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Chapter 1522: Suppressing An Era! (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations


Is it not enough”

“Its more than enough to kill you!”

“It seems that youve chosen to die!”

All the Ancestral Gods surrounding Su Ping sensed the provocation in his words.

Some sneered, others looked gloomy, while a few remained nonchalant, like mighty deities looking down at the ants on the ground.



The previously pummeled pair of Ancestral Gods from the Feitian Clan rushed over.

They showed no hesitation after being bolstered by the allied clans ready to kill the human expert.

While the pair of ancestors took action, the ancestors of the other six clans released their universes.

The suffocating aura nearly collapsed that time and space.

“Guys, please move the battlefield out of this world,” said Ancestor Fei in a hurry.

She was unwilling to kill Su Ping right there.

Considering the latters strength, if he attacked desperately during his death throes, he would surely destroy the continent.

As things were, a dozen Ancestral Gods were involved in the fight; it wouldnt be surprising if half the continent sank.

“All right!”

The other gods understood Ancestor Feis request.

The Feitian Clan would suffer a huge loss even if Su Ping was killed.


An Ancestral God took action and tore an opening in the void, ready to kill Su Ping in the domain beyond.

Su Ping couldnt help but laugh when he saw what they were doing.

“Finishing you off is not that troublesome.

Come here and die!!”

He suddenly waved his arms and detonated his chaos universe.

A violent power was gathered in his hands, like hundreds of black holes.

He pulled two Ancestral Gods nearby and simply squeezed them!

“How audacious!” roared a top Ancestral God, unleashing his universe to cut Su Pings Great Dao of Chaos to pieces and to block the Dao power stopping the two Ancestral Gods from resurrecting.

Soon after, the two ancestors resurrected on the other side.

The revived pair changed their cold smiles to faces of fury.

It only took a move for Su Ping to destroy their bodies and almost make it impossible for them to resurrect.

They had almost been killed; it was terrifying.

He was one of the strongest, even when considering the experts in the Seven Greatest Clans. No wonder he dares to be so arrogant!

“He carries the bloodline of a ferocious beast, and hes even stronger than the beast itself.

Theres also godly blood in his body, and hes awakened powers of mythical creatures.

Everybody, dont be careless.

Kill him right now!” said an Ancestral God of the Qinglian Clan.

He was always cautious, so he was quick to notice Su Pings extraordinary traits.

The other ancestors followed the Qinglian Clan experts cue and took action, charging at Su Ping at the same time.

“He dares to challenge the Seven Greatest Clans.

We must suppress him as soon as possible; this way we will make everyone know that our authority cannot be put to question!”

“Suppress him with all your might!”

“Kill him! Show him the fury of the gods!”

All the ancestors of the great clans attacked almost simultaneously; the power from a dozen exploding universes bombarded Su Ping in a crazy manner.

The entire world was shaking.

Ancestor Fei looked awful, but she knew it would be hard for them to relocate in a short period of time if Su Ping was unwilling to leave.

She could only ask her companions to reverse time and rebuild the continent after the battle was over.

As for her clansmen, she could recreate them with one thought if they met an unfortunate end.

The lives below the Dao Heart State were simply energy for her; she could easily recreate them at the cost of some energy.

That was the power of an Ancestral God.

They could create everything!

That was the reason why they were the foundation of a clan!

As long as Ancestral Gods stood, it would be possible to recreate the entire clan, even if it was completely eliminated.

If the Celestial experts had Creator-like abilities after condensing a universe, Ancestral Gods were thousands of times better.

They could create and destroy everything in an instant.



The cluster of sword and spear auras launched by the gods were like a sun about to drown and shatter Su Pings existence.

No one bothered about the possible collateral damage.

After all, everything could be rebuilt.

As long as Su Ping was killed, it wouldnt matter even if the continent was destroyed.

They could build another one!

The world was collapsing and the stars were changing.

The gods in the Feitian Divine Array saw doom approaching.

The scene would be forever etched in their souls.

They would never forget.

The scenes they witnessed were beyond the limits of their imagination.

The Great Daos collapsed, while space and time were in disarray; many shadows crept out of the void; the sky and the ground seemed to have been swapped.

Flames and meteors were falling.

The Ancestral Gods attacks nearly suffocated them.

They were frightened, suddenly realizing that the Feitian Clan could survive with the help of the other six great clans, but they would probably die!


It was the sound of a massive explosion amongst all the destructive attacks.

Then, everybody saw a brilliant, gargantuan fist emerging from the explosive energy.

It was as if a fiend had awakened in the mist and raised an arm!

The arm—which was more than ten thousand feet long—swung away, splitting up the sky and the ground.

The storm was obliterated and the incoming attacks were bounced back.

With a boom, the gargantuan fist punched an Ancestral God brutally, sending him deep into the continent.

The entire tectonic plaque was shaking; there were cracks within a radius of a million kilometers.

All the beasts in the area fell on their knees in panic.

The overwhelming pressure made it impossible for them to even escape.

They were like barbarians begging for the mercy of the Lord!

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