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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 479: Threat to force!

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Fang Yu grabbed Chen Xiangwen's arm and lifted him in the air.

Chen Xiangwen's mouth kept flowing blood, looking at Fang Yu in front of him, without saying a word.

"We have no grievances or hatreds, I have no hatred towards you, and you should have no hatred towards me..." Fang Yu said.

"Fart! If it weren't for you, how could Ruo Bing be taken away! I don't know who the other party is, but he took Ruo Bing away just because he wanted to deal with you!" Chen Xiangwen was very excited.

He was originally a calm killer, but after he truly fell in love with a woman, his mood changed.

Today, Yu Ruobing is all thinking about him.

Whoever hurts Yu Ruobing is his mortal enemy, regardless of cause and effect.

"There is a certain truth to what you say... But logically speaking, the culprit is the Sorcerer Sect. I still hope you can calm down." Fang Yu said.

Chen Xiangwen looked at Fang Yu, his eyes were bloodshot, the fierce light still flickering.

"Let's put it this way, calmness is your only choice. Because you can't kill me, your level is not enough." Fang Yu said lightly.

Not enough level

As the number one mysterious powerhouse on the dark list, Chen Xiangwen has never received such contempt in his life!

But by the way, now he doesn't even have the opportunity to resist!

What else Fang Yu wanted to say.

But at this moment, a cloud of black air suddenly appeared on Chen Xiangwen's body.

The black air entangled Chen Xiangwen and soon wrapped his whole person.

After just two seconds, Fang Yu felt a light in his hand, and the black energy in front of him disappeared.

And Chen Xiangwen also disappeared.

But at this time, Fang Yu showed a slight smile on his face.

He had long guessed that the Witch God Sect would take Chen Xiangwen away in the same way.

And he, there is no need to stop it.

On the contrary, he can use Chen Xiangwen who was taken away to find the lair of the Witch God Sect!

Because, in the process of talking with Chen Xiangwen just now, he silently used his spiritual knowledge to leave a mark on Chen Xiangwen's body!

In order to avoid being discovered, he did not choose to leave the mark in Chen Xiangwen's soul.

As long as there is this mark, Fang Yu will soon be able to locate the position of the Sorcerer Sect and know their plans.


Inside the church hall in the wilderness of Huaibei.

A black gas appeared out of thin air, and then a figure appeared.


Chen Xiangwen was unstable and fell to the ground.

He lifted his head hard, seeing the archbishop sitting on the high platform.

Seeing what Chen Xiangwen looked like now, the archbishop was very satisfied.

Fang Yu severely wounded Chen Xiangwen, so that he could avoid Chen Xiangwen's uproar in the church and a lot of trouble.

"Bring out his wife."

The archbishop opened his mouth and ordered.

Soon, two people in purple dresses stood with a cheongsam woman and walked out from behind the door on the side.

The woman is Yu Ruobing who was taken abducted at the wedding banquet.

At the sign of the archbishop, the purple-robed man released Yu Ruobing.

When Yu Ruobing saw Chen Xiangwen who had fallen on the ground, her expression changed and she ran over and knelt on the ground, hugging Chen Xiangwen.

"Xiangwen, are you okay" Yu Ruobing's eyes flushed and she was shaking.

Chen Xiangwen did not answer, but watched Yu Ruobing all over.

Seeing that Yu Ruobing was not injured, Chen Xiangwen was relieved.

"I'm fine." Chen Xiangwen said.

"Your mouth is full of blood, and you said it's okay Who beat you like this Who is it" Yu Ruobing asked coldly, pale.

"What a loving couple, it's really enviable."

At this time, the archbishop on the high platform spoke.

Chen Xiangwen struggled to sit up, looked at the archbishop, and asked, "What do you...what do you want to do"

The archbishop did not answer this question.

He made a plan to take Yu Ruobing away, just to bring Chen Xiangwen to this place.

But now Chen Xiangwen not only came, but also received serious injuries, so he couldn't jump. It couldn't be better for him.

"I have already told you just now that my purpose is... to kill Fang Yu." The archbishop said, "You have fought him just now, how do you feel"

Hearing this question, Chen Xiangwen's face twitched.

He had just lost to Fang Yu and was humiliated and discredited.

"Is he much stronger than you think" the archbishop asked again.

Chen Xiangwen stared straight at the archbishop, and said solemnly, "So what"

While speaking, Chen Xiangwen struggled to stand up.

Yu Ruobing hurriedly helped Chen Xiangwen.

"Since you know my identity, you should also know who I am. I will not let you push me. If you rush me, I will use my power in the dark world and do everything possible to retaliate against you." Chen Xiangwen said coldly.

As he spoke, shocking energy burst into his body.

"Your wife has taken the holy water of our witch **** cult and has become a member of our church. Since your husband and wife are so loving, you naturally have to join together." The archbishop said without panic.

"What holy water" Chen Xiangwen turned to look at Yu Ruobing.

"They forced me to drink a bowl of transparent water..." Yu Ruobing said palely.

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly clutched her abdomen, uttered a painful foot, and fell to the ground.

"Ruobing!" Chen Xiangwen immediately supported Yu Ruobing.

"I, my abdomen hurts..." Yu Ruobing's face was like white paper, tears streaming down her eyes.

"Drink the holy water, then the whole person belongs to our witch **** cult. Naturally, we have to accept the discipline of our witch **** cult. Whoever is not obedient will have to suffer a little bit." The archbishop said slowly.

"Stop immediately!" Chen Xiangwen turned and roared, and at the same time his body exploded.

But at this moment, the archbishop suddenly stretched out the scepter in his right hand.

The gem on the scepter shone brightly.


Chen Xiangwen only felt that a mountain was pressing on his body, and instantly fell to the ground with a muffled noise.

"Don't force it, now you can only accept my request." The archbishop said in a hurry.

Chen Xiangwen gritted his teeth with blue veins on his forehead, trying to get up, but couldn't move.

And behind him, there was still Yu Ruobing's painful cry.

"I accept! I accept!" Chen Xiangwen yelled in a hoarse voice.

"It should have been this choice long ago," said the archbishop.

As soon as the voice fell, the pressure on Chen Xiangwen dissipated.

And the colic in Yu Ruobing's abdomen disappeared.

Chen Xiangwen hurriedly got up and turned to look at Yu Ruobing.

After the severe pain just now, Yu Ruobing's face was bloodless, weakly limp to the ground.

Seeing the appearance of his lover, Chen Xiangwen's heart was bleeding.

"If you want to join our witch **** cult, you must first subscribe to our holy water." said the archbishop, motioning to the bishop in black.

The black bishop walked up to Chen Xiangwen with a bowl of water in his hands.

Chen Xiangwen looked at this bowl~www.novelhall.com~ and looked at the archbishop on the platform.

As a generation king, he never thought he would be like this one day!

Forced to join others' organizations, succumb to others!

"Because you are strong enough, I respect you very much, but I hope you won't make mistakes and meaningless things, otherwise I won't be merciful." The archbishop's tone suddenly turned cold.

Chen Xiangwen's heart sank.

He took the bowl of water, took a look, raised his head and drank it.

The water is cold, just like Chen Xiangwen's heart.

"Okay, from then on, you will be a member of our witch **** cult." The archbishop stood up and clapped his hands.


Chen Xiangwen threw the bowl on the ground and made a noise.

The archbishop didn't care about Chen Xiangwen's attitude.

Anyway, after today, Chen Xiangwen can only be controlled by him.

"Next, I will increase your strength significantly as I said before." The archbishop said, looking at the bishop in black.

"The Immortal Clan has already sent someone there, and it should be there soon." The black bishop replied.

"Okay, let's wait." The archbishop nodded.


"The Immortal..."

Fang Yu, who was far in the southern capital, heard all the words through the marks in Chen Xiangwen's body.

No wonder the magical ability of the Sorcerer Cult has improved so much in a short period of time. It turned out to be connected with the Immortal Race.

"The people of the immortal race will be here soon... let's pass now." Fang Yu said in his heart.

In fact, for Fang Yu, the best thing to do is not to appear for the time being, and continue to observe the movement of the Witch God Sect and the Immortal Clan through the marks in Chen Xiangwen's body. Maybe he can get the position of the Immortal Clan's lair in one fell swoop.

But Fang Yu could not do this.-

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