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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3418: End with your own hands

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The ancient monster galaxy, the central imperial court, within the Qiuqi mansion.

Seeing the picture in the light curtain, Jun Yang's face turned pale, and he trembled: "Shang Wuyuan... was almost killed by a spike. This is just Fang Yu's entourage! He also has such a powerful strength..."

Qiu Qi's expression was also shocked, but she did not panic.

"Qiu Qi, our plan failed, next... should we give up" Jun Yang turned to look at Qiu Qi and said.

"Give up The death of Shang Wuyuan is just a part of the plan." Qiu Qi squinted slightly and said.

Jun Yang's face changed, and he didn't understand Qiu Qi's meaning.

"Shang Wuyuan's role is just to help me explore the strength of Fang Yu's entourage. Now, about the specific strength of that entourage... don't we know more" Qiu Qi said solemnly, "Shang Wuyuan's The realm is at the peak of the mixed source realm, close to the **** change realm. He was killed so easily, then... the strength of that entourage is likely to be in the **** change realm, or higher, reaching the level of Xuanxian."

"Xuanxian..." Jun Yang was already speechless.

If Han Miaoyi's strength really lies in Xuanxian... Then, who else can they find to deal with!

Profound Realm! It was a realm that the four emperors of the demon world might not reach!

"Qiu Qi, I really can't go on anymore. If this entourage has the strength of Xuanxian, what shall we fight with them! If this goes on, there is only one dead end!" Jun Yang said with a little excitement.

Originally, he could barely keep his peace.

But after hearing the realm of Xuanxian, he could no longer maintain his composure.

Xuanxian, what concept is this!

You can kill them with just one breath!

"Qiu Qi, we really can't continue. Even if we have to fight, we have to wait for Fang Yu to leave the demon world before we fight. Now is not a good time..." Jun Yang continued to persuade.

Qiu Qi was expressionless, shook her head, and said, "Before Fang Yu leaves, she will definitely determine the pattern of the demon world. By then, it will be too late."

"You can think about it, if Keno is allowed to use the sword in the four galaxies to frighten the audience, will her majesty stand In the future, the four galaxies will be led by her and dare not resist... we No matter what you do is treason, because the entire demon world will stand on her side."

"Therefore, now is the perfect time. As long as we get rid of Keno, get the sword, and wait for Fang Yu to leave the level... We can have many ways to explain Kenos death. After all, we dont Need to show up."

After listening to these words, Jun Yang couldn't refute it.

He looked at Qiu Qi, and the uneasy feeling in his heart still existed.

Whether it is for this plan or Qiu Qi, he feels uneasy!

After hesitating again and again, Jun Yang swallowed and said: "Qiu Qi, sorry, this plan...I won't participate."

"You can think of my brother as timid and short-sighted, but I really... don't want to continue participating, I just want to live."

"Yeah." Qiu Qi nodded and smiled, "It's okay, brother, I won't blame you."

Her smile is still very sweet.

Junyang nodded, turned around and left.

"But, you know this plan, I can't let you leave here."

Behind her, Qiu Qi's voice came.

The tone of this voice already contained coldness.

When Junyang heard these words, he only felt a sudden shock in his heart and his limbs were cold!

He turned around, looked at Qiu Qi, and was about to talk.


At this time, an ice cone-like spike penetrated his chest from behind.

The original core in his body was directly penetrated!


A surging celestial power violently poured into his original core, directly supporting it to appear a lot of cracks.

The pain came, and the vitality quickly faded.

Junyang's eyes were wide, his face twisted, he stared at Qiu Qi in front of him, raised his finger at her, and said with difficulty: "Qiu Qi, you..."

"Brother, I'm sorry, I really don't want to kill you, if you can sit aside obediently~www.novelhall.com~ maybe you can stay for a while." Qiu Qi stood up, shook her head, and said, " But you really have too many problems, and you are not brave enough. How can you achieve great things with your mentality"

"In the future, the Demon Realm will indeed have twin emperors, but the other position is not reserved for you, but for the more determined, stronger, and bolder existence."

With that, Qiu Qi looked at the figure that appeared behind Jun Yang, her eyes showing love.

This is a male repairman, wearing a purple robe.

He has long gray hair and a half-mask covering his left face.

From the exposed right face, he was extremely handsome.

His eyes appear pure black, with a red dot in the middle, which is the pupil.


Jun Yang couldn't say a word, his body started to shatter.

"You must be curious, who is he" Qiu Qi said, "I will tell you before you die."

"He... made the four emperors of the demon world feel jealous."

"And my plan to ascend the Demon King's throne has already been carried out with him in secret. Yes, I never put you in the plan, Brother Junyang."

At this time, Jun Yang's head was already shattered.


In the next second, the entire body was completely shattered, and all was absorbed into the cone of ice.

At this point, the prince Junyang died.

He realized the danger, but in the end he couldn't escape, and died in the hands of the sister he trusted the most in the past.

"Should let him live a little longer, I haven't finished speaking yet." Qiu Qi looked at the male Xiu in front of her, walked forward slowly, hugged him, and whispered.

"The lives of the four emperors of the demon world...should have been terminated by my own hands, Nan Litian!" The man said with a blank expression on his face.


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