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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3446: Yu Minglou again

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It seems that it is very likely.

Fang Yu didn't think too much, and looked at the content of the second piece of information.

The second source of information is called Minglou.

This name shocked Fang Yu's heart.


Isn't this a weird force he encountered in the Xuyuan Realm back then

The Minglou also talked to him and collapsed, and was eventually collapsed by him.

At that time, the weird in the Minglou left him cruel words, saying that he would retaliate.

It's just that when I arrived at Yunyu Continent, I never heard of the existence of Minglou.

When I arrived in the Demon Realm, I had actually never heard of it.

But I didn't think, now that the reward was offered, the Minglou was fished out instead.

"Is Minglou a power or the code name of a weird monk" Fang Yu frowned, wondering in his heart.

But he decided to look at the content of the intelligence first.

After a glance, he found that the information provided by Minglou could actually be connected with the information provided by the previous bounty alliance.

The information provided by Minglou is more direct. It is determined that the rift located at the easternmost position of the blood demon galaxy is the entrance to another realm and the exit from the demon realm.

Why did he know, he did not explain why.

The intelligence also said that the reward for the second-ranked Taixing on the big list was to get information from him and successfully passed through that rift to leave the demon world.

But the area is very large, and how to find the gap accurately, he must pay the bounty to lead the way.

Compared with the conditions of Minglou, the bounty alliance that provides the first piece of information is more reasonable. It only needs to pay half of the bounty first, and then pay the other half after finding the breach.

"This Minglou is really courageous. For this reward, he dared to speak out about how he helped Taixing escape from the demon world..." Fang Yu frowned.

"Master Fang, these two pieces of information actually point to the same place." Jinuo said.

"Well, it's all about the rift in the east of the blood demon galaxy." Fang Yu replied.

"Then Master Fang thinks...Is this information credible" Jinuo asked Fang Yu, looking at Fang Yu.

"I think... the credibility is still relatively high." Fang Yu said with squinting eyes.

"Then we will pay the bounty and let them lead the way" Keno asked.

"Do you think you should find the Bounty Alliance or the Minglou" Fang Yu asked.

"Master Fang can do whatever you feel." Jinuo said softly.

"So..." Fang Yu frowned slightly, thinking about it.

The news of Taixing was obtained from Minglou, combined with the intelligence of the Bounty Alliance, it should not be fake.

Therefore, the source of the news that the breach can lead to another realm is actually the Underworld, and the intelligence of the Bounty Alliance verified this news.

Therefore, finding the Minglou to lead the way should be the most direct way.

Besides, Fang Yu also wanted to know whether the Minglou in the Demon Realm and the Minglou in the Xuyuan Realm were of the same power.

Or... the same individual.

"From the bounty alliance, pay them part of the reward, and then...contact Minglou and let him lead us." Fang Yu said to Jinuo.

"Okay, Master Fang waited a while, there should be an answer soon." Jinuo nodded, and then left.

Fang Yu leaned back in the chair again, squinting, showing a slight smile.


The other party must have never imagined that he would see him at this time.

Fang Yu still remembered the cruel words left by the strange man in the Minglou.

"If he can recognize me, he might not take me to the rift...So, I still have to pretend to be, and wait until I find a place to talk about other things." Fang Yu thought.


An hour later, Keno returned.

"Master Fang, I have paid a reward to the bounty alliance as you said, and... also contacted the Minglou." Jinuo said.

"How do you say" Fang Yu asked.

"The Minglou side asks to meet first, and after paying the bounty in person, they will lead the way." Jinuo said.

"Yes, where can I meet" Fang Yu asked.

"He provided an accurate coordinate to let us go to that location." Keno said.

"Okay... By the way, when you posted the reward, what identity did you use" Fang Yu asked again.

"I used the identity of a member of the ancient monster royal family." Keno replied.

"That's not bad. Minglou may be an intelligence agency that has a lot of rare information. But all my actions in the demon world, after all, took place in the core area of ​​the four major clans, and it was not so easy to spread. Moreover, in various events , I dont have a strong sense of existence. No matter how powerful Minglou is, its difficult to control the situation and know my existence.” Fang Yu stood up and said, “So...you can trade now.”

"Master Fang, do you need me to accompany you to go with you" Keno asked.

"No, you still have a lot of things to deal with, just stay here. I just go with Han Miaoyi, because if this trip goes smoothly, we should leave the demon world directly." Fang Yu said.-

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