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Ironically, he was shouting like a child.

However, it was so unnatural and disgusting because it didn’t match his age.

But arguing over his words was no longer meaningful.

Amoreta, who had been locked up for months, was well aware of that.

“It’s impossible to change a person’s nature.”

Eventually, she spat out what he wanted to hear.

He smiled and reached out to Amoreta, but she calmly stepped back and glared at him for the first time.

“I’m not good enough, so please just kill me.

I don’t think there’s anything else I can give you besides my  life.” She spat out her lifelong wish.

A request to die.

Diaman only blinked his eyes.

“Hey you! Take this unruly girl and lock her up! Whip her until she listens to me!”

Amoreta smiled cynically.

This unwanted life, she wanted to give it up so badly.

Looking at her being dragged, he bit his lips.

He thought of a way to relieve his current anger.

“Bring the Bella child that you caught today! I’ll properly teach her what happens when you disobey me.”

She was a child named Tanya, who bit his arm like a dog and left an ugly mark a few months ago.

She had just been brought to the mansion.

“I’ll show you exactly what I am.”

At his command, several people entered.

One looked frightened, one wanted to leave and the rest seemed to be on the point of death.

Originally, these guys were hesitating to even enter the room… huh

“Let me go! Do you want to get bitten”

“Argh! I’m not even holding you tightly!”

It was strange.

The coercer’s voices went down, meanwhile, the screaming voice increased.

It seemed like their roles were reversed.

“Don’t bite me! I’ll let you down now! Lord, I’ve brought her.” The guard almost cried and let go of Tanya’s hand.

Only then did they make eye contact with the viscount.

“What the hell is this! Why can’t you deal with a kid!”

“Well… my lord..


They couldn’t tell him about the woman they met at Tanya’s house and the man with his long sword.

“I’m sorry!”

Diaman only touched his throbbing head.

Nothing was going well these days.

A stupid woman called the princess was kidnapped on the way to her visit, and her knights come to the mansion in a beggarly manner and asked to find her.

He was busy hindering Amoreta’s progress, but they were too noisy, so he provided a residence and a little help to find the princess.

He thought it was a kidnapping in exchange for money, so the criminal would appear soon anyway, but since it happened on his administrative land, he was secretly bothered.

Even if it is just in name only, she was still the royal family and the lord, wasn’t she

But none of that mattered now because this girl still didn’t want to bow down.

“I should teach you manners.” He picked up the whip on the wall.


The whip sounded threatening, hitting the floor next to where Tanya was standing.

But she only flinched and grinned.

“Why don’t you attack me again like last time.

Now, come on…”

“Ah, my lord!”

“What!” the sulking Diaman shouted.

But as soon as he heard the answer, he had to doubt his ears.

“Her Royal Highness the Princess is here!”

“Do you mean the kidnappers are here”

“No, Her Highness is here.

With a group of people.

She told me to open the mansion.”

“Wha- aren’t you seeing the wrong person”

“Her hair color and unusual eyes definitely belong to the royal family.

She’s waiting in the library right now.”

That was ridiculous.

Princess Apollonia was a 17-year-old girl whom he had never met in person, but was known for being foolish and meek.

That was why she had never properly managed Lishan as the rightful owner after inheriting it.

He cleared his throat and organized his thoughts.

It was clear that this foolish princess was either running away from the kidnappers, or brought to the mansion at their request.

His subordinates were just a bunch of fools for having interpreted that as an imposing move.

Yeah, the group of people who came with her must be a bunch of kidnappers.

These bloody residents were so stupid that they come straight to the viscount residence to bargain.

Little did they know that they would be executed right away.

Then there was nothing to worry about.

He just needed to meet the princess and console her, return her to the knights and then send her back to the capital as soon as possible.


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