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How to walk, how to laugh, how to talk and how to get the emperor’s heart.

In addition, she found a dance and music teacher for Luana.

But Luana was a surprisingly fast learner.

In particular, her eloquence was superior to Apolonia in some ways.

It was true that she was popular in the past, after all.

She also had good memories because she could recite the noble’s preferences after seeing their portrait.

Of course, she learned about the emperor’s preferences as well.

“What about bed duties”

Luana asked casually.

This was perhaps the most important information a lover should know.

Apollonia finally spoke after much consideration.

“Avoid it.”


“Don’t do that.

You’re going to be his maid, not his queen.

There are plenty of excuses we can make to avoid it.

If you do exactly what I’ve taught you, you’ll be able to earn his heart without sleeping with him.

This won’t last for a long time anyway.”

Apollonia pondered for a moment and added.

“That method can be effective, too.”

Luana looked a little bewildered.

‘You want me to avoid making love as a lover’

Looking at her bewildered expression, Apollonia reluctantly nodded.

Luana realized that Apollonia didn’t find the most effective way to approach the emperor.

She did this out of consideration for Luana since Apollonia did not want Luana to sell her body again.

It may be the same reason why she cleared up the Bartan district and helped the women who worked there.

She was a terrifying person, but she maintained high moral standards in her decisions and actions.

That part of her was particularly touching.

‘I want to help this woman.’

Luana kept the thought to herself and nodded quietly.

In just a few months, she was able to adopt the mannerism of a young noble lady.

Three month later, the Emperor held a birthday party.

“Congratulations, father.”

Apollonia bowed to him while lightly lifting her soft pink dress.

The Emperor only nodded without even glancing at her.

Even in his mid-40s, he still looked upright and dignified.

Even if he hadn’t joined the battlefield and held a sword for a long time, his eyes still resembled a beast.

“It seems like Aunt hasn’t arrived.”

After Luwan company was defeated by Idena company and forced to close its branch from the southern part of the empire, Petra didn’t visit the imperial palace as often because she was busy taking care of her business.

“She said she was busy.”

The Emperor, who sat on the podium and looked down at the banquet hall, left the seat next to him empty.

As always, it belonged to Petra.

“I hope father will live long and prosper.

I hope Brother Paris will win the war in Razan.”

Once again, Apollonia made a formal blessing and disappeared into the corner of the banquet hall.

She didn’t want to miss out on what was about to come.

“Let us enjoy the performance by the dancer!”

The dancers showed up at the peak of the banquet.

Apollonia gulped nervously as she watched the scene.

They were the dancer group she hired under the name of Eileen Idena.

As she ordered, about 20 women moved in perfect unison.

Not only the movement, but even all of them had light brown hair.

They were pretty, but they looked so similar that they couldn’t be distinguished from each other.

They also moved in formation to the point it gets a little boring.

About 3 or 5 minutes later, when the Emperor began to yawn due to boredom, the performance changed its ambiance.

As soon as the music heightened, Luana, dressed in a captivating red dress with her flowing black hair, appeared in the middle of them.

“Ohh, a different dancer.”

“Look at her powerful movement!”

“The performance has become interesting now.”

All the nobles watching them were buzzing.

Luana, who was decorated according to Apollonia’s detailed instructions, looked completely different from her appearance in ‘Latea’s heaven’.

 A classic beauty with a unique energy.

Soon after, Luana passed the dancers and fled to the center of the banquet hall.

The Emperor, who was looking down at her from the high podium, froze in his place.

Amid the merry music, boisterous clapping, and energetic dancing, he stood there like a man who forgot how to breathe.

His whole body was fixed on Luana.

His golden eyes that resembled a beast only followed her every move.

Luana moved swiftly.

She learned how to dance when she was young.

Her movement was as light as a feather.

Objectively speaking, her dancing skill was lacking compared to professional dancers, but all of that was concealed by the elaborate choreography and her unique charm.

Surely, that was not a problem now.

Now that the Emperor had found her, he would be able to find her even if she stood among a million people.


The dancers’ performance received a round of applause from the crowd.

 Even until then, the Emperor couldn’t take his gaze off Luana.


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