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The Strongest Qi Refiner ~: Warcraft appears

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Fang Yu looked down at the soles of his feet.


But in the next second, the entire surrounding ground exploded directly!

One by one, pitch-black spikes gush out from the ground, and the target is directed at every creature on the ground!


"Help! Help me!"

"Get out of the way!"

Amidst these exclamations and screams, several monks from the Chiliu tribe and the original tribe could be seen pierced by spikes in their bodies!

The spikes pierced from below, coming out from the top of the skull, with blood!


More spikes grow from the outer layer of the spikes, which rotate like a drill.

Those monks whose bodies were pierced by spikes, their bodies were shattered on the spot, turned into countless flesh and blood, and sputtered around.

This area originally had an extremely strong **** smell, and it is even more so at this moment!


The many monks present all flew into the air.

They were all earth immortals. Although the danger came suddenly, most of them were able to remain calm.

Hou Wu looked at Fang Yu and shouted: "Master Fang, there is a strange animal under the ground!"

At this time, Fang Yu had already flew into the air with the ball on his back.

Looking down from a high place to the ground, you can see that the ground at this time is like a hedgehog, with many black spikes growing.

These spikes are extremely sharp, and they release bursts of cold air.

Fang Yu frowned when he heard Hou Wu's words.


The spikes that suddenly protruded, to say nothing, had to have thirty or forty.

What kind of alien beasts will inhabit under the ground and grow so many spikes

"Boom boom boom..."

The ground cracked more and more severely.

In the cracks, Fang Yu saw the outline of a huge monster.

It's really a strange beast!

Fang Yu released his divine consciousness and enveloped this colossal giant.

At this time, he could roughly see the outline of this alien beast.

The body is extremely strong, like a tiger like a leopard, with strong limbs.

But on its back, countless spikes grew.

The spikes pouring out of the ground now are just a small part of it.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

The spikes that pierced into the sky quickly retracted at this moment and returned to the back of the alien beast.


The head of this strange beast, first from the depths of the earth.

It had a fierce face, opened its mouth, and let out a wild roar.

And above its big mouth, there are long black beards like a dragon.

Those huge pupils were glowing with faint purple light.

"Roar roar..."

Amidst the roar, half of the body of this strange beast had crawled out of the ground.

Its height is not less than 100 meters, and the length of its limbs is more than 30 to 40 meters.

The whole appearance is very aggressive, making people tremble at sight.

"The strange beasts that appear in this forest area will not be weak, you must be careful!" Zhe Dan ordered his group of men.

On Hou Wu's side, he also glanced at the men behind him with awe-inspiring eyes.

He did not speak, but these men also understood what he meant.

The existence of this forest area is too long, and it is possible for any creature to be bred inside!

The strange beast in front of them made them feel distressed!

"The breath of this strange beast is so cold..." Fang Yu frowned slightly, his eyes cold.


The alien beast completely crawled out of the ground, raised its head, and roared in anger at the many monks in the sky.

"What do you want to do" Fang Yu asked while looking at the strange beast.


Unexpectedly, as soon as he spoke, the spikes on the back of the alien beast below suddenly rose again, and dozens of them stab Fang Yu all at once!

"Ah!" The little ball lying on Fang Yu's back was scared and screamed again.

But Fang Yu didn't even dodge, raising his left hand.


On the left hand, before the blade is out, Hanmang will arrive first!


Sword Qi cut out, directly blasting at these spikes in front of you!

"Boom boom..."

The spikes were crushed instantly!


The alien beast below was even more violent and rushed towards Fang Yu!

"Why is the breath of this strange beast so similar to a demon" Fang Yu frowned slightly.

In order to confirm the guess, Fang Yu raised his left palm.


The mark of the five-pointed star on the back of his left hand glowed with a dazzling purple light!

With a flash of light, a powerful 10,000-dao power was condensed on the left palm!

The momentum of the power of ten thousand ways, instantly suppressed the Quartet!


The strange beast that wanted to pounce on Fang Yu made a cry of fear in the midair.

The spikes on its back were all retracted, and the huge body curled up in the air, and suddenly fell to the ground.


This strange beast smashed into the ground, and the whole body curled up into a ball, constantly shaking...No, it was trembling!


The strange beast let out a muffled roar, as if explaining something.

It lowered its head, not daring to look at Fang Yu at all, and the icy breath that it had released before was completely reduced.

At this moment, the alien beast faced Fang Yu, as if a mouse saw a cat, it didn't dare to breathe.

Within a few seconds, such a big change occurred!

The whole momentum was reversed instantly!

There was silence around, and the other monks had no idea what had happened.

But Fang Yu was very clear in his heart.

What played a role was the power of his left palm, the power of all things!

The power of all ways is the power of the beginning of all ways!

And what is the existence of the first demon

The ancestor of the devil!

Therefore, most demons have no resistance when facing the power of ten thousand ways.

For example, this strange beast in front of me.

Seeing its reaction, Fang Yu knew that his previous guess was correct.

This strange beast... really is a demon, a beast!


Fang Yu's left palm condensed the power of ten thousand ways, looking down at the trembling monsters on the ground.

In this forest area, there are even demons.

In this way, it is not impossible for some dragons to live here.

Fang Yu squinted at this monster.

It seems that the level of this monster is not high, and even the spiritual wisdom is not opened, just relying on instinctive bloodthirsty to slaughter.

But even so, it was easy to kill a few earth immortals.

Could this be the natural advantage of the Demon Race on Yunyu Continent

Fang Yu looked at the Warcraft with no expression on his face.

The spirit of this monster is not open, and it has no value in keeping it alive.

It will not obey Fang Yu's orders, but will only be afraid.

As soon as Fang Yu left, it would inevitably continue to look for prey for slaughter.

Therefore, it must be killed.

The power of the ten thousand ways on Fang Yu's left palm suddenly burst out.


A purple light beam hit the body of this monster.

"Boom boom..."

The monsters didn't even scream, they were blasted to ashes by the power of the world.


The ground shattered a lot, forming a huge pit.

And that terrible monster disappeared without a trace, turning into fly ash.

"The power of the ten thousand primordial demons is really useful to deal with the demon clan. Is this considered to be hitting his own foot with a rock" Fang Yu smiled slightly and said in his heart.

At this moment, Zhe Dan and Hou Wu not far away both looked at Fang Yu with extremely shocked expressions.

Before being shocked by Fang Yu's sword, they were still a little unconvinced in their hearts.-

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