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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3134: Never touched

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"Okay, tell me, what happened to the siege against Lin Daochen back then" Fang Yu looked at Demon King Wanshang and asked.

Wanshang Demon King trembled all over, but did not speak.

A trace of blood flashed across Fang Yu's eyes and raised his right hand.


The white jade sword was condensed in his palm.


The sound of the sword rang, and the cold and violent bloodthirsty sword intent was released.

Fang Yu raised the White Jade Divine Sword, and pointed it straight at the center of Wanshang Demon King's chest.

That location is exactly the location of the core of the source.

"Do you know how I killed your colleague... the Great Dark Demon King" Fang Yuhan said, "That's it, pierce his origin core with the tip of the sword, and then release the flames to ignite the meridians in his body. , Makes him feel bad for life."

Hearing these words, Wanshang Demon King's fear reached its peak.

"No, don't kill me, don't kill me..." Wanshang Demon King shouted in fear.

"Say!" Fang Yu shouted coldly.

"When, back then, I really didn't participate in the besieging Lin Daochen, neither of us besieging Lin Daochen! When we saw Lin Daochen, Lin Daochen was already seriously injured." Wan Shang Demon King screamed and replied with trembling.

"Have you seen Lin Daochen Since you haven't done anything, who caused Lin Daochen to be severely injured" Fang Yu continued to ask.

"I, we don't know, the action against Lin Daochen...Yes, we were asked to do it above, and we didn't get any other information..." Wanshang Demon King replied.

"Who is it referring to Patron" Fang Yu asked.

Hearing Fang Yu directly uttering the name Xun Zun, Wan Shang Demon King's expression changed.

He didn't know how much Fang Yu knew about it!

Therefore, he dare not lie anymore!

Otherwise, he really died miserably!

"No, it's not the inspector. At that time, what we received was... the emperor, the royal family's Nanyuan County lord! She asked us to gather to surround Lin Daochen..." Wanshang Demon King replied.

"Princess Nanyuan"

Fang Yu looked at Jinuo on the side.

He didn't know who this Nanyuan princess was, but Jinuo, as a member of the royal family and the princess, must know.

At this time, Keno's beautiful eyes widened, and it was full of disbelief.

"Are you sure... Princess Nan Yuan asked you to do this" Jinuo asked.

"It's her, Princess Nan Yuan asked us to surround Lin Daochen!" Wanshang Demon King replied again.

Jinuo's eyebrows furrowed, and there was only shock in her eyes.

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly when he saw Jinuo's expression.

But he was not in a hurry to figure out the identity of the Nanyuan Princess, and instead asked: "In other words, did you still see Lin Daochen at that time"

"...I saw it. At that time, he was seriously injured and his breath was weak. We followed the orders of Princess Nan Yuan and only besieged but not attacked... Therefore, we really have never taken any action against Lin Daochen! We have not taken any action!" Wan Shang Yao Wang tremblingly said.

Only besieged but not attacked

Fang Yu's heart was shocked, and he asked, "What's next Where did Lin Daochen go"

"Lin Daochen still wanted to escape, but was locked by our Array... After that, we kept him in place and prevented him from leaving... But his injuries were already very serious at the time. Even if we didn't take action, he seemed It's not long before..." Wanshang Demon King said, "We waited there for a long time, the inspector appeared... and took Lin Daochen away."

Fang Yu's eyes were awe-inspiring, and he asked, "Venerable Patron took Lin Daochen away! Are you sure"

"Yes, sure... It's the inspector who took away Lin Daochen, it has nothing to do with us!" Wanshang Demon King gave up.

He just wants to live now!

He could have escaped, but the inspector asked him to stay and meet Fang Yu.

It can be said that his current situation is caused by the inspector!

Therefore, by now, he has nothing to hide!

Now that you have said everything, then tell everything you know!

The patrol does not protect him, he can only protect himself!

"Where did the inspector take Lin Daochen" Fang Yu asked.

"This, I don't know about this. The Patron never mentions it. He always says that we are not qualified to know...I, I only know that the Patron wants to get a certain item from Lin Daochen..." Wan Shang The Demon King said, "The patrol has been looking for it, but ~www.novelhall.com~ but there seems to be no progress..."

Hearing these words, Fang Yu's heart moved.

He had followed Xing Tianyong invisible before, and he had also heard Xun Zun personally say this.

However, it is not mentioned in detail, which is rather vague.

"You don't know what a certain item is" Fang Yu asked.

"No, I really don't know, we really don't know! He only said that it was a certain item, we will ask...he won't say more." Wanshang Demon King replied.

Fang Yu frowned, looked at Demon King Wanshang, and squinted his eyes, "Is there any other information Tell me all about Lin Daochen, don't leak it at all!"

"No, no, really no...Before receiving the order from Nanyuan County Lord, I didn't know who Lin Daochen was...Before that, I had never contacted him."

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