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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 4201: peerless treasure

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At this moment, the group of cultivators who were still talking, whether it was from the unknown line of the day, or the group from the various clans in the Western Wilderness... all fell silent.

They looked at the dust scattered in the sky in front of them, their eyes sluggish for a short time, and they became shocked.

The huge stone statue that stood in front of them... was destroyed like this !

Is this true!

Who is that monk who punched How can it look so easy!

Is this test inherently not difficult, or is it because the cultivator is too strong

"Look at you, how embarrassing, still haggling there, let's see how Han Daoyu does it Only hands, no mouth, he is more suitable to be the son of **** than you." Lin Batian replied sarcastically. Said inexplicably.


Then, Lin Batian flew forward.

As for Han Miaoyi, she had already followed Fang Yu.

At this time, all the monks present came back to their senses and set off one after another.

They don't need to care who the cultivator who punches is and whether he is strong or not.

Anyway, there are no obstacles ahead, so hurry up, otherwise it will be troublesome to recover later!

"Whoosh whoosh..."

Those Xihuang cultivators no longer quarreled with the unknown days, and flew forward quickly.

Day unknown stayed in place, looking at the smoke and dust in the sky ahead, frowning.

Beside him, Luo Yan also had the same look, clenching his teeth.

The group of Xihuang cultivators didn't know the strength of that stone statue, but they knew very well!

Especially Luo Yan!

He personally tried it twice, and had a clear understanding of the stone statue's ability to predict and the terrifying power contained in each blow.

In his opinion, this stone statue is definitely a difficult test as a test.

He was also thinking about what immortal weapon or immortal method to use to avoid the stone statue's obstruction... Unexpectedly, that Han Daoyu didn't say a word, and easily smashed the stone statue with a punch.

This made him feel like a weak chicken before!

"Unknown senior brother, you don't have to be so surprised. Maybe the body of this stone statue is very fragile That Han Daoyu just found the trick to pass, it doesn't mean how powerful he is!" Zero said unconvinced. .

Zhou Mingming glanced at Zero, then looked at Luo Yan, and said solemnly: "Don't think about these things, just go ahead."

After speaking, he took the lead and flew forward.

Luo Yan and Zero followed.


After smashing the stone statue, all the way forward, the surrounding scene gradually becomes wider.

Looking forward, you can see the mountains one after another, as well as one stone building after another.

Just looking at it with the naked eye, you can clearly feel that these buildings are extremely dilapidated, and at first glance, they have existed for many years.

"The buildings in the early days are different from today, they all look like a bulge." Lin Batian, who was flying not far away, muttered to himself.

Fang Yu was not very concerned about these buildings.

Because he saw a high mountain in the distance, shooting out a beam of colorful beams.

It's like a volcanic eruption, but the beam from this mountain is even more dazzling and goes straight to the sky.

In the Immortal Cultivation World, such a situation is called... Baoguang skyrockets.

Generally speaking, only the birth of a peerless treasure can trigger such a vision of heaven and earth.

"I met a peerless treasure so soon." Lin Batian also found the beam and immediately rushed towards the mountain.

Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi, as well as many monks who followed, were also attracted by this beam of light and went to them one after another.

In the process of approaching, it can be clearly seen that a large number of monks have gathered under this high mountain.

The group of monks all raised their heads and looked at the beams of light sprayed from the sky, their eyes and faces were full of enthusiasm.

This level of precious light is basically certain... There are very precious treasures inside this high mountain!

But ~www.novelhall.com~ At present, the outer layer of this mountain is still enveloped by an invisible wall, and it is impossible to enter it.

Fang Yu and his party landed, looked forward, and saw four figures standing in the air.

The four monks, two men and two women, were all dressed differently, and they should have come from four different ethnic groups.

The faces of the two female nuns are very beautiful, but the complexion is one light blue and the other light blue, and their bodies are two to three times larger than ordinary monks, and they look very strong.

As for the figure of the two male cultivators, they were closer to cultivators like Fang Yu and Lin Batian.

Judging from the scene, these four monks may be the leaders of this group of monks, and they may also be the arrogance of the family sent by the top ethnic groups in the Western Wilderness.

Lin Batian squeezed forward, patted a monk next to him on the shoulder, and asked, "Brother, what's the situation now"

The cultivator turned his head to look at Lin Batian, frowned, and said coldly, "Who is your brother Let go of your hand."

"I'm from the same clan as you, big brother." Lin Batian said with wide eyes, "I practiced with you for a while on the martial arts field in the clan before, don't you remember me"

"No **! There is no martial arts field in our group!" The monk snorted coldly and said with a fierce look, "I don't want to kill you now, don't force me to do it."

"Well, it looks like I remembered it wrong."

Lin Batian took two steps back, and then walked towards the distance.

Fang Yu was very aware of Lin Batian's method of inquiring about news.

He also believed that Lin Batian would soon be able to find out valuable information, so he did not leave.

"Master, are you in a bad mood"

At this moment, Han Miaoyi suddenly asked in a low voice.

"Why do you ask that"


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