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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3994: I am Tianhuan

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Jingshi's body changes at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The skin gradually became crystal clear, and the meridians in the body were like the orbits of the stars, blooming brilliantly.

And the immortal power running inside the meridians, at this moment, all radiates out and penetrates into every part of the body.

Jing Shi's body became completely transparent, and the inside seemed to contain a starry sky instead of a flesh and blood body!

At the center of his chest, a round of marks identical to Tianhuan slowly appeared!

The sky ring seems to be static, but in fact it has been in slow motion.

It can be clearly sensed... This heavenly ring contains extremely terrifying magic energy.


Fang Yu seized the opportunity and punched the clone in front of him in the chest.

This clone has obviously used up all its strength, and under this punch... the body bursts together with the space it is in!

"call out!"

Fang Yu's figure flashed, and he stepped back a distance, looking at Jing Shi in the sky.

"The body of Tianhuan... This is using the power of Tianhuan to transform himself It feels...he is not only not flesh and blood, but even a living being..." Fang Yu frowned and thought to himself.

"All Worlds"

High in the sky, Jing Shi opened his palms, and his body was still changing.

In his eyes, there is no so-called difference between the whites of the eyes and the pupils, and some are just the same two rings of the sky in the starry sky!

The six immortal stars that had been revealed before were located on the orbits formed by the meridians in his body, and they were running slowly, shining from time to time, like six stars.

"Is this the complete form of this guy" Fang Yu's eyes were slightly cold.

Although the combat power that Jing Shi had shown before was powerful, he did not feel too obvious pressure for him who had opened the three-layer form.

At this moment, the pure world that condenses the body of Tianhuan, the breath is completely different from before.

Fang Yu looked at the position of Jing Shi, as if looking at a vast sea of ​​stars!

"The power of the sky ring is actually some kind of power of stars, right!" Fang Yu was shocked and suddenly thought of this.

"Han Daoyu, you will become the first cultivator to see the power of Tianhuan's body."

At this time, Jing Shi suddenly spoke, his tone full of pride.

After opening the body of Tianhuan, he felt the strength of the power of Tianhuan, and his inner confidence returned again.

"From now on, I am Tianhuan! All the power in Tianhuan is for me!" Jing Shi said loudly.


A violent roar erupted from the top of the sky dome.

A crack spread rapidly, and it seemed to shatter the entire sky!

At this moment, it is as if the end is coming!

The wind swept through, and the magic energy surged!

There are not many surviving monks around.

Even if he was still alive, he basically lost his ability to fight.

They can only open their eyes wide and stare blankly at what is happening in front of them.

"Han Daoyu, you..." Jing Shi looked at Fang Yu's position and wanted to speak.


However, at this time, Fang Yu suddenly rushed up, leaving a space vortex formed by the explosion in place.

He rushed to the front of Jing Shi at the fastest speed and blasted his right fist!

In the face of this blow, Jing Shi did not dodge.

Today, he is the body of Tianhuan, and behind him is Tianhuan!

With the power of Tianhuan against the physical strength of a mere cultivator, he thinks that it is impossible to lose!

No matter how strong a physique is, it is only flesh and blood, how can it be against the power of Tianhuan!

So, Jing Shi patted his left palm at Fang Yu's fist.

His arm has become transparent, and it can be clearly seen that when his palm is taken out, a fairy star just rotates to the center of the palm.

But at this time, this fairy star is not a fairy star, he represents a star above the sky ring!

Therefore ~www.novelhall.com~ contained in this palm...is the power possessed by a star!


The fists and palms collided, and the first explosion was the space where Fang Yu and Jing Shi were!

The entire space was instantly shattered, and the range was huge!

A large amount of space debris splashed out.

The space crack that appeared, exuded bursts of gloomy aura.

Even the air-devouring beast and the evil sage who were fighting in the distance were blown away by this sudden burst of power!


The evil saint, who was bathed in blood flames, smashed into the ground far away, and was suppressed by a terrifying pressure, making it difficult to move.

The huge body of the air-devouring beast was also continuously pushed into the distance.


It roared and looked towards the center of the battlefield, where Fang Yu and Jing Shi fought!

At this time, the place was pitch black, and it seemed to have turned into a strong magnetic field, like a black hole.

The power of the explosion just now was tantamount to the explosion of a star!

At the center of the explosion, Fang Yu stood still.

He raised his right arm, squinting slightly.

On the right arm, a large number of lines appear.

With the punch just now, he felt an unprecedented power fluctuation.

Although his bones were not substantially damaged, the shock was extremely strong.

Fang Yu felt that what he was facing was not the palm of Jing Shi, but a star smashing in the face!

Of course, in the end...he still won that round!

The stars in Jing Shi's palm shattered directly!

And his body was also blasted back, smashed like a crack in the space behind!

Even in the form of Tianhuan's body, he can't fight against Fang Yu in strength!


Inside the space crack, Jing Shi looked at the left arm he was reconstructing with an extremely ugly expression.-

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