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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3162: I will not tolerate

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Taishi Yuan lowered his head slightly, avoiding the sight of Prince Xianliu, and asked.

"I heard that your Majesty has recently sealed a special envoy of the Demon Emperor, and granted him the order of the Demon Emperor, as well as the power of command of the four prison envoys." The prince Xianliu's voice sounded slightly feminine, and his tone was not rushed. "And the envoy who was named is not a monster, but a foreign monk from the human race."

"I want to know, is this true"

Upon hearing this question, Taishi Yuan squinted slightly and replied: "His Royal Highness, this matter is true. Your Majesty is the demon emperor's order given in front of the veteran."

"Oh It turns out that Taishi was also there at the time Then why didn't your majesty be prevented from doing this" Prince Xianliu asked with a smile.

"The old minister...has prevented it, but your majesty insists on doing so, the old minister really has no way." Taishi Yuan said in a deep voice.

"The demon emperor's order, the four great prison envoys... are powers that I envy." Prince Xianliu said quietly, "Your Majesty is willing to give this power to a foreigner, even the descendants of our main line. I have never gotten such an opportunity..."

The words of Prince Xianliu made Grand Master Yuan secretly happy.

He came this time just to arouse the anger of Prince Xianliu towards Fang Yu.

Now it seems that the prince Xianliu is already displeased with Fang Yu...

Then, he just needs to fuel the flames next.

"His Royal Highness, the old minister came here specially to report one thing to you... and it is also related to the special envoy that your majesty has just appointed." Taishi Yuan said.

"What's the matter" Prince Xianliu asked.

"According to the old official's understanding, there are more than a dozen demon kings in the East Imperial Court, who are all loyal to His Royal Highness." Taishi Yuan raised his head and said.

"Yeah." The prince Xianliu responded, squinting slightly, and asked, "What's wrong"

"As soon as Fang Yu was appointed as a special envoy, he abused his power and arrested several Demon Kings in the Eastern Imperial Court. Several of them were attached to the Demon King of Absolute Light. Therefore, the Demon King of Absolute Absolute wanted to seek justice, so he went to Jinuo. The princess...that is, Fang Yu's current residence is going to ask for an explanation." Taishi Yuan said, "Unexpectedly...Fang Yu was extremely arrogant, and he would shoot directly!"

"The Absolute Demon King was afraid to fight back because of Fang Yu's identity, so they were all severely injured and their whereabouts are currently unknown."

"Maybe dead, maybe... controlled by Fang Yu."

After speaking, Taishi Yuan observed the changes in the expression of Prince Xianliu.

Sure enough, after hearing this, Prince Xianliu's eyes became cold.

He looked at Master Yuan, as if a river was surging in the gray pupils.

Taishi Yuan's heart shook violently, and immediately lowered his head, avoiding his sight.

"Master Yuan, why do you know this so clearly" Prince Xianliu asked indifferently.

Taishi Yuan lowered his head, his eyes flickered, and replied: "Since your Majesty named Fang Yu as a special envoy, the old minister has always been paying attention to him, and the old minister is trying to get him to hand over his power!"

"This is the Ancient Demon Race. We are all members of the Ancient Demon Race. As a Grand Master... the old minister can't tolerate a foreign monk who uses the power given by his Majesty to do anything wrong and disrupt the order!"

"Therefore, the old minister has been thinking of ways to take Fang Yu down!"

"Master, are you trying to resist the decree" Prince Xianliu raised his brows and asked.

"There is absolutely no intention, but this Fang Yu... has violated your Majestys original intention. If your Majesty knows what he has done, he will definitely take the lower feathers without hesitation! It is a pity that your Majesty is currently in retreat and cannot know. External matters." Taishi Yuan replied.

After speaking, he looked up at the prince Xianliu again, and said: "His Royal Highness does not want to be pressed on his head by a foreigner I think, the entire royal family is not happy! He is a human race, so why is it like this in our ancient monster race Arrogant"

The prince Xianliu showed an icy smile, looked at Taishi Yuan, and said: "Taiwan, I think you acted more anxiously than our royal families."

"Do you also have royal blood When did it happen"

Hearing these words, Master Yuan's heart sank and his face changed.

"Haha... Don't be nervous, Taishi, I understand your intentions." The prince Xianliu smiled, "You don't need to use agitation, and don't think about staying out of it."

"Since you want to deal with Fang Yu, discuss with me frankly."

"But if you want to use me or other members of the royal family to achieve your goals, and you yourself are watching the show, then I'm sorry...I don't tolerate Fang Yu's existence or your behavior~ www.novelhall.com~ Speaking of the back, a trace of killing intent flashed in the eyes of Prince Xianliu.

This trace of killing intent made Taishi Yuan's limbs stiff like falling into an ice cave!


Extremely powerful!

The prince Xianliu... indeed has the fierceness and determination to become a demon emperor!

In terms of position, Taishi Yuan is higher than Prince Xianliu.

When other prince princesses see Taishi Yuan, they have to maintain enough respect!

But in front of the prince Xianliu, Taishi Yuan didn't even have any momentum, and subconsciously thought that he was a subordinate.

This kind of subconscious feeling can only arise when facing the ancient demon emperor!

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