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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3848: first round test

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Hearing this, Fang Yu was a little stunned.

He really didn't know that it was in Yu Youjia's heart that he viewed this matter this way.

And judging from the frenzied and excited cultivators around, there are not a few cultivators who have the same idea as Yu Youjia.

"No wonder they are so excited, because they regard this as a gathering of disciples in the Tianhuan Temple. They think that the test is just a test. If they fail, the most is to leave and lose this opportunity... They don't think these tests will be at all. took their lives."

Fang Yu suddenly realized.

On second thought, these monks knew too little, and the past life was really too painful, so that they lost a lot of reason.

Therefore, their thinking is completely different from that of Fang Yu, an insider.

"Brother Yan, we really don't need to think too much about our background, we can do whatever we can! What if we really break through" Yu Youjia patted Fang Yu's shoulder and encouraged, "Even if we fail, The big deal is to go back to the old life, it won't get worse, there's nothing to be afraid of."

Hearing this, Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly and he was about to speak.

"Okay, I don't want to block your time. The test will officially start in a quarter of an hour. I hope you are ready."

At this moment, the figure in the sky made a sound again.

Yu Youjia, who was originally smiling, had a stern look, and Fang Yu said: "Brother Yan, I have to prepare first, and you should prepare well, don't give up lightly, I hope we can all pass the test... At least, we have to pass this first step. One round of testing."

After speaking, Yu Youjia walked to the side and sat down on the spot.

Many monks around also sat down, and some were standing, but they had already begun to cast some additional spells.

All monks are serious.

They don't know what the next test will be for them.

But you can't go wrong if you prepare in advance.

Fang Yu glanced at Yu Youjia, then raised his head to look at the golden figure in the sky, frowning slightly.

Time passes quickly.

Millions of monks on the field were waiting for the test to come.

They were both nervous and excited.

As long as you can pass the test, you can become a top monk!

If any other cultivator said this, they would not believe it that much.

But the one who said this was the messenger representing the Heavenly Ring Temple!

Then this sentence...the credibility is 100%!

This will be the only chance in this life for these monks from ordinary or even poor backgrounds!

"Okay, it's about a quarter of an hour, I believe everyone is ready."

Finally, the figure in the sky spoke again.

All the monks present were heartbroken, ready to take the test.

"Next, the test begins... The topic of this round of test is to escape." The golden figure in the sky said slowly.

"Whoosh whoosh..."

At the same time, under this figure, a huge vortex appeared!

The vortex expanded rapidly, and a huge lacquer black hole appeared in the center.

A gloomy aura emanated from it and quickly spread to the point where it enveloped the entire square.

All monks could sense this chilly aura.

Many monks began to tremble and felt unwell.


In the black hole, there was a roar of a beast.

Immediately, a huge, tiger-like beast flew out of the hole!

It lunges directly towards the square below!

There is a dense group of monks standing there!


With an explosion, a large cloud of smoke exploded where the beast landed.

Accompanied by the screams and cries of many monks.

The cultivator who was closer, witnessed the scene of blood and blood flying with his own eyes.

They were all stunned, and they didn't even know how to move!


The fierce beast stood on the square ~www.novelhall.com~ and roared up to the sky.

"What, what is this What is this!"

"Dead, a lot of monks died! I saw a lot of monks dead! They were directly trampled to pieces!"

"How could this be Isn't it a test Why..."

Many monks panicked and exclaimed again and again.


However, this fierce beast has moved!

It rushed forward, releasing bursts of black flames from its body, and at the same time its two front claws grabbed forward, blasting out an extremely fierce breath.


The screams continued, and the cultivator, who was targeted by this fierce beast, was torn apart in the air, and blood sputtered in the air!

The aura of the beast is extremely powerful, and the attack is extremely brutal.

These cultivators present, let's not talk about their cultivation base... Even at the level of their hearts, they are not ready yet!

The test they thought would not hurt their lives!

Because in their perception, any force that recruits disciples to set up a test will not cost the lives of those cultivators who accept the test!

They never imagined that... the test of Tianhuan Temple would be so cruel.

There is not even a bit of buffer time, and death comes directly!

"To pass the first round of the test, you need to escape from here."

At this moment, the figure in the sky spoke again.


Between the words, a square gate appeared in the distance.

"Through that portal, you will pass the first round of the test," said the figure.

All the monks present saw the gate of the far sky.

This time, all the monks rushed towards the gate.

"Hoo **** ho..."

That vicious beast was extremely violent, and it could kill hundreds of monks with just one movement. It was extremely brutal!-

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