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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 317: The power of Wu Sheng!

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Upon hearing the words of the elder of the Zheng family, the guests in the hall looked tight.

The eyes of all the guests gathered on the elder of the Zheng family.

"Some time ago, when I was in retreat, my virtuous brother and three elders died in the south of the Yangtze River." The elder of the Zheng family said unhurriedly, his expression did not fluctuate, but his eyes had a cold murderous aura.

The third elder of the Zheng family is dead!

The guests reacted, their faces changed.

The third elder of the Zheng family has a great reputation in the Huaibei martial arts community, because he is the highest-level spokesperson of the Zheng family and often shows up.

In the past two months, the third elder of the Zheng family has indeed not shown up!

There was no sound at all, it turned out to be dead!

It seems that before, the Zheng family deliberately blocked the news!

But after another thought, the third elder of the Zheng family, as one of the four elders of the Zheng family, possesses the strength of the peak of Wu Zun, and there are not many strong people in Huaibei that can match him.

Who can kill him in the barren land of Jiangnan martial arts

Elder Zheng Family glanced at the guests below, his tone suddenly turned cold, and said: "The man who killed my third brother is named Fang Yu."

Fang Yu!

Upon hearing this name, the guests present looked at each other.

Most of them are unfamiliar with this name.

The person who can kill the third elder of the Zheng family must be a strong man who has been famous for many years

But Han Qi, who was standing on the side, moved his eyes.

Fang Yu actually killed the third elder of the Zheng family!

Han Qi looked up at the Zheng family elder who exuded bursts of murderous intent, his eyes fluctuating.

"By the way, two or three months ago, didn't Jiangnan reported an incident"

"Jiangnan Yuexin Lake, a young man of innate realm who killed Gu Rulong of Wuzun realm... I remember the name of that young man as Fang Yu..."

At this time, a guest remembered the name Fang Yu.

When he mentioned this, many guests also thought of the deeds that went viral in two or three months.

At that time, most of them thought this was an exaggerated rumor, not a fact.

After all, there are two big realms between the Xiantian realm and Wuzun realm. The difference in strength between them can not be described as an exaggeration.

A strong man in the realm of martial arts can theoretically kill a martial artist in the congenital realm with one finger.

Now, Fang Yu's name was spoken from the elder of the Zheng family, which surprised the guests present.

"I know that most of you have heard of this name." The Zheng family elder said slowly, "The defeat of Wu Zun with the cultivation base of the Innate Martial Artist is indeed amazing."

"Looking at the entire history of martial arts, there is no way to find such a monster."

"My third brother has stepped into the realm of Wu Zun for decades and has touched the ceiling of the realm of Wu Zun, but he is still not Fang Yu's opponent...this is impossible."

The guests stared at the elder Zheng family closely, wondering what he was going to say next.

"I think that there must be an expert behind this Fang Yu. Every time he kills Wu Zun, it is actually done by the expert behind him. This expert can kill Gu Rulong and me continuously. Third brother, the strength of cultivation is probably higher than that of Wu Zun... It is very likely that he is also a strong in the Martial Saint realm." The Zheng Family Elder said in a deep voice.

Everyone's faces changed.

Elder Zheng's speculation seems to be the only correct explanation!

Behind Fang Yu, there should be such an expert!

It's just that the elders of the Zheng family speculated that this expert had cultivated to the Supreme Martial Saint Realm, but it shocked everyone present!

Wu Sheng!

Every martial sage is a big man who can shake the entire region with a stomping!

Each of the Wushengs of China has a name and a surname.

Which martial sage stood behind Fang Yu, willing to be the personal guard of an innate realm warrior Even let him occupy fame!

"I don't care about the identity of this expert." The elder of the Zheng family said coldly. "He killed my third brother and forged a feud with our Zheng family."

"No matter who he is, our Zheng family will never let him go."

"I never die... endlessly."

Elder Zheng's words were as cold as a sword, spread to everyone's ears, making everyone feel chilly.

After saying this, the murderous aura from him completely broke out and enveloped the audience.

The faces of the guests present turned pale, and they only felt breathing difficulties for a while. Many of them even trembled their legs and almost sat down on the ground.

"Today the Zheng family is hosting this banquet. In addition to telling everyone here about Zheng Yan's return, another thing is that I will attack Fang Yu in front of everyone!"

"My third brother's hatred, I will personally avenge it!"

"I want to kill Fang Yu with blood, carry his body, and bow down to the third brother under the spring, so that my third brother's soul can rest in peace!"

Elder Zheng family, Zheng Yan said every word.

Every time he said a word, his aura rose by an inch.

Speaking of the last word, the grand elder Zheng's body has reached its peak, and the tables and chairs in the hall are shaking slightly.

Some guests couldn't resist the pressure on their bodies, their legs softened, and they slumped on the ground.

The rest of the guests were able to barely stand firm by releasing their cultivation.

Everyone present looked at the cold-faced Elder Zheng Family with horrified eyes.

Is this the power of the Wusheng realm powerhouse!

Just a few words can make people breathless!

"I hope you can convey my words and help me find Fang Yu across China. As long as there is news of Fang Yu, you immediately contact the Zheng family. Our Zheng family will give you a corresponding return!" Zheng Yan continued.

"Understood! Please rest assured, the Liang family will try to find Fang Yu..."

"Our Wen family will also obey the orders of the Great Elder..."

"Our Lu family..."

Representatives of each family are scrambling to express their opinions and stand on the side of the Zheng family.

After seeing Zheng Yan's martial arts power, they had no other thoughts in their hearts.

Seeing these families as courteous as their servants, a trace of contempt flashed in Han Qi's eyes.

No matter how strong the Zheng family is, it still hasn't reached this point!

Their Han family came to participate in today's banquet, only to express an attitude of reluctance to be an enemy of the Zheng family.

The Zheng family's lofty posture made Han Qi feel uncomfortable.

"Fang Yu...I have to find him again." Han Qi's eyes flickered and said in his heart.

At this moment, Zheng Yan on the high seat suddenly turned to look at Han Qi.

Han Qi only felt a chill rising from the soles of his feet, and it became cold all over his body in an instant!

"Han Qi, you Han family, should you also help" Zheng Yan asked, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Han Qi immediately bowed and said with a smile: "Of course, Great Elder, our Han family will definitely try our best to search for Fang Yu and find him as soon as possible."

"That's good~www.novelhall.com~Zheng Yan smiled faintly, and then he turned his attention away.

Han Qi straightened up, a thin layer of sweat already appeared on his forehead.


After the guests dispersed, Zheng Yan still sat on the high seat.

The second and fourth elders, Patriarch Zheng Rong, and Zheng Xiuchen and Yang Yinzhu, all stood in front of Zheng Yan.

These people are currently the core members of the Zheng family.

Zheng Yan raised his eyes and looked at Yang Yinzhu.

There is no emotional fluctuation in his eyes.

When Yang Yinzhu and Zheng Xiuchen met, Zheng Yan was in retreat.

Therefore, Yang Yinzhu is still a strange outsider to him.

Letting such an outsider participate in the core conversation of the Zheng family makes Zheng Yan unhappy.

"Elder, Yinzhu and I have set a date and we will officially get married in the middle of next month." Zheng Xiuchen saw Zheng Yan's displeasure and said immediately.

"Yes, Great Elder, Yinzhu is already a member of our Zheng family. During this period, she has made a great contribution to the commercial expansion of our Zheng family..." Zheng Rong also echoed.

Zheng Yan didn't speak, but looked straight at Yang Yinzhu.

Being so stared at by a martial arts expert, Yang Yinzhu only felt suffocated.

But she clenched her teeth and insisted, not letting herself tremble, and stared at Zheng Yan with firm eyes.

After ten seconds of silence, Zheng Yan turned his attention away.

Yang Yinzhu breathed a sigh of relief.

"Elder, you speculate that there is a strong man in the martial sage realm behind Fang Yu... Then we rashly write down the battle book, right..." Zheng Rong said with hesitation on his face.

In the battle between the two martial sages, regardless of victory or defeat, both sides must pay a heavy price.

As the elder of the Zheng family, Zheng Yan is the true core of the Zheng family, and there must be no problems.-

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