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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 950: Get token

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But at this moment, there was a man alone, standing on the deck, looking at the vast sea.

This person is Ken Yagi.

He was thinking about Fang Yu.

When he came to Beidu this time, he never expected that he would meet such a terrifying character as Fang Yu.

"Back to the clan, we must send someone to investigate all the information about this person..." Yagi Xian thought.

Yagi Xian did not think of revenge.

He just wanted to figure out Fang Yu's information.

Recently, a large number of ancient relics have appeared in the hot summer, which has attracted the attention of many families on Dongri Island.

Many families want to send people to the hot summer to get a share.

And in this place in the northern capital, there is such a strong Fang Yu, which is extremely important information.

Yagi Xian was thinking about things, and suddenly felt the hair on his body stand up!

in danger!

A breath that was so powerful that it was trembling came from the front!

Yagi Xian immediately raised his head and looked forward.


At this moment, a black shadow flickered and appeared before his eyes!


The black shadow fell in front of Yagi Ken and stood firmly on the deck.

Yagi Xian's face changed drastically, and he wanted to step back.

But at this time, he found that his entire body was locked by an invisible force, and he couldn't even move his fingers!

Ken Yagi gritted his teeth, bruised veins in his neck, and tried his best to break free.

However, there is no way to do it.

"You, who are you..." Yagi Xian asked difficultly, with a pale face.

"You...you have the same kind of breath...I want to take a look." The black man in front of him suddenly grinned.

He raised his right hand, grabbed Yagi Ken's arm, and jerked it.


The whole left arm was directly torn off!

Yagi Xian groaned painfully in his throat.

A large amount of black blood flowed from the fracture of his shoulder.

The man in black stretched out his right hand and directly pressed it on the port on his shoulder.


Yagi Xian cried out in pain.

But at this time, a strong wind happened to blow over, drowning his voice.

The people in the cabin could not hear the sound from outside the deck at all.

At this moment, the right hand of the man in black had been soaked with Yagi Ken's black blood.

The black-clothed man raised his blood-stained right hand and sniffed hard, the smile on his face became brighter and crazy.

"Pseudo-dragon blood...not bad." The man in black stuffed the entire right palm into his mouth, sucking up the blood on it.

Yagi Xian looked at the black-clothed man in front of him with a look of horror.

This is the most scared moment in his life.

No one has ever given him such a depressed feeling.

"You should have many clansmen Take me to see them." The black man took out his right hand, licked his lips, and said with a sneer.


Beidu, number one hundred and one.

"Master, that guy can't hold it anymore. He said he would like to hand over the token." Xiao Feng Chime found Fang Yu and said.

"So fast" Fang Yu took a look at Xiao Fengling in surprise and stood up.

"Hey... I knew I wouldn't need that trick." Xiao Feng Chime sighed.

Fang Yu ignored Xiao Fengchi's words, and moved to the cave with a thought.

Walking into the cave, Fang Yu saw the terrible Ma Sanhong.

At this time, Ma Sanhong was covered with bloodstains, not to mention, he was still surrounded by a dense swarm of bees!

His face, body... is full of stings from bees!

"I am willing to hand over the token... You let me go..." Ma Sanhong cried when seeing Fang Yu.

Fang Yu was stunned for a second or two, stepped forward, and asked, "Where is the token"

"Yes, in the safe in my basement... I can tell you the password and let you take it out... You let me go..." Ma Sanhong burst into tears ~www.novelhall.com~ screamed.

Putting it outside, no one can think that Ma Sanhong, the owner of the Ma family who is known for his majesty and unsmiling... actually has such an embarrassing moment.

"The password is unnecessary. I will get it now. If I get it, I will let you go." Fang Yu said, "If not, you can stay here for the rest of your life."

After speaking, Fang Yu turned and left, ignoring Ma Sanhong's cry of killing a pig.


When he came to the Ma's house again, Fang Yu directly used Xuan Ran Qi and changed his face casually.

Fang Yu descended from the sky and landed on the building where Ma Sanhong lived.

At this time, someone found him again.

"Alert! Foreign enemies invade!" the guard shouted.

"Yes, it's me again, Dao Kong! Lord of the half-spirit race! This time I'm here to fetch something, and I will leave soon. You don't need to entertain me." Fang Yu said with infuriating energy.


After speaking, Fang Yu kicked the basement door open and walked in.

In the basement, all kinds of valuables are placed in a mess.

Fang Yu went straight to the end and saw a small safe in the corner of the wall.

Fang Yu stepped forward, stretched out his right hand, forcibly pulled the lock of the safe, and then opened the door of the safe.

There are some papers on the first floor of the safe, and the second floor... is a token made of jade!

Fang Yu's eyes lit up and he took out this token.

There is no engraving on it, but it exudes the power of the law of space.

It really is a portal!

That's it!

Fang Yu put the token in the storage space, got up and left the basement.

As soon as he walked out of the building, he discovered that the Ma family's monks were all around him.

He was surrounded.-

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