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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3372: I won again

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The mirror surface appeared again.

Fang Yu could see Lin Daochen's situation again.

"Fang Yu! I will start counting down to Lin Daochen's life now!" An Ran gritted his teeth and said loudly, "I want to see if you really don't care about your brother's life and death!"

During the words, all the blades of Lin Daochen's body were pulled out.


Lin Daochen let out a painful grunt, blood flowed like a note.

At this moment, the ten blades condensed into one huge blade.

The blade stood in front of Lin Daochen.

Although he was not present, he could still feel the sharp aura from this blade.

Lin Daochen had raised his head, facing this blade, there was no fear on his face, but the corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a smile.

Seeing this smile, Fang Yu's heart tightened.

He stared at An Ran, and his heart trembled.

However, his reason told him that it is absolutely impossible for An Ran to kill Lin Daochen first!

Doing so will not do any good to Enron, but will drive it to a dead end!

An Ran's actions now are just the last struggle!

Want to force Fang Yu to submit with his own madness!

Fang Yu stood there, even if he was not calm, his face was still calm, and there was no mood swing.

"I have said this several times, but I still have to remind you the last time." Fang Yu said coldly, "Kill Lin Daochen, today...no one of you want to leave here."

This sentence sounds light and fluttering, but to An Ran, every word is like a heavy drum, beating on his heart.

And this sentence was spread through divine consciousness.

Even the inspector and the ancient demon emperor in the distance can hear clearly.

At this moment, both turned their heads to look at the location of An Ran.

Seeing the situation in the mirror, they all raised their throats and knew what was going on!

"Sacred King Anran! Never do it! Never do it!"

The patron couldn't take care of the pain on his body, so he sent a message to An Ran.

"Sacred King Anran, kill Lin Daochen, we really have no retreat! Fang Yu will definitely kill us all!" The ancient monster emperor was also transmitting to An Ran, his voice trembling.

Facing the larger and larger air-chewing beast, he gradually became unable to do what he wanted, and suffered heavy blows one after another.

If this continues, Fang Yu doesn't even need to do anything, he will be defeated!

If An Ran really kills Lin Daochen, then Fang Yu's side... will definitely be crazy, and will definitely get rid of them desperately!

The sound transmission of the ancient demon emperor and the inspector poured into An Ran's ears.

An Ran's cheeks twitched, her expression changing, and her entire expression looked very hideous.

In the mirror, the huge sword hanging in front of Lin Daochen was never cut down.

An Ran looked at Fang Yu, breathing quickly, and the marks in his pupils flickered.

Fang Yu didn't move, but stared straight at An Ran.

It was another silent game.

Fang Yu could see the struggle and change in An Ran's eyes clearly.

Time passed by every minute.

"You won't be stupid enough to do it, put the sword down."

At this moment, Fang Yu spoke up.

An Ran's eyes twitched and put away the mirror in his hand.

He looked up at the sky, then at Fang Yu, nodded, and said, "Fang Yu... this time, you won."

"Add the word'again', I have never lost." Fang Yu said lightly.

An Ran let out a foul breath and said, "I accept your terms and bring Lin Daochen here."

"Just do it now, seeing Lin Daochen, I will naturally lift the blockade here." Fang Yu said.

An Ran did not speak, but looked in the direction of the patrol master.

"Boom boom boom..."

At this moment, the inspector had been pressed into the ground by Han Miaoyi to continue the brutal beating.

With one punch and kick, the tour master was almost torn to pieces.

Had it not been for the aura of the sanctuary to be maintained, he would have died out long ago.

"Okay, stop first."

Fang Yu gave Han Miaoyi a voice message.

But Han Miaoyi had clearly entered a certain violent state, the more he fought, the more vigorous he was, and he didn't mean to stop.

Fang Yu frowned slightly, just about to step forward.


At this time, the golden light in Han Miaoyi's left pupil flickered.

At this moment, the divine consciousness gave an instruction to stop.

Han Miaoyi's magical nature slowly weakened, and he stopped his hand when he heard Fang Yu's words.

The inspector lay deep underground, like a puddle of mud.

"Let your subordinates bring Lin Daochen over."

The patron heard An Ran's order.

His heart was shocked.

I really want to hand over Lin Daochen like this...

Although I can't think of another way now.

But... really handing over Lin Daochen means that all their previous arrangements and plans in the Demon Realm...a complete failure.

This kind of failure is unacceptable to the top of the Holy Court.

But the tour master did not hesitate.

For him, saving his life now is the most important thing.

As for high-level punishments, it will also fall on the Saint King-level An Ran first, he is just a respected level who obeys orders.


The patrol master's body flickered, and his body quickly recovered.

He stood up, raised his right hand, and condensed a piece of sapphire.-

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