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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 565: Bizarre disappear!

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Fang Yu's eyes dazzled and asked, "What's the matter"

"The whole building... all disappeared." Qin Lang said with shock in his tone.

Fang Yu immediately thought of Ye Shengxue who was staying in the apartment, frowned and asked, "When did it happen"

"According to my subordinate Liao Jie, it should be last night. The exact time is unclear..." Qin Lang said.

"I'll go back immediately." Fang Yu said coldly and hung up the phone.

Lin Batian on the side heard the conversation between the two.

"The little maid disappeared too!" Lin Batian asked gravely.

Fang Yu did not speak, activated the ethereal ring again, and teleported back to the southern capital, downstairs where his residence was.

At this time, downstairs was surrounded by a large group of warriors wearing white robes, who should be from the Martial Arts Association.

Fang Yu raised his head and looked at the whole building with cold eyes.

There is not even a trace of anger in this building now, just like an empty building. Faintly, there was a **** smell.

Fang Yu and Lin Batian walked forward, trying to enter this building, but they were stopped by two warriors in the later stage of Innate Realm.

"This building has been sealed off, no idlers should enter." said one of the warriors.

"I am a resident here." Fang Yu said.

"The residents can't enter either!" said the warrior with a straight face.

Fang Yu frowned slightly, just about to speak.

Lin Batian on the side pulled him, and the two of them bypassed the front door, walked to the back of this building, and jumped up.

During the ascent, Fang Yu looked inward from the balcony of each house.

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony, you can see a large pool of blood on the ground in the living rooms of several families.

Soon, Fang Yu came to the nineteenth floor, the balcony where his home was.

Fang Yu was expressionless and walked slowly into the living room.

It is different from the chaos and mess in other houses in this building.

Everything in the house is intact. There is a water glass on the newly bought coffee table, and there is half a glass of water in the water glass.

There was no blood on the ground, and there was no strange breath in the house.

Fang Yu frowned and walked into the inner room.

He first came to Ye Shengxue's usual guest room and opened the door.

The room is neat and tidy, nothing unusual.

Fang Yu walked out of the room and came to the kitchen.

The kitchen is no exception.

Fang Yu thought for a while and returned to his room.

As soon as he opened the door, his eyes moved slightly.

There was chaos in his room.

The closet was opened and all the clothes in it were gone.

The draft paper on the desk used to push the algorithm, even the pen disappeared.

The quilt on the bed also disappeared.

"You little maid, do you have any special hobbies" Lin Batian said from the side.

"What she needs is the breath from me." Fang Yu said lightly, turning and walking out of the room.

"Making a fatal talisman" Lin Batian frowned and said.

"Not necessarily, but at least I know that she was not dead. And the disappearance of the people in this building may be related to her." Fang Yu said.

"I didn't really see it before. You, the little maid, are so scheming to fool both of us old guys." Lin Batian leaned against the wall and said.

Fang Yu did not speak.

Ye Shengxue had long been ill-intentioned, it was impossible for Fang Yu to fail to see it.

No one can pretend in front of Fang Yu, let alone Ye Shengxue is less than 23 years old and does not possess that ability.

So, Ye Shengxue's sudden rebellion was most likely due to external forces.

Fang Yu recalled that the night three days ago, he took Lin Batian out to stroll around.

When he returned home, he found that Ye Shengxue's eyes seemed a little red and swollen.

Fang Yu didn't ask at that time, because he knew Ye Shengxue was crying for his family and didn't want to mention her sad thing again.

In addition, Ye Shengxue's body was not abnormal.

The following day, Fang Yu and Lin Batian left the southern capital.

"It seems that something happened after we left." Fang Yu said heartily.

Thinking of this, Fang Yu took out his mobile phone and opened the call log.

In the past two days, Fang Yu's mobile phone has been out of signal, and many missed calls have been received.

One of them was from Ye Shengxue, at 11:47 the night before.

Things should happen at that point in time.

Fang Yu thought for a while and called Ye Shengxue's phone back.

He didn't report that he hoped to be able to dial.

What I didn't expect was that the other party was connected within a few seconds.

"Mr. Fang." Ye Shengxue's voice came from the mobile phone, and his tone was different from the usual softness, becoming extremely cold and hard.

"Who are you" Fang Yu asked.

"I'm Ye Shengxue." Ye Shengxue replied coldly.

"Xiao Ye, if you like Fang Yu's clothes and quilt, he will give it to you as soon as you say it, so why take it secretly" Lin Batian said loudly from the side.

"You will know what I am going to do soon." Ye Shengxue said.

"You did a great job," Lin Batian continued, "the whole house, no... you have deliberately wiped out the breath of the whole building. We really can't find you in a short time."

"If you are only targeting me, why do you want to do something to the other people in this building" Fang Yu asked in a cold tone.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Ye Shengxue replied coldly, and then hung up the phone.

Fang Yu tucked the phone back into his trouser pocket, thoughtfully.

"You little maid is really arrogant now. If you find her, you have to educate her." Lin Batian said.

"The disappearance of other people in this building may not be related to her disappearance." Fang Yu looked at Lin Batian and said.

"If her target is you, she really doesn't need to kill the whole building, it will only cause more disturbance." Lin Batian said, "However, what she said may be all false. I left your things just to conceal the fact that she killed the entire building..."

Fang Yu was noncommittal.

If all the people in this building were killed by Ye Shengxue, then one thing could be explained.

Ye Shengxue is currently controlled by the Immortal Clan.

Killing people and taking corpses is something the Immortals have been doing recently.

But in terms of the information collected so far, Fang Yu still tends to be two separate incidents.

Ye Shengxue's disappearance had no connection with the disappearance of other people in the entire building, but it happened at about the same time.

Because, if Ye Shengxue was controlled by the immortal clan, then she didn't need to answer Fang Yu's call just now.

In the same way that the immortal race now shrank their heads, they never wanted to expose any information to Fang Yu.

However, judging from the tone of Ye Shengxue just now, she was indeed controlled again.

If it were not the immortal, who would it be

Who else wants to deal with Fang Yu

Fang Yu's mind was spinning rapidly, and many personal choices flashed through his mind.

Soon, Fang Yu had a goal in his mind.

Demon sect.

Ever since Fang Yu protected Zhao Zinan, the Demon Sect seemed to regard Fang Yu as an enemy, and came to Fang Yu's troubles repeatedly.

Moreover, they knew Fang Yu's address.

"What do we do now" Lin Batian asked.

"Find out the lair of the Demon Sect." Fang Yu said.

"How to find" Lin Batian asked.

"Very simple." Fang Yu took the Dayan Lantern from his storage bag.

"There is no more breath here for you to absorb, how do you use the big lantern to find someone..." Lin Batian asked the general and knew Fang Yu's method, his eyes lit up.

The Demon Sect is a sect of evil cultivation, and the biggest feature of evil cultivation is that it possesses a suffocating aura that is difficult to cover up, which most ordinary martial artists cannot possess.

Of course, this group does not include Fang Yu and Lin Batian, two people who have experienced the extremely chaotic world of cultivation thousands of years ago.

Fang Yu lit the Dayan lamp, releasing a little bit of evil spirit.

Dayan lamp absorbed the evil spirit into the lamp body, and after a while, it flew out towards the outside, extremely fast.

"The world is so big, there should be a lot of evil cultivation sects, what if you find other evil cultivation sects" Lin Batian asked.

"Let's talk about it then." Fang Yu said.

According to the previous meetings, Fang Yu felt that the current location of the members of the Demon Sect was probably within the southern capital.

"Sit down and drink a glass of water first, Dayan Deng should be able to find their place soon." Fang Yu said to Lin Batian, leaning on the sofa.

Lin Batian sat down opposite Fang Yu, and was about to ask about Fang Yu's situation in the ancient demon tower.

At this time, Fang Yu's cell phone rang again.

The call was from Zhao Jidao.

"What's wrong" Fang Yu asked.

"Master Fang... do you know..." Zhao Jidao asked.

"I know, I happened to be out these two days, and I just came back, sitting and resting~www.novelhall.com~ Fang Yu replied.

"Sit at home Then I will go up and find you now." Zhao Ji said.

Not long after I hung up, the doorbell rang.

Fang Yu opened the door, and Zhao Jidao with a panic expression stood outside the door.

"Fang, Master Fang." Zhao Jidao's face turned pale.

It didn't take long for the Berserker incident to be resolved, and another major event happened.

Everyone in the entire building, a 30-story building, has disappeared!

And this incident happened precisely in the central area of ​​the Southern Metropolis! Just under the nose of the Huaibei Budo Association!

The occurrence of this kind of incident is extremely terrible!

If it spreads out, the entire southern capital and even the entire Huaibei will be in panic!

In addition, the Beijing Budo Association will definitely be held accountable!

For Zhao Jidao, it was a huge disaster!

At this time, he had no masters, and his heart was in a state of confusion. He didn't know how to deal with it for a while!

"Master Fang, I don't know what you think of this matter" Zhao Ji asked without even wanting to sit.

"Aren't you investigating Why come and ask me" Fang Yu said.

"Oh..." Zhao Jidao sighed and said, "There is no clue at all. I only know that this incident happened last night. Before it happened, the whole building was blacked out, and the surveillance cameras did not record anything. "

"The investigation has been going on for some time, and the number of missing persons is still being counted."

"Master Fang, do you think this matter has something to do with the immortal race mentioned by Master Gao before"

"Very likely." Fang Yu replied.

"So, do I have to ask the Beijing Budo Association for help again" Zhao Jidao wiped the sweat from his forehead and said.-

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