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Sinan Xin was extremely strong.

She didn't care about Yuan Longyun's anger at all.

Hearing these words, Yuan Longyun's fists were already tightly clenched.

He... is extremely angry!

Sinanxin didn't give him any face, and even made the others present feel that he could not even compare to a domestic slave!

This feeling is so embarrassing and uncomfortable!

His Yuanlong Luck is also a direct line of the Yuanlong clan, but he can't do anything about a mere domestic slave!

If todays matter spreads out, his Yuanlong Yun, their Yuanlong clan...how can they face!

"Miss Sinan, what happened today...I must get an explanation." Yuan Longyun was furious and said courageously, "He must be punished if he is a domestic slave who said this to me!"

"I said, I will take care of him, are you still dissatisfied" Sinan Xin looked at Yuan Longyun, the light in his beautiful eyes became cold.

At this moment, Yuan Longyun's heart jumped, and he became sober a lot in an instant.

Sinan Xin is the jewel in the palm of Sinan's family, and is most favored by the owner Sinan Qianli.

He... and even the entire Yuanlong family, can't offend Sinan Xin!

Because they can't resist Sinan Qianli's anger!

"If you are dissatisfied, just say it." Sinan Xin narrowed her eyes and said, "I will let my grandfather resolve your dissatisfaction."

As soon as this sentence was said, Yuan Longyun's body trembled suddenly and his face became pale.

Sinan Xin's grandfather is Sinan Qianli!

At this moment, Sinan Xin directly moved Sinan Qianli out.

Yuan Longyun...There is no other choice!

If he insists on doing it, not only will he not be able to find his face, but he will end up in a more embarrassing situation!

Yuan Longyun came to his senses.

He took a deep breath, and the breath on his body converged.

Then, he held his fist at Sinan on the second floor and said, "You are reckless in Xia, Miss Sinan, please accept Xia's apology."

After speaking, he glanced at Fang Yu again, with murderous intent still hidden in his eyes.

Immediately, turn around and leave!

There was still silence in the auction venue.

No one thought of this ending at the moment.

They thought that the Yuanlong Games would tear Fang Yu to pieces.

But in the end, Yuan Longyun left in a desperate manner, not daring to say a word of cruelty.

Of course, it's no wonder Yuan Longyun admits counsel.

This is Sinan's heart, the second young lady from Sinan's family!

In the entire ancient city of Chase, who would dare to provoke this

"Well, since he's gone, should the immortal pill be mine" Fang Yu seemed to be indifferent to what happened before, and said to the auctioneer who was dumbfounded on the stage.

The auctioneer returned to his senses, glanced at Si Nanxin, and immediately replied, "Dang, of course..."

"Want to get the Immortal Pill You, come up first."

Si Nanxin looked at Fang Yu and said.

Fang Yu squinted.

He had planned to transport Yuan Long to the slaughter, but he didn't expect Sinan Xin to suddenly intervene in this matter.

Speaking of which, Yuan Longyun should be grateful to Sinan Xin.

Otherwise, he would not be able to leave the auction alive for ten lives.

"I'll go up a bit, you are waiting for me here." Fang Yu said to Wu Heng who was on the side.

At this moment, Wu Heng and the group of people were terribly scared, and they were still in a trance.

Hearing Fang Yu's words, he just nodded blankly without saying anything.

In this way, Fang Yu slowly walked up to the second floor under the gaze of the entire auction venue, where only VIPs could enter the box area.

"This domestic slave turned out to be Miss Sinanxin's domestic slave!"

"No wonder you dare to be so arrogant...Miss Sinanxin really saved him!"

"Miss Sinanxin is famous for protecting her shortcomings. Under her, even a beast... outsiders can't offend, only she can play with it!"

At the venue, the cultivators of the Celestial Clan were communicating with each other with their spiritual knowledge, and there were a lot of discussions.


On the second floor, Fang Yu entered the box.

Then, he saw that only Sinanxin was sitting there, holding a golden bottle in his hand.

"Wuzhi, I saved your life again." Sinan asked with a smile on his face, "Why should you kneel down and kowtow to me to thank you"

To be honest, by now, Fang Yu has a little understanding of Sinanxin's character.

She is indeed a defiant eldest lady.

Fang Yu has encountered many people like this in the past.

So, he knows how to deal with such a person.

"I never said to be your domestic slave." Fang Yu said lightly.

"Don't be my domestic slave I will let this news out. Believe it or not for half an hour...you will be killed by Yuan Longyun or his people" Sinan Xin smiled.

"If you don't talk too much, Yuan Longyun would have died just now," Fang Yu said calmly.


Hearing these words, Sinan Xin was not angry, but chuckled softly.

"You... are really funny, do you know If you weren't so stupid, you might have died long ago. It was your stupidity that made me interested in you and saved you twice." Sinan Xin After laughing, said.

Fang Yu frowned slightly.

At this time, he was actually thinking about whether he wanted to become Sinanxin's domestic slave, so as to get into Sinan's family and get more information.

But doing so...a bit hurt Lin Batian's reputation.

"All right."

At this time, Sinanxin's smile faded, his eyes became slightly cold, and he said, "I will protect you twice just to make you my domestic slave."

"We have to get everything that Nan Xin is interested in."

"I can assure you ~www.novelhall.com~ before I get bored, your life will be pretty good."

Fang Yu squinted slightly without speaking.

"Now, kneel down and call my master." Sinan Xin stretched out a finger and tapped the tabletop lightly.

"Sorry, I won't be your domestic slave." Fang Yu turned around and said, "I, Lin Batian, are not afraid of today and today. I will kill anyone who dares to move me. If you want to make a move, don't worry. Try it. As for Yuan Longyun, he must dare to make a move, and you will soon hear of his death."

After speaking, Fang Yu walked out of the box.

Sinanxin's face became extremely ugly, and his eyes were extremely cold.


As soon as Fang Yu walked out of the explosion door, a gray shadow flashed in front of the door.

It was the old woman.

"Shame on the face, second lady, do you need me..." The old woman was expressionless, but with a deadly and murderous tone in her tone, she made a beheading gesture.

"General stupidity interests me, and excessive stupidity makes me sick. He... really thinks he can live Well, then I will let him pay for the stupidity!" Sinan said in a cold voice.

"Second lady, I'll go and kill him right away," the old woman said.

"No, I want to watch him go to a dead end, and then kneel down for help!" Sinan said with a cold light in his eyes but a smile on his face. Scene."

After speaking, Sinan Xin turned around and looked to the first floor.

At this moment, Fang Yu just returned to the first floor and walked towards the pedestrian in Wu Heng.

Then, he suddenly turned his head, seemingly inadvertently glanced at Sinan Xin.-

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