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Ji Wangu is very likely to be alive, but whether he is still in Yunyu Continent now... it doesn't necessarily matter.

So, what about Devil Emperor Chixuan

From Yuanshi Zhizun's perspective, the Demon Emperor Chixuan had already suffered heavy losses at that time and fell to the ground terribly.

Is it possible to survive an injury of that degree

Fang Yu's eyes flickered.

Today's demons still have a demon emperor, and they are in the sky demons.

But today's Devil Emperor is not necessarily the Chi Xuan of the year.

After all, the Devil Emperor is just a title.

"Brother..." Xiaoqiu raised his head, his eyes were still red, and asked, "Have you seen Master"

"...I saw it." Fang Yu thought for a while and replied.

"Really! Did the master say anything" Xiaoqiu asked with his eyes wide open.

"Your master told me to take care of you." Fang Yu lied.

Hearing these words, Xiaoqiu's big eyes immediately filled with tears, and said: "Master has not forgotten me, but why doesn't he respond to me..."

Fang Yu rubbed Xiaoqiu's head, but didn't say anything.

The back of Yuan Shi Zhizun that Xiaoqiu saw... is just a projection of that year.

The true Yuanshi Supreme had already died in the battle of Tiandao Mountain.

This fact, the ball may not know yet.

But... the dream that Xiaoqiu had had indeed guided Fang Yu to find Tiandao Mountain and to understand the true history of that year.

The existence of the ball...

Fang Yu looked at the ball, his eyes gleaming with strange light.

"Xiaoqiu, let's go back first." Fang Yu said to Xiaoqiu.

The ball rubbed his eyes and nodded obediently.

Fang Yu turned his head and glanced at the lonely mountain of heaven.

He had searched the mountain from top to bottom with his spiritual sense, and found nothing.

Therefore, there is no need to step forward.

In Fang Yu's view, this mountain has become a symbol.

Symbolizes the spirit of the human race.

At the same time, it is also the best evidence of the true existence of that period of history.

"When I get rid of the Second Clan of Gods and Demons, I will come back." Fang Yu said in his heart.


Walk back to the ground from the bridge.

Hong Yaozu greeted him immediately and asked, "Brother, what have you discovered"

"There is a great discovery." Fang Yu replied.

"Oh... what shall we do next" Hong Yaozu asked.

"Next..." Fang Yu narrowed his eyes.

At the last moment, Yuanshi Zhizun teleported the thirty-two surviving students back to the ancient city of Yuanshi.

And the last time Fang Yu saw Yuanshi Zhizuns projection across time and space... Yuanshi Zhizun also said that at the right time, he would find the real Yuanshi Ancient City.

A hundred thousand years have passed since that great battle.

If Fang Yu could find the ancient city of Yuanshi, maybe he would be able to see the thirty-two disciples who survived that year... and the items or inheritance left by Yuanshi Supreme.

Only now, there is no clue about the ancient city of Yuanshi.

"For these 100,000 years, the two clans of the gods and demons have been searching for the whereabouts of the ancient city of Yuanshi..." Fang Yu thought to himself, "If the ancient city of Yuanshi appears, the two clans of the gods and demons will definitely move. After all... Yuanshi Zhizun and Yuanshi Ancient City are on this continent...the existence that finally threatened them, they would never let it go easily."

But to find the ancient city of Yuanshi, where did the clues come from

Fang Yu looked at the ball.

The existence of the ball is very special.

Whether it is a creature or an instrumental spirit, being able to exist for such a long time... it is definitely not an idle time.

Fang Yu felt that... the clues to the ancient city of Yuanshi might still be obtained from Xiaoqiu.

Just having a dream with Xiaoqiu before, let Fang Yu come here and understand the history of the year.

"Xiaoqiu, if you dream again later, you must tell me the first time." Fang Yu said to Xiaoqiu.

"...Well, I will definitely tell my brother, but Xiaoqiu actually rarely dreams..." Xiaoqiu replied.

"It's okay, just tell me as long as you have a dream, it doesn't matter if you don't have a dream," Fang Yu said.

After speaking, Fang Yu looked at Hong Yaozu and said, "Next, according to the original plan...to do a big vote."

Hong Yaozu widened his eyes, nodded and said, "Okay!"

He knew what Fang Yu was talking about.

That is to pretend to be the identity of the Protoss, and make a fuss against the demons!

"Brother, then according to the plan, we should first find that God General Ye Mo now" Hong Yaozu asked.

"If you can't find it, you don't need his identity." Fang Yu said coldly, "Anyway, this time, we must make things big enough, so big that the gods and demons must tear their faces."

Whether the current Demon Emperor is Chi Xuan, whether the **** Lord Ji Wangu is still in Yunyu Continent... Fang Yu didn't care.

Anyway, no matter who the Devil Emperor and the Divine Lord are, his goal will not change.

The Gods and Demons must pay the heaviest price!

In those days, the Protoss urged the demons to slaughter the human race.

So today, Fang Yu uses the same method...to provoke the two clans of the gods and demons, and let the two groups of dogs bite the dogs!

He wants to make the two clans of gods and demons feel the pain to the greatest extent!

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