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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3827: steal the show

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"We can win! As long as Fang Changsheng doesn't exceed our realm, it is impossible for him to defeat us in the infinite realm!" Jing Tianyi's confidence recovered a lot.


At this moment, a loud noise erupted in the distance.

I saw that the resentful spirit of the Thousand Prisons, who had been beaten before, immediately started a counterattack after entering the Infinite Realm.

Its big eyeballs glowed with blood red light.

One after another method can be blasted on the body of the air-devouring beast, and it will be defeated steadily.


The air-devouring beast roared, and its size was still expanding.

However, due to the suppression of the infinite realm, the process of body size expansion has slowed down.

Faced with the resentment spirits of the Thousand Prisons whose strength has skyrocketed by more than ten times in a short period of time, the Void Devouring Beast has not adapted for a while.

However, Han Miaoyi, who was watching the battle from the sidelines, wanted to applaud the resentful spirits of the Thousand Prisons at this moment.

Of course she also felt the presence of the realm.

However, she didn't care that much.

"The **** dog doesn't seem to be very good. The owner is also fighting. I don't need help... My opponent is still this monster!" "

"call out!"

Thinking like this, Han Miaoyi rushed towards the Thousand Prison Resentment Spirit.

In her hand, a long knife condensed again.


The resentful spirit of Thousand Prisons noticed Han Miaoyi, and patted Han Miaoyi with her huge right palm.

Instead of dodging, Han Miaoyi aimed at the giant palm, holding the long knife and stabbed it upwards!


The two collided, and Han Miaoyi's figure passed through from one side and came out from the other side!

The giant palm of the Thousand Prison Resentful Spirit was forcibly pierced by her and blasted out!


The Thousand Prison Resentful Spirit made a harsh sound.

Obviously, it feels pain!


Its eyes turned to look at Han Miaoyi.

Han Miaoyi immediately felt a terrifying pressure and attacked directly in person.

This time, it was like being hit by a rapidly falling star.


With a loud bang, Han Miaoyi was blasted to the ground, blasting a pit in the ground.


At this time, on the other side, even if it is suppressed by the infinite realm, the size of the air-devouring beast is still increasing!

Even if the speed slows down, it does not affect the strength of its breath!

The power that suppressed the air-devouring beast...was not strong enough!

The air-devouring beast broke free from the suppression of the Thousand Prison Resentment Spirit, roared, and opened its mouth wide.


A huge and pitch-black orb quickly rushed towards the Thousand Prison Resentment Spirit.

The Thousand Prison Wraith raised his other palm and patted the orb.


The palm of the hand hit the orb, causing an immediate explosion!

The black light exploded, and the power of annihilation permeated all around!

"Boom boom boom..."

The air-devouring beast rushed forward and rushed towards the resentful spirits of the Thousand Prisons.

The Thousand Prison Resentful Spirit didn't want to be approached again, those eyeballs looked at the sky-devouring beast, condensing a giant seal!

The imprint is like a star, shining brightly.

The air-devouring beast ignored this seal and was still rushing towards the resentful spirits of the Thousand Prisons.


The ray of light in the eyes of the Thousand Prison Wraiths continued.

But at this time, the sky-devouring beast suddenly jumped, and its huge body flashed into the air.

At the same time, it opened its mouth.

The big mouth is like a black hole, expanding rapidly, and... unlimited!

A terrifying suction force was released from this big mouth!

Those who are familiar with the air-devouring beast know that once it starts to use its unreasonable mouth, it means... it is already angry.


The Thousand Prison Resentment Spirit received the arrival of the crisis and made a harsh cry again.

It raised its head, and the bent legs seemed to bounce up suddenly, dodging back, extremely fast.

It's hard to imagine that a creature with such a huge size can be so sharp in movements!

"Whoosh whoosh..."

The air-devouring beast didn't move, but its black hole-like mouth was getting bigger and bigger.

The huge talisman that the resentful spirit of Thousand Prisons had just released was pulled directly to collapse by the terrifying suction force.


The ground collapsed, and a large amount of gravel smoke was absorbed into the mouth.

Han Miaoyi, who had just fallen to the ground, was pulled into the air by this suction.


Han Miaoyi raised her head and glanced at the air-devouring beast, and snorted coldly, feeling unhappy.

She was careless just now and didn't dodge, resulting in a heavy blow.

Fortunately, the owner should not have seen this scene.

But judging from the current situation... she still can't make the limelight.

"This **** dog... I will find a chance to compete with it in the future, but I can't let it steal the limelight every time!" Han Miaoyi frowned and thought to herself.

Right now, on the other side.

Fang Yu, who was 'beaten' for a while, had a faint golden light on his body.

He didn't turn on the form.

After all, it is facing the forces of the subordinates of the Temple of Heaven, and the seal of the avenue may be recognized, so there is no need to reveal such important information.

Moreover, Fang Yu didn't know to what extent the Tianhuan Temple had control over Donghuang.

If you think about it, his battle with Jing Tianyi might be under surveillance!

So the less you show, the better.

However, the strength of the multiple attacks he suffered before was indeed very high.

In this infinite field, it is equal to seven monks whose cultivation base is above the four-image realm, using various powerful instruments to attack him with all their strength.

If it weren't for his fleshly body being abnormal enough, the chain attack just now would have annihilated him.


Fang Yu flew upwards. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

The bones in his body were still glowing with a faint golden light.

"Just use the power of ten thousand ways to get rid of them." Fang Yu looked at Jing Tianyi and the other six monks in the distance, narrowed his eyes, and thought to himself.


Thinking so, he thought.


He immediately exuded a domineering aura.

The strange purple light spreads all over the body.

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