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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3981: Peak body

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The pain I felt before was instantly reduced to negligible levels.

This is the third layer form!

This is the first time Fang Yu has opened it in actual combat!

He stabilized his figure amid the sweep of immortal power.


The violent immortal power was constantly bombarding his body, trying to destroy it completely.

However, for the current Fang Yu, it is already ineffective!

Fang Yu lowered his head and looked at his pure gold arms and body.

"Damn it, I'm really not used to it, this look is too exaggerated, suitable for Lin Batian." Fang Yu thought.

But having said that, exaggeration is exaggeration... just hit it.

Fang Yu narrowed his eyes, staring at the location of Jing Shi in the distance.

At this time, he couldn't see the net world, but... after opening the three-layer form, his perception ability also reached the extreme.

He didn't pass through divine consciousness, and he didn't open the eyes of the avenue, and he was still in the surging of terrifying immortal power... But he was still able to lock the position of the pure world through the slight difference in breath.

How far is it, how long does it take for him to reach him, how strong is the resistance he encountered along the way... These very detailed information are very clear at this moment.

"The third-layer form should be the peak form of my physical body. It is impossible to be stronger." Fang Yu thought.


While thinking about it, he rushed directly towards the direction of the pure world!

In the terrifying surge of immortal power, Fang Yu's shuttle speed was sky-defying, and a vortex was swept up in the immortal power.

Standing in the air, Jing Shi felt Fang Yu's breath.

He frowned. He didn't expect Fang Yu to be able to take the initiative to charge at him under the bombardment of this level of immortal power!

And... even the breath hasn't weakened in the slightest, it's just different from before.

"Han Daoyu..."

Jing Shi narrowed his eyes slightly, a little doubt in his heart.


At this moment, a golden light appeared in his field of vision!

Jing Shi's heart froze, and he raised his left palm subconsciously.


On his left palm, there is a celestial ring mark, and the light is flickering!


A violent immortal power surged towards Fang Yu, who was rushing in front of him, getting closer and closer!

Facing this immortal power, Fang Yu did not dodge, but swung his right arm forward.


This immortal power was shaken away by Fang Yu's arm, and it exploded in the air!

Fang Yu, on the other hand, continued to charge forward and came to Jing Shi.

Jing Shi saw the golden Fang Yu, and his face changed slightly.

And when Fang Yu arrived in front of Jing Shi, he did not punch, but flashed and appeared behind Jing Shi!

He raised his right arm and stretched forward, trying to clamp Jing Shi's neck.

And Jing Shi is a thought, and the power of the law of the Dao burst out from his body!


A muffled sound!

The powerful immortal power slammed into Fang Yu's body.

Fang Yu did not dodge, but he was not blasted away either!

That immortal power hit him, even if it was extremely strong, it just made a muffled sound, and it didn't seem to cause any other damage!

At this moment, Fang Yu had already moved his arm forward, pinching Jing Shi's neck.

"I want to see how you want to copy my attack now... Unless you directly copy one of me." Fang Yuhan said.


At the same time, his arm suddenly strained.


Jing Shi's face changed greatly, and his body once again radiated light!

There was a gleam of light on his body.

"The body of the mirror!"

Jing Shi's body seemed to have turned into a crystal at this time.

Fang Yu's arm exerted force and felt the hardness.

"I turned myself into a crystal-like material, and in this, I also used the Dao Law..." Fang Yu squinted slightly.

But even so, he still has to try.

Let's see if his strength is stronger, or the so-called mirror body of this pure world is stronger!

Fang Yu clamped on Jing Shi's neck and suddenly exerted force.


Once his pure gold arm exerted force, faint lines appeared on it.

As soon as the lines appeared, the power became extremely terrifying.

Jing Shi's neck instantly saw a crack!

"how is this possible!"

Jing Shi was shocked.

The body of the mirror is a body protection technique he created by using the Dao Law.

The Dao Law is directly attached to him~www.novelhall.com~ In addition to its own strength, it can continuously improve its own strength by copying the opponent's strength.

In other words... the stronger the opponent's strength, the higher the strength of the mirror body!

But now, the body of the mirror is easily cracked!

"His power... increased in an instant, and the Dao Law has not had time to copy!" Jing Shi immediately caught the problem!

At this moment, Fang Yu's strength is still increasing.

"Okay, I have to screw your head off." Fang Yu said lightly.


The next second, Fang Yu's power suddenly exploded.

Jing Shi's entire neck was directly broken, and his head fell.

This scene made Jingyue's eyes wide open in the back, and the eyeballs seemed to fall!

Zhao Chengfeng, the four elders and the two saints, who were watching the situation here from a distance, also had expressions of astonishment on their faces.

Jing Shi's head... was actually torn off by Fang Yu!

This... this scene is really shocking!

Fang Yu held the head in his hand and grabbed it hard.


Skull exploded.

As for the remaining headless body, Fang Yu raised his knees and slammed into it.


The violent power directly shattered this remnant!

Jing Shi's body... just shattered in front of Fang Yu!

However, this does not seem to have any substantial significance.

Because...the breath of the pure world still exists.

And, still strong.

Fang Yu slowly raised his head and looked at the projection of the sky ring in the sky.

"Get this thing off first."

Fang Yu narrowed his eyes and patted his right palm up.


The sky ring projection in the sky was directly blasted away by the tyrannical method contained in Fang Yu's palm!

At this moment, the aura of the monks in the Tianhuan Temple weakened by more than half!-

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