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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 831: Fight hard!

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The little black dog was still wagging his tail, sticking out his tongue, looking at Fang Yu innocently, as if he didn't understand what Fang Yu meant.

"You return that flower to me. Are you not its guardian spirit How could you swallow the thing you guarded" Fang Yu opened his eyes wide and said.

The little black dog still didn't respond, just looking at Fang Yu.

This expression is like a giggle.

"If you don't spit out the flower, I will throw you into the pot and add some spices to cook it." Fang Yu reached out and lifted the little black dog up, threatening.

"Wang!" The little black dog was not afraid, and even cried happily.

"How to deal with this" Fang Yu scratched his head, helpless.

Now, the Sky Eater was beaten back to its original form by him.

But that flower is gone! Was swallowed by this little black dog!

Is it really necessary to open the intestines to take it out

"I advise you not to do this. If you drive it to a dead end, it may swallow the whole world you are in." Li Huoyu's lazy voice came into Fang Yu's ears.

Hearing these words, Fang Yu looked at the little black dog who was being held in his hand and kicking his short legs with surprise in his eyes.

Does this empty beast really possess such an ability

It doesn't look like it at all.

Just as Fang Yu was thinking about how to deal with it, he suddenly felt a monstrous killing intent coming from below!


A sword aura slashed from below, straight at Fang Yu!

Fang Yu's eyes flickered slightly, and his figure flickered, avoiding the red light sword aura.

At the same time, a figure appeared in front of Fang Yu.

It is the soul flow.

The soul flow at this time was entwined with black energy, and the murderous aura was raised to the extreme.

"If you have something to say, why do you have to kill you when you come up" Fang Yu smiled as he looked at Soul Flow.

Soul Liu stared at Fang Yu, the amber pupils were full of coldness.

"Hand over Fate and Miehua, it doesn't belong to you."

Sure enough!

Fang Yu had been thinking about what the flower that Soul Liu said was.

After touching the petals with his hands just now, an idea came to his mind.

This flower is the one that Qi Ruoqing mentioned before in the deserted ruins.

It's just that the information Qi Ruoqing said at the time was that Yuanmiehua would appear in the ruins.

But now, it appears in this ancient ruins that suddenly opened... What does this show

Is the intelligence source itself wrong... or is there a certain connection between the ruins and this ancient ruins

Fang Yu didn't think too much, because the soul stream in front of him was already brewing some kind of magic.

Although there was no other movement on the surface of Soul Flow, Fang Yu could feel that the aura on his body had changed.

"I didn't get the Yuan Miehua." Fang Yu shrugged and said, "You will do nothing to me. It will only cost you your own life."

"If you didn't get Yuanmiehua, how could the guardian spirit of Yuanmiehua fight with you!" Soul Liu said coldly.

"I just touched a petal of Yuan Miehua, and then it rushed out. I was also helpless." Fang Yu answered truthfully.

Soul stream stopped talking.

He believed that Yuan Miehua must be in Fang Yu's hands!

Therefore, now he must do it!

He must get the fate of the flower, no matter who it is in the hands!

Even if he doesn't have the confidence to defeat Fang Yu, he still has to fight hard!

This is his chance to escape from the abyss and reach the sky in one step!

Because the origin of the spirit beast he absorbed, the Sky Pearl Crane, has completely disappeared.

The original power in his body can support less than ten years at most.

At that time, he will die because of exhaustion of his source.

Unless...when the torrent arrives, you can see the Sky Pearl Crane again, you will still be unable to escape.

But instead of entrusting destiny to the unknown, it is better to seize the opportunity in front of you!

By killing Fang Yu, you can get Fate and Exterminate Flowers, and you can completely get rid of the shackles of the source, become a true source-level powerhouse, and even ascend to a fairy in the future!

This opportunity must not be missed!

Soul Liu stared at Fang Yu, the killing intent was determined!


His body exudes a majestic innocence.

One-stage spiritualization, two-stage spiritualization, three-stage spiritualization...

Continuously advanced spiritualization, so that the original power in the soul fluid is quickly consumed.

The original strength that was originally enough to last ten years is likely to be exhausted in this battle.

But Soul Liu's heart is very firm.

To deal with Fang Yu, you have to use your best from the beginning, without giving any opportunities or flaws!


Behind Hun Liu, a pair of white feather wings suddenly grew.

At the same time, his face also changed, growing a pointed mouth, and his whole person looked like a white crane.

"The Dzi Bead Falling Star Technique!" Hun Liu shouted coldly, stretching his hands forward to make an extremely complicated seal!

A pair of white feather wings behind him fluttered rapidly, flashing a hurricane, and struck Fang Yu!

Fang Yu stood in place, pointing his right palm to the front.

But at this moment, he felt a burst of powerful power from above!

Fang Yu raised his head and saw several stars-like light spots appear above his head!

At the moment of raising his head, the light spot suddenly fell down!

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly, his right fist clenched, and he blasted out these light spots with punches!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

With a few bursts, these light **** burst open, releasing powerful powers, and accompanied by a burst of black energy, covering Fang Yu's whole person!

"Desperate Heart Technique!"

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Soul Flow immediately used his best God-controlling spell!

Desperate! Unparalleled skills, the use of spiritual consciousness to enter the body of others, causing huge damage to the minds of others!

This technique is the most lethal technique that Soul Flow has mastered!

From the very beginning, Soul Stream had no plans to confront Fang Yu with normal spells or physical spells!

He is very aware of his strengths and weaknesses!

In other respects, he is not Fang Yu's opponent.

However, he is confident that there is no one in the world to compete with God-consciousness and God-controlling skills!

As long as his divine consciousness can smoothly enter Fang Yu's body, he can make Fang Yu lose his combat effectiveness in an instant!


Soul Liu merged his hands, closed his eyes, and poured the monstrous consciousness into the black mist ahead.

In the black mist, Fang Yu moved slightly to break the coercion caused by the explosion of the stars.

At this time, he suddenly felt a burst of powerful spiritual consciousness, overwhelming the sky.

"Want to attack with divine sense It's been a long time since no one has done this to me." A sneer was drawn from the corner of Fang Yu's mouth, spreading divine sense.


In the void, two divine senses collided.

The soul stream has cultivated spiritual consciousness for nearly five hundred years, and the strength of the spiritual consciousness is more than ten times higher than that of ordinary monks.

In recent hundreds of years, he has not encountered a monk who can contend with his spiritual consciousness.

Those monks who encountered his divine consciousness attack could only be crushed instantly!

In the void, the pale black spiritual consciousness of the soul flow, like a large wave of waves, majestic and full of impact.

But he never expected that Fang Yu's divine sense blocking him... even more terrifying!

If his spiritual sense is the ocean wave... then Fang Yu's spiritual sense is a mountain!

The waves can only beat at the bottom of the mountain and cannot cause any harm to the rocks...

"How can his divine sense... be so powerful that it is so powerful This kind of divine sense... is absolutely impossible for a human monk to cultivate!" Soul Liu's heart was shocked~www.novelhall.com~ when she saw Fang Yu's divine sense After that, he immediately wanted to withdraw the divine consciousness!

However, it is too late!

Fang Yu's divine consciousness blasted forward!


Soul stream spouted a mouthful of blood, his face pale.

Just now, his spiritual consciousness was crushed by most!

"Why can't you think so I wanted to save your life and ask something, but it seems that you can't wait to die." Fang Yu's voice came into Soul Flow's ears.

At this time, Fang Yu had already appeared in front of Soul Liu.

The soul is full of blood, and his mind is a little lost.

After the divine consciousness was blasted to disperse, his life basically reached the end.

Fang Yu grabbed his head, his divine sense entered the soul of the soul stream, and wanted to quickly probe his memory to find the location of the half-spirit clan's old nest.

But it is a pity that the soul of the soul stream... has been shattered by the bombardment just now.

The soul flow in front of him, the seven orifices are bleeding, his eyes are hollow, and he has already lost his breath.

Fang Yu frowned, let go of his hand, and the soul flow fell downward.

"By the way, I remember he took a few men with him." Fang Yu looked down and was about to rush down.


At this moment, he suddenly heard a dog bark.

Fang Yu turned his head and took a look, only to find that the air-eater, which had become a little black dog, had been standing on his right shoulder for some time, wagging his little tail leisurely.

Fang Yu was about to speak, but heard an abnormal noise from below!

Su Lengyun!

Fang Yu's face changed slightly, and he swooped down!-

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