger.

Her, an Ancestral God, had she never been disregarded like that

Her opponent would pay a price for slighting her!

Vines darted out of her body and stretched into the void to bind the human expert.

The vines emitted the green light of life.

She burned her universe as she tried to strangle Su Ping.

It wasnt just ensnaring him; even the Great Dao inside his body was sealed!

At the moment he was like a piece of wood that could only be struck!


The other Ancestral Gods saw the opportunity, and attacked Su Ping with their ultimate skills.

“Human Ancestor, I will show you the gods real power!” roared one of the old Ancestral Gods.

He turned into a sun and moved to crash into Su Pings chest with a destructive aura, all ready to go through Su Pings body.


Su Ping saw the vines binding him and the Ancestral Gods as they attacked in a frenzy, quickly realizing the strategy as he also noticed the cold smile on Ancestor Feis face.

He couldnt help but smile back in kind.

“Ive seen it.

Youre just trash thats not even a millionth as good as me!!” Su Ping roared, causing the world to tremble.

He was almost like a peerless dictator.

A terrifying power burst from his limbs, instantly blowing up all the vines.

The chaos universe behind him also exploded.

Two more universes appeared after that, but they exploded before anyone could see them clearly!

The three universes exploded, and all their power was suffused into Su Pings body.

A terrifying aura was spread out in the world.

He then roared and punched.


The sun-like Ancestral God met Su Pings fist and instantly exploded!

The terrifying explosion echoed throughout the place.

It was as if ten thousand stars would have shattered at the point of impact.

The light was so dazzling and the blast was so powerful that even the trees a million kilometers away were bent out of shape!

The unfortunate ancestors flesh exploded.

Su Pings fist momentum shattered the surrounding space.

It even moved beyond the continent, causing a deep ravine in the vast ocean and reaching the neighboring continent.

It didnt stop until a dent 100,000 kilometers long was made.

The power of his fist left all the gods in shock.

Ancestral God Wen Tian—who was watching the battle and protecting the elders—was looking at the blast with wide eyes.

His jaw almost hit the ground!

What kind of power is that It is absolutely destructive!

That attack could have punched through the world of gods ten times over!

“Is this why the Seven Greatest Clans are so proud”

Su Ping didnt bother to look.

He suddenly leaped and threw a kick, directly blowing up two Ancestral Gods to pieces.

Their universes fell apart and they tried to resurrect, but Su Ping stopped them with an absolutely dominating power.

However, he didnt follow through and killed them.

He simply confined their souls.

Then, Su Ping strode towards Ancestor Fei.

“This is the special move of the Seven Greatest Clans!”

While she fearfully saw him approach, he waved a fist and broke her body, then stomped on her remains.

“Whos next!”

His roar echoed in the world.

The entire world could hear his furious declaration.

The Ancestral Gods of the other six great clans shivered, especially the one whose top Ancestral God had been pulverized with a punch and had yet to recover.

The latters undying universe was being suppressed and couldnt regenerate.

It was very likely that he would perish if he wasnt rescued in time!

However… No one dared to step up.

All the ancestors were swept by an unprecedented fright as they looked at Su Pings furious and monstrous face.

The Human Ancestor was too terrifying; he wasnt like any of the Ancestral Gods they knew.

He was even more terrifying than a ferocious beast!

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