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The banquet ended successfully.

Neither the Emperor nor Petra paid attention to Apollonia, as they were busy negotiating with Bjerns envoys.

That was Apollonias greatest success.

She arrived at the front yard of the royal villa.

“Come out.”

As she spoke to the darkness, Uriel glided out of nowhere.

“Arent you too fearless” asked Apollonia, drawing a puzzled smile.

“Its not my first time.” Uriel took a few steps closer.

His expression was strangely stiff upon closer inspection.

“Why are you making that face Whats the matter”

He gave no answer.

Looking closely, he was chewing his lower lip.

“How strange…”

“Congratulations on your engagement…” Uriels voice was strained.

His eyebrows were scrunched together, making him look grumpy.


“Ive been kept in the dark about the news of the imperial family for a while, and I didnt even know you were engaged.

It wasnt until Sid told me to break into your fiancés room and retrieve the documents that I knew there was someone like that.”

He seemed to grit his teeth while he spoke.

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“Ah… It had been decided recently.

Its natural that Uriel didnt know because you were in hiding.”

‘Do you feel left out

Apollonia couldnt discern the pain beyond Uriels expression, which was more than simply being upset.

“I brought the documents.

While I was breaking into the princes room, I didnt find anything strange nor any perverted traces in it.

There was only a collection of old swords that you cant even use,” he went on grumbling.

“Shouldnt you learn swordsmanship now Your soon-to-be husband seems to spend most of his life in the training hall.”

“Soon-to-be husband…” Apollonia blinked dazedly when she saw Uriel kicking the innocent ground with his arms crossed.

Only then did she realize there was a misunderstanding.

“Uriel, I have no intention of marrying my fiancé.”

“Yes I thought you wanted me to dig into your lover” Uriel raised his eyebrows.

At his puppy-like expression, Apollonia couldnt help but laugh at the moment.

“Uriel, the Imperial Princess marriage is like a transaction.

No one thinks were lovers.

I didnt tell you because it wasnt worth telling.”


“Also, I asked you to infiltrate his room so I can find a way to break the deal.

I cant do what I must do here if I marry another countrys heir, can I”

Uriel displayed an expression that she had never seen before as he shut his mouth.

He looked very relieved and very offended at the same time.

“Sid didnt tell me anything… Besides, its common to borrow foreign powers to battle for the crown.”

He looked like a puppy getting scolded by its owner for misbehaving, muttering excuses while looking down at his feet.

Apollonia unconsciously reached out and patted his head.

Uriels ears flushed red instantly.

‘How cute.

Apollonia stopped patting his head.

“Where is the document”

“Here it is.”

After the two confirmed that there were no people around, they both entered Apollonias room inside the royal villa.

“As expected,” said Apollonia.

She skimmed through the document Uriel handed over.

It was a draft contract between the emperor and Bjern.

“With the establishment of the engagement, Bjern will exclusively supply its specialty goods, such as crossbows and horses, to 13 regions of the empire.

As for the empires side…” She raised her eyebrow as she read.

“Will exclusively supply Ran Islands specialty goods, the Dharmayu Tea, to Bjern for the next 20 years…”

There was a myth that Dharmayu contained some magic in it, and that drinking tea brewed with those leaves would protect you from minor danger.

In fact, it was proven to be effective to a certain level, because it could strengthen the body and sharpen the mind.

It was never exported because the nation condemned magic

It had almost become a trend in the empire at one point, but now it was buried and only found in the outskirts of the empire.

Bjern was a country of warriors, so they might have liked the concept of a tea that strengthened immunity.

“If they learn that the noble Imperial Princess enjoys drinking Dharmayu tea, it may create a new trend in Bjern as well.

Its a good business strategy that can be quite profitable for the suppliers.

The problem is…” She pointed to the next clause in the contract.

“As expected, its not the imperial family that will sell these goods to Bjern, its my aunts company headquartered in Luwan…”

This made Uriel frown.

“The Duchy is trying to gain profit by selling the Imperial Princess…”

Apollonia laughed bitterly.

That was not surprising.

“Such a strange contract.

Is there any way to stop this”

Apollonia briefly touched her forehead and was lost in thought for a while.

“Of course.”

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