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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3284: Unique

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"We...can't let it out, otherwise we might all die here!"

At this time, the Illusory Demon Emperor spoke.

His face was pale and his eyes were full of fear.

Before facing Wushan Big Eyes, he had already faced death.

Now, this feeling of dying is coming again.

He no longer cared about the dignity of the Demon Emperor, and he didn't even think about any inheritance!

His only idea is to live!

Must not die here!

"We must work together to suppress this sarcophagus. You should all sense the aura inside the sarcophagus. This is the mysterious fairy! The existence of the profound fairy realm!" The Illusory Demon Emperor's voice trembled and said, "Moreover, it It is very likely that it has become a resentful spirit. Once it breaks out of the sarcophagus, it will inevitably kill all the creatures in front of you!"

Although the Illusory Demon Emperor was extremely frightened.

But what he said was the truth.

At this moment, the existence in the sarcophagus has not yet emerged, but... the breath has already made them stand up all over their bodies, feeling the ultimate danger!

But what should we do if we want to hold down the sarcophagus

Before, the Lich King just sent an incorporeal body to touch the sarcophagus, and it disappeared!

If they use energy, they might suffer the same disaster!

At this time, the three big monster emperors all cast their sights on Fang Yu.

Regarding the strength that Fang Yu had shown before, although they didn't say anything on the surface, in fact... they already agreed that Fang Yu's strength was stronger than them.

At this moment, they also want to know Fang Yu's attitude.

But Fang Yu did not express anything.

"It turned out to be this guy... Tsk tsk."

After the breath in the sarcophagus exuded, the voice of Li Huoyu came in his ears.

"Do you know what is in the sarcophagus" Fang Yu asked immediately, "Hurry up and tell me."

"I didn't know, but when its breath came out, I knew it." Li Huoyu said, "This guy is not simple, and this place is not simple...Who disguised this place as the so-called demon market Really courageous. so big."

"Don't fret, answer my question, what the **** is this guy in the sarcophagus!" Fang Yu asked eagerly.

"Gui Zhanxian, this market...actually should be the cemetery of the Ghost Zhanxian, it should be called the tomb market." Li Huoyu said.

"Ghosts What is this..." Fang Yu opened his eyes wide and continued to ask.

"You should understand the meaning of this word. According to the original meaning, it refers to the gods who have been demoted to the mortal world." Li Huoyu said, "The ghosts and the immortals are actually the same. , Is the future fairy king cultivated by the top race of the highest plane."

"But because of a major mistake, he was expelled by that race and exiled to the lower plane."

"After that, this future immortal king gave up on himself...in fact, it is not considered to be self-defeating. Anyway, he was full of revenge, and finally went into a demon. The road of cultivation fell into a ghostly way, violated the heavenly way, and was condemned by the heaven... But because of resentment, Its very heavy, unable to die completely, but the physical body collapsed because of God's Scourge..." 78中文網

Speaking of this, Li Huoyu paused, "In short, its existence is very special, even a bit contrary to the law of life, it has become an existence between life and death."

"This is the origin of the ghostly immortal as I know it. Its existence is as special as the Star Devourer. It is a product of various accidental combinations, and it is unique on the entire plane."

"The gods and demons may have encountered ghosts and immortals a long time ago, so they have an impression of them." 166

"Then why only Han Miaoyi can understand the inscriptions here." Fang Yu asked again.

"This is hard to say, because I don't know why the ghost is now in the coffin, maybe it was sealed by some more powerful existence." Li Huoyu said, "Han Miaoyi can understand some. The characters indicate that the existence of the Sealed Ghost Immortal here may have something to do with her"

These words caused Fang Yu's eyes to flicker, and a flash of inspiration in his mind.

Isnt that related to the gods and demons, isnt that the second race of the gods and demons

It's just a more advanced second family of gods and demons!

Fang Yu thought of the Supreme Protoss mentioned by the Illusory Demon Emperor...

is it possible…

"Forget it, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is not the time to think about this now." Fang Yu shook his head, staring at the sarcophagus that was constantly rustling and shaking more and more intensely, and asked, "Li Huoyu, this ghost. How did Zhanxian get in touch with the demon market"

"How do I know But on the surface, it should be a temptation. If it weren't for the Demon Ruins, the Four Emperors of the Demon Realm would not have discovered it, and would not come in." Li Huoyu replied.

"In that case, this is a move against the Four Emperors of the Demon Realm... Damn, isn't that an innocent disaster for me" Fang Yu raised his eyebrows.

"I advise you not to think about these. Now that you have entered this cemetery, be prepared to deal with the ghosts and immortals who are about to break out of the coffin. Let me remind you that fighting this guy is not a joke. Yes, accidentally... you are really going to suffer a big loss, and it is likely to cause irreparable losses." Li Huoyu said.

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