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Chapter 1520: Fighting Alone in the Archean Divinity (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Wen Tian had told Su Ping about the rules of the world, and the reason why the Seven Great Clans couldnt be provoked.

However, Su Ping had definitely proven that he was no weaker than those old monsters!

Hes capable of slaying Ancestral Gods.

Hes on par with the ferocious beasts!

Ancestral God Wen Tian secretly gasped in his heart.

Not just him; the two Feitian Ancestral Gods who had been sent flying realized how terrifying the man was.

They were angry and shocked. When was such an existence born in an outlier clan No wonder Su Ping dared to challenge the Feitian Clan on his own!

“Stop!” said a soft voice.


Three figures rushed out and stood in Su Pings way as he was about to completely shatter the Feitian Divine Array.

The person in the middle had green long hair and an alluring body figure.

It was a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

Flanking her was an old man and middle-aged looking fellow; both seemed to be as strong as Ancestor Han.

Su Ping fixed his gaze on the green-haired woman in the middle and said with a cold tone, “Are you the ones whom the Feitian Clan relies on”

He could feel that the woman had the deepest aura, which was definitely above the normal Ancestral Gods.


This battle is pointless.

The Feitian Clan has no grudges against humanity.

Why bother” said the green-haired woman coldly and calmly.

Su Ping looked down at her and said, “It was unnecessary in the past, but its very necessary right now.”

The green-haired woman said, “Dont think theres nothing we can do about you!”

“Then why dont you give it a try”

Su Ping didnt talk any longer, and simply stomped ruthlessly.

His enormous feet were like mountains crushing down with infinite momentum; they contained the power from the chaos universes explosion.

The pressure produced had lowered the ground by dozens of meters!

“Youve made the wrong decision!”

The green-haired woman turned cold.

Her body radiated a brilliant green light, which began to spread like countless butterflies, and grew to reveal her original form.

She was 100,000 feet tall and resembled an ancient tree.

There was a crown above her head.

She wore the crown like a queen.

Many tentacle-like vines swung on her arms and the rest of her body.

Her feet were deeply rooted in the continent, not just into the soil, but also dug into the deep spaces of that world.

Su Ping stepped down ruthlessly, and countless vines darted from her arms to form a net that looked like a funnel to stop Su Pings feet.

Endless vines also shot out from her crown; those were strong and tough, and moved to tie Su Ping up.

However, her expression changed soon after.

The vines blocking Su Pings feet were unable to counter his force.

Instead, they were actually stretched, hitting the Feitian Divine Array along with his feet.


The Divine Array shook, and was a lot dimmer than before.

If not for her intervention, Su Ping could have shattered the array!

He noticed the abundant aura of chaos emanated by the woman and her appearance.

He remembered having seen people like her in Sorcerer Ancestor Hun Yus battle.

“A mythical creature bloodline Unfortunately, its not one of the twelve Sorcerer Ancestors bloodlines!”

Back then, the survivors of that clan had followed him to meet the Original Dragons.

“Your bloodline is not pure enough.

Even if your ancestors came here, they would still have to kneel before me!!” Su Pings eyes were absolutely cold and domineering.

He raised his leg again, this time aiming at the woman.


She was truly shocked.

At first she thought that activating her bloodline and showing her most powerful form would be enough to stop him, but Su Ping was much stronger.

This made her realize why Ancestor Han was nearly beaten to death by Su Ping with a single attack.

Such an outcome was actually him going easy on the fellow!

Of course, she knew that the human would no longer show mercy…

Countless vines rustled and formed several nets the moment Su Ping threw a kick, all to slow him down.

The nets covered his feet and removed all momentum.

Each vine could handle a force of a billion tons.

However, physical force wasnt really meaningful to beings of that level.

The vines were actually removing the Dao power on Su Pings feet.

All of this happened in instants, but there were countless movements during their clash.

The vines twisted and pulled.

If Su Ping werent strong enough, he would have been trapped and bound by the vines.


There was a boom, and the vines covering the front exploded!

The blast power swept out, already breaking the giant tree the woman had transformed into.

She would have been in a half-dead status if not for her being rooted in the world of gods and absorbed its power to heal herself.

“Ancestor Fei!” the other two Ancestral Gods cried in shock. Our strongest Ancestral God cant defeat this human

Normal Ancestral Gods would only end up as nutrition when facing Ancestor Fei, after being tied up and drained!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

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