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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 486: Completely impressed!

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Fang Yu grabbed Shangxuan Tianzun's head and slammed the shield!


There was a loud noise and the shield shook, but it did not break.

Fang Yu frowned slightly, and with greater strength, once again pressed the head of the Supreme Profound Tianzun on the shield!


This time, the shield was hit directly with a hole!

Fang Yu held Shangxuan Tianzun in one hand, and emerged from the hole.

The archbishop, who was laughing wildly behind him, stopped abruptly when he saw the Supreme Profound Heavenly Sovereign in Fang Yu's hands.

At this time, Shangxuan Tianzun lost his right hand, and the scepter in his hand was missing.

In the impact just now, he lost a large part of his head, leaving only half of his face.

"Wh, how..."

The archbishop looked at Shang Xuan Tianzun stiffly, then at Fang Yu, unable to accept the facts before him.

Chen Xiangwen on the other side was also dumbfounded.

Fang Yu, won

That Shangxuan Tianzun, who was like a **** or devil, was so grasped by Fang Yu...

"If it is destined, you will meet my deity. By then, I will show my true strength." Shangxuan Tianzun said, his tone cold.

Fang Yu finally broke the shield with his head, which was the ultimate humiliation.

But it's useless for him to be angry again.

He is now, after all, just a stone statue, a strand of spiritual consciousness, and his ability is quite limited.

At present, he really can't help Fang Yu.

"We shouldn't have much chance to meet, I can't become a fairy." Fang Yu said.

Shangxuan Tianzun didn't speak, his crystal-clear body showed countless small cracks, and then broke apart and turned into nothing.

After he disappeared, the huge shield exploded!


The church, which was already crumbling, could no longer withstand this shock, and several stone pillars broke at the same time!

The whole smallpox, falling down!

Chen Xiangwen knew that the time of death had come.

He immediately leaned down and shielded Yu Ruobing under him, closing his eyes tightly.

At least when they died, the two of them were together.

Thinking about it this way, Chen Xiangwen suddenly felt that death was an acceptable thing.


The huge stone fell to the ground, making a noise.

Chen Xiangwen, who was mentally prepared, suddenly felt light.

When he opened his eyes, he was flying towards the outside of the church at a rapid speed.

Within two seconds, he and Yu Ruobing in his arms left the collapsed church and went to the flat ground outside.

In the church, the archbishop who was stunned in place was instantly smashed into meat sauce by the huge stone slab falling from above, splashing flesh and blood.

Before he died, he didn't even have time to scream.


Chen Xiangwen looked at Fang Yu in front of him, and Fang Yu looked at the collapsed church.

After tonight, the annoying witch **** cult was finally resolved.

Next, is the more annoying immortal race.


At this time, there was a muffled noise behind him.

Fang Yu turned around and saw Chen Xiangwen kneeling on the ground and kowtow to him.

"Fang Yu, thank you for your life-saving grace..." Chen Xiangwen kowtowed heavily.

Prior to this, he successively did things unfavorable to the opponent Yu.

But Fang Yu finally rescued him.

Such a life-saving grace is especially valuable.

"You don't have to be like this. The whole thing has nothing to do with you. Strictly speaking, you are the victims." Fang Yu said.

"No..." Chen Xiangwen's language organization is not good, and it is difficult for him to express his inner gratitude and admiration.

Tonight, Chen Xiangwen was impressed by Fang Yu's strength and aura.

As the king of the dark world, he has no trace of pride in his heart.

"Fang Yu, Mr. Fang, I beg you to let me be your subordinate and serve you, in return for your life-saving grace." Chen Xiangwen put his head on the ground and said.

Fang Yu is not used to being bowed down.

He stretched out his hand and pulled Chen Xiangwen up.

"You'd better go back to have a baby, I have nothing to do with you," Fang Yu said.


Chen Xiangwen wanted to say something, but Yu Ruobing's weak voice came from behind him.

Chen Xiangwen immediately turned around, hugged Yu Ruobing tightly, and comforted: "It's okay, Ruobing, nothing is going on."

Yu Ruobing's face was still pale, but a smile appeared on her face, hugged Chen Xiangwen, and said: "I know...With you, everything will be safe..."

"No, we were able to survive this time mainly because..." Chen Xiangwen said, turning his head.

But at this time, Fang Yu had disappeared.

"What's the matter" Yu Ruobing reached out his hand and held Chen Xiangwen's face, wondering.

Chen Xiangwen took a deep breath and shook his head.


Deep underground, before the cave.

"The supreme king... there was an accident on the black evil side..." a creature with a weird form, like a python and a large earthworm, stood in front of the cave and said.

"What's the matter" Inside the dark cave, a pair of huge eyes opened, and a deep voice came out.

"The human named Fang Yu found the witch **** church for some reason... Hei Sha was killed and the church collapsed," the strange creature said.

There was silence for a few seconds in the cave.

"You don't have support" Immortal King asked.

"...No, because you, the king, said before..." the strange creature replied nervously.

"It's the right thing to do not support." Immortal King said, "I have reached the most critical point in time, and I will never allow a slight difference."

"Understand, from today, I will make the creatures in our clan suspend all activities and not appear on the ground. In this way, Fang Yu will not be able to find us." The strange creature said.

"Don't move the creatures underground, but the poisonous insects on the ground, they have to speed up the progress. My physical body is half of the recast, and I still need 50,000 flesh and blood." Immortal King said.

"Understand..." the strange creature replied.

There is no more sound from the cave, but in those huge eyes, murderous awe-inspiring is!


Fang Yu used the teleportation talisman to return to the apartment in the southern capital.

When he went upstairs, he called Tang Xiaorou back.

"Fang Yu, are you okay" Tang Xiaorou's voice came over the phone, her tone anxious.

"What can I do On your side, the garden shouldn't collapse, right" Fang Yu asked.

"...If it collapses, why would I still have a chance to call you!" Tang Xiaorou said grimly.

"It's okay, I'm going to bed." Fang Yu hung up the phone after speaking.

Opening the door, Fang Yu saw Su Lengyun meditating cross-legged, her whole body glowing with pale blue light.

There is no air conditioning in the living room, but the temperature is quite low.

Hearing the sound, Su Lengyun opened his eyes.

"Brother Yu, you are back." Su Lengyun said with a light smile.

"Excuse me for your cultivation" Fang Yu asked.

"No, I was going to stop." Su Lengyun stood up and poured water on Fang Yu.

At this time ~www.novelhall.com~ she noticed that Fang Yu's right foot was bare, and the trousers had disappeared a lot.

At the same time, there were some blood stains on the clothes.

"Brother Yu, where have you been" Su Lengyun handed the water glass to Fang Yu and asked softly.

"Go to the west of Huaibei and have a fight with a stone statue named Shangxuan Tianzun." Fang Yu replied lightly.

"Shang Xuan Tianzun Stone statue" Su Lengyun looked puzzled.

"Nothing to say, not very strong." Fang Yu said.

"Oh." Su Lengyun nodded, remembering something, and asked, "Brother Yu, are you hungry I watched TV for a while today and learned how to cook noodles."

When Su Lengyun said this, Fang Yu remembered that he hadn't eaten anything tonight.

The reason why he was willing to accompany Tang Xiaorou to the wedding banquet was to eat the meal... As a result, the meal was not finished, and a shoe and a pair of trousers were scrapped. It was a loss of business.

"Okay, I'm really hungry." Fang Yu said.

"Then I will do it for you now!" Su Lengyun turned happily and walked to the kitchen.

In order to prevent the situation from reappearing, Fang Yu stood in front of the kitchen all the way this time, observing Su Lengyun's every move.

However, Su Lengyun seemed to have really learned something, at least this time he didn't burn the ingredients.


"Brother Yu, is it delicious"

At the table, Su Lengyun looked forward to it and asked nervously.

"Very good," Fang Yu said.

"If you like it, I can cook it for you every day from now on, and I will make progress." Su Lengyun said.

"Cook every day Don't you go back to Frost Cold Palace" Fang Yu asked.

Su Lengyun was taken aback, then lowered her head and whispered: "If Brother Yu wants me to stay, I can't go back..."-

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