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Chapter 1521: Fighting Alone in the Archean Divinity (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The two Ancestral Gods rushed to attack.

Cold electricity darted out of Su Pings eyes.

He steadily landed on the ground, and his chaos universe exploded again the moment those two experts arrived.

A torrent of power surged out, then he waved his arms, bashing the two ancestors with his enormous hands.

They were both punched deep into the ground.

The full-strength strikes of those two gods couldnt compare to Su Pings punches.

Back in the Dragon Prison, Su Ping had swallowed Yan Tais flesh and polished his body to become the best an Ancestral God could attain.

He could suppress most of his peers with physical strength alone.



Blood and essence was gathered on Su Pings arm.

Divine light was manifested, and he suddenly slashed at Ancestor Fei.

But exactly at that moment—three streams of light darted over and collided with the sword.

The sword aura was instantly spread, and the three streams were forced to reveal themselves.

They were three Ancestral Gods.

The trio came to a halt in shock.

It was really difficult for them to resist Su Pings attack even while joining forces!

“Ancestor Fei, dont worry.

Were already here!”

“He should have known better than to dare provoke the Seven Greatest Clans!”

“The Human Ancestral God You will be the cause of humanitys doom.

Humans will be forever our slaves!”

Many figures stepped out from the void, emitting terrifying Ancestral God auras.

Those Ancestral Gods were all from the other six great clans.

One after another, a dozen of them arrived.

Their powerful auras filled the world.

Even the wind seemed to have stopped blowing.

Ancestral God Wen Tian and the elders of the Heaven Path Institute showed different.

It was true, the Seven Great Clans always teamed up against a common foe.

The gods of the Feitian Clan were all shocked and excited to see that unprecedented scene.

Many of them had never seen an Ancestral God their entire lives.

After all, those experts would always live in seclusion.

Only their names and stories were mentioned.

However, they now had the privilege of seeing many Ancestral Gods at the same time.

Such a moment would be recorded in the history of the godly world!

“That human is done for!”

“He dared to challenge the Seven Great Clans.

He doesnt know what hes doing!”

“My grandpa wasnt lying.

The Seven Greatest Clans rule this world.

Who would dare to disobey!”

“He will be imprisoned and enslaved by the Feitian Clan because of his arrogance!”

The Feitian gods were so thrilled that they were almost shivering.

The other six clans had made an appearance to support them.

Although competitors most of the time, they were willing to step up to defend against a common enemy.

This was why the Seven Greatest Clans never lost!

“Human Ancestor, I can see that youre a rare genius.

Surrender right now and serve each of the seven clans for 100,000 years, and I will spare you!” said an ancestor of the Chentian Clan stepped out.

He looked like a tall young man, but his eyes were deep and dark, showing condescension and indifference.

Both his hair and eyebrows were golden.

“Serving us Thats not bad.” Another Ancestral God nodded, thinking it was a great alternative.

It was even more overbearing than directly killing Su Ping.

After all, people would probably forget the battle in 100,000 years, but if Su Ping served them, all clans would remember the authority of the Seven Greatest Clans in the next 700,000 years!

“I gave you an opportunity.

Regret is useless right now.”

Ancestor Fei had recovered by then.

She coldly stared at Su Ping who was at the moment surrounded by the Ancestral Gods.

She had noticed his extraordinary combat ability, and knew she would barely be capable of killing him, so she opted to ask Su Ping to back off.

However, he was too stubborn to listen.


Su Ping stood firmly on the ground, and was a veritable monster tens of thousands of feet tall.

He flashed an aggressive stare as he looked down at the Ancestral Gods around him, then said in a cold tone, “Is this all of the power of the Seven Greatest Clans”

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