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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 4190: In front of Tiandaomen

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For him, the impact of this dream is too great now.

Fang Yu stood up.

However, only then did he realize that after he stood up, there was another figure sitting by the wall.

This figure is none other than himself!

At this time, he was still leaning against the wall, his eyes were closed, and his expression was calm.

"I'm still there, that's where I am now."

Fang Yu lowered his head and looked at his body.

Turns out he didn't have a body!

This time in the dream, he was just a conscious body!

"Is this..."

Fang Yu's eyes flickered and his heart shook.

After discovering that he was just a conscious body, he knew the content of this dream... I'm afraid it was to give him another perspective to experience what happened back then!

At this time of the year, he was still abiding by the rules of the Righteous Path Alliance and was imprisoned in the prison for two hundred years.

During this period of time, he did not know what was going on outside, nor did he know that Ziyan Palace would take advantage of the sect war to kill Tiandaomen!

Everything he knew later was the news he heard from other places after leaving the prison!

But now, in the dream, he was able to leave this prison early in the state of consciousness and return to Tiandaomen... Let's see what happened that day.

After realizing this, Fang Yu's heart trembled slightly.

The excitement that I haven't had in many years is also mixed with a trace of fear.

Fear of this emotion is really unfamiliar to Fang Yu.

Especially after the destruction of Tiandaomen, he has no desires, no desires, no sorrows or joys, and naturally there is no fear in his heart.

But now, when he had the opportunity to witness the scene of Tiandaomen being destroyed, he felt scared.

He really didn't want to relive that memory.

But Fang Yu is not a coward, otherwise he would not be where he is today.

He sorted out his thoughts on the spot, and after recovering his mood, he walked towards the iron wall in front of him.

Sure enough, he easily passed through the thick iron wall, and then left the prison smoothly.

Fang Yu quickly returned to Tiandaomen in the form of a conscious body.

On the way back to Tiandaomen, he saw wars taking place everywhere.

This was a very dark time in the world of the earth's immortals.

During this period, various sects fought against each other, and the order of the Xiu Xian world was fragmented.

The Righteous Path Alliance collapsed, and the evil Xiu Zongmen took advantage of the chaos to attack.

All the sects seem to be blinded by hatred, and they are fighting with each other regardless of the cost.

Many powerful and deep-rooted sects were hit hard during this dark time, gradually withered in the following time, and finally closed their doors and closed their sects.

During this period of time, the Earth's Immortal Cultivation World was going backwards.

Fang Yu didn't care about the battle between other sects, and just wanted to return to Tiandaomen quickly.

Judging from the content of each previous dream... Dreams will not continue to be a memory, but will present important experiences in fragments.

Therefore, Fang Yu knew that the content of this dream... was most likely the day when Ziyan Palace invaded the Heavenly Dao Gate!

Soon, Fang Yu saw the familiar mountain.

There is also the familiar... Tiandaomen.

It's just that in the Tiandao Gate at this time, the sky is already burning with flaming purple fireworks.

At the gate of Tiandaomen, a large group of monks in purple robes gathered.

They are the monks of the Purple Flame Palace!

Led by the head of the Ziyan Palace, Hongxiu, leading more than 20 elders and more than 500 elite cultivators... an all-out attack on Tiandaomen!

On the Tiandaomen side, apart from those disciples, Fang Yu saw a beautiful figure.

That is... Leng Xun Shuang!

She holds a long sword in her right hand, and her beautiful face is full of firmness, without a trace of fear.

"Leng Xunshuang...why is she here" Fang Yu was shocked.

Leng Xunshuang is not a cultivator of Tiandaomen, why is she here at such a time!

"Tiandaomen... Hahaha, from today onwards, I, Hongxiu, will turn this place into ashes!!" Hongxiu looked grim, his eyes were bloodshot, and his whole body released a bloodthirsty meaning.

Leng Xunshuang didn't speak, just held the sword in both hands and aimed the tip of the sword at Hongxiu.

"Hahaha...Does Tiandaomen rely on you as a female cultivator to guard it today! Your strength is not worthy of fighting against me!" Hongxiu grinned and said, "I will give you a chance, you stand by me By your side, give up your resistance, and I'll let you go."

Leng Xun was expressionless, and said, "You still have a chance to retreat now, otherwise... when Fang Yu comes back, he will definitely make you Ziyan Palace pay the price."

"Fang Yu! Can he come out! He's still stupidly locked in Guanshan prison! When he comes back, all he can see is ashes!" He said with hatred, "Disciples of Tiandaomen, you all listen carefully, it is your head Fang Yu who killed you! If he hadn't killed so many monks in our Ziyan Palace, you would not have suffered such a catastrophe today. If you turn into resentful spirits after you die, then go and pester him! Remember, he killed you! Hahaha..."

Hongxiu seemed to have been enchanted, and continued to let out hoarse laughter.

There are not many disciples in Tiandaomen, only more than 300, and most of them are young.

At this moment, their faces naturally have fear.

However, none of the disciples cried, and no one knelt down and begged for mercy.

"The cultivators of your Ziyan Palace were killed, and they deserved what they deserved. Back then, the disciples of Tiandaomen just went to experience and were killed by you..." Leng Xun's beautiful eyes were cold, and he said solemnly.

"shut up!"

Hongxiu roared ~www.novelhall.com~ and slapped it in the direction of Leng Xunshuang.


The power of this palm is very strong, at least...for Leng Xunshuang and many disciples of Tiandao Sect, it is difficult to resist.

A big hole exploded in the ground.

Leng Xunshuang and the disciples standing in front released their true qi as a resistance, but they were still knocked back by a distance.

"Our Ziyan Palace has never committed any crime! This is the result of the Zhengdao Alliance's investigation! And Fang Yu...is the criminal locked in the prison!" Hongxiu roared.

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