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The Strongest Qi Refiner ~: Too much appetite

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There is a play!

Fang Yu's eyes shined.

At this moment, his spiritual consciousness has actually entered the tombstone!

Sure enough... the inside is a storage space!

However, there are not many things stored in the huge space.

Fang Yu saw a spar in the center of the suspended space.

This spar is shining with blue light.

Apart from this spar, there is nothing else in the entire space.

Fang Yu took out this spar without hesitation.


When the spar is directly exposed, the light is more brilliant, and the whole spar appears extremely transparent.

The spar exudes bursts of special aura.

"What power is contained in it" Fang Yu squinted slightly, holding the spar in his hand, frowning.

"Looks like a rough material of some kind"

Fang Yu didn't think about it for too long, so he put the spar into the storage space.

Then, walk to the next tombstone.

In the same way, the tombstone really shined, and the internal storage space also appeared in front of Fang Yu.

Within this tombstone, there is also only one item.

It is a banner.

The flag as a whole presents a triangle, with many complicated runes engraved on it, faintly exuding array magic power, which is obviously a magic weapon.

But Fang Yu didn't study the specific function, but put it in the storage space first.

He had to get all the heritage in the twelve tombstones first, and then find a place to study slowly, not wanting to waste too much time here.

Next, Fang Yu continued to take away the heritage of the remaining ten tombstones.

Token, jade pendant, scimitar, Fu Di...

The heritage in each tombstone is different, but there is one thing in common...that is, only one remains.

This is a very strange situation.

The storage space in the tombstone is very large, so it should be possible to store more items instead of just one.

As Fang Yu took away the items from these tombstones, his brows became more frowning.

Because, as he continued to think and explore in depth, he suddenly realized an important point that he had overlooked before.

That is... these twelve celebrities... shouldn't have left any inheritance!

Because their deaths were not normal deaths, but abnormal deaths, they were probably killed by some powerful force.

Otherwise, they will not have such a big grievance when they die.

And under the circumstances of this abnormal death, how could they still have the mind to leave something to pass on

Even if you stay, there is no time to set up such a complete storage space, and tombstones have been erected!

Who would set a tombstone for himself !

So... who erected these twelve tombstones!

Is it a snakehead

When Fang Yu took away a stone fan from the last tombstone, his brows were still frowning.

By now, he had felt very strange.

The tombstones are erected, and the inherited objects are left in the tombstones... it will not be these human power deities.

So... who would it be

Could it be that the existence of these twelve human races was killed

Impossible... There is absolutely no reason to do this!

So... who will leave these twelve tombstones and the objects inside, and what is the purpose of doing so

Fang Yu's eyes were cold and solemn.

But at this moment, the monks of various ethnic groups who were observing Fang Yu from a distance... but they were extremely envious.

They watched Fang Yu take out the inherited objects from the tombstone one by one.

Every item is shining with a strong light, and at first glance it is a peerless treasure.

Moreover, one pick is twelve pieces!

Twelve pieces of peerless treasures were all taken by Fang Yu alone!


Too jealous of them.

They took the risk to enter here, isn't it just for these peerless treasures!

However, jealousy belongs to jealousy.

After seeing Fang Yu's strength, they didn't even dare to let go of a fart, not to mention profiteering, and went forward to **** it.

That is purely looking for death!

No one wants to die!

"Senior Sister, he just took away all the inheritance by the human monk, he is too greedy..." Yixuan looked at Fang Yu and muttered in a low voice, "When he did this, have you ever thought about so many monks around us..."

Zhixi glanced at it and said faintly: "The strong is respected. If you are dissatisfied, you can go forward and **** it, but do you have this ability and courage"

Yixuan's face changed, and she lowered her head.

Of course she knew how terrifying Fang Yu's strength was. To say that was to vent her sorrow and dissatisfaction. She was really going to grab her, and she didn't dare to give her a hundred courage.

"Why did he get so many peerless treasures... and still looks unhappy" Yixuan looked at Fang Yu's direction and said in a low voice, "Isn't he not enough, that's too greedy"

"Don't talk." Zhixi glanced at her, with a warning in her tone.

Yixuan shut up immediately, not daring to say anything more.

It's just that Fang Yu's appearance of frowning while taking away the treasure that was soaring to the sky has fallen into the eyes of most cultivators.

This made many monks almost vomiting blood with anger.

I took so many treasures alone and looked very dissatisfied!

Your appetite is too big, right !

Fang Yu didn't care about the gaze around him.

He put the last item in the storage space ~www.novelhall.com~ took a deep breath.


At this time, the twelve tombstones in front of them were shattered one after another, turned into dust, and scattered in the air.

In this way, the twelve tombstones disappeared.


After the tombstone disappeared, in less than two seconds, the ground vibrated violently again!

This time, the scope of the vibration was extremely large, and it seemed that not only the ground was shaking, but the sky was shaking!

Fang Yu's eyes drenched, and he looked up to the sky.

He can feel the violent fluctuations in this space.

It seems that the entire space of the so-called Inheritance Land is about to collapse!


Fang Yu kicked his feet and rushed towards the sky.

The monks of various ethnic groups in the distance also recovered at this time, exclaimed again and again, and rushed in the direction they came.

Without restraint, each of these monks ran faster than the other!

They don't want to die in such a collapsed space!

"Senior Sister..." Yixuan's face changed again, and she wanted to ask.

"Go!" Zhixi said solemnly, turning around and rushing to the side quickly.

Tianlu pulled a swan and quickly followed.

Fang Yu originally wanted to follow these monks to the exit.

After all, he didn't come in through a normal way, and he didn't even know where the exit was.

However, before he could catch up, he found himself enveloped by a huge force.


The powerful force enveloped Fang Yu in an all-round way.

At this time, Fang Yu seemed to have fallen to the bottom of the deep ocean, and the pressure around him was extremely strong.

"This power..."

Fang Yu squinted slightly, but did not struggle violently.


Subsequently, an extremely powerful space law was released.

That huge force took Fang Yu and instantly disappeared into the space that was about to collapse.-

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